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Author has written 10 stories for Lord of the Rings, Legend of Zelda, Aliens/Predator, Transformers/Beast Wars, and Naruto.

Hello, and welcome to my little part of My pseydonym / penname is 'Amilyi Marraan' and back in the real world, I'm English and an un-published author, though I intend to work on getting rid of that 'un' part sometime soon.

The whole point of my fanfiction account is to work on my writing style, get opinions of how to improve, and of course, enjoy myself!

The Time-Stone Clock: The Song Between the Mountains.

Reviews: Don't leave anything less than twenty words long: a minor sentence like 'update soon' or 'that was good' does not constitute a review - it's not worth wasting your time typing, nor my time reading and I won't reply to anyone who does this any more.

If you leave me a review (e.g. stating what you liked, disliked, and how you would go about improving it), I'll reply to it at some point, but I do not have the time to read your fanfiction and every other reviewer's, although I might beta-read it if you send it my way before publishing it to the site.

Updates/News: 19/07/08 - I will return to writing fanfiction once I re-join the world of the societally-approved version of sanity. Hopefully before September.

Still taking requests for 'Bluestreaks': if you haven't read the author's notes at the end of 'Sleepy' (Chapter 21), do so to increase the likelihood of your request being accepted. I will accept requests until the '--/30 Requested' status reaches 30. Some updates are occuring at my page for those following my original writings too.

Talking A Blue Streak: G1, seasons 1 & 2 only (i.e Pre-movie)

Some of you are aware of the '28 Insert Character Name' memes that are circling the internet in recent months. Here's my take: below are sixty words. Pick one, and send it to me in an e-mail or PM along with a description of any other (canon) characters or objects you might want in the fic. Bluestreak is our main character. Please put TF Fic as your subject title so I know what is and isn't spam.

Send requests to my e-mail address, which is my pen name at the top (please be careful with spelling or just cut-and-paste ) Please say whether or not you want to be named as the fic's requester. I am no longer taking any slash and I would greatly appreciate it if you didn't request lambos.

22/30 Requested.

Bored, sleepy (Taken), excited, annoyed, enraged (Taken),

mystified, scared (Taken), content, aroused, depressed,

loved by (Taken), loving (another), guilty, relieved, lonely,

procrastinating, bemused, disgusted, ill (Taken), unsure.

Happy (Taken), naughty (Taken), silly, angsty (Taken), on-vacation,

transforming, book-reading, dancing, jealous, caring,

on-his-knees (Taken), obedient, dominant (Taken), naïve, energon-drinking (Taken),

greedy, daring, exploring, at-the-beach, bath-time (Taken).

Exhausted (Taken), kick-ass (Taken), under-stars, charming, disorganized,

stuck (Taken), cunning, strutting-his-stuff (Taken), surprised, in-the-rain (Taken),

cuddling (Taken), working-out (Taken), disguised, flirty (Taken), musical,

with-animals(Taken), in-the-mist (Taken), at-a-festival, climbing, fixing-a-problem.

Fiction Status:

The Shades That Crave the Shadows: Completed.

Legend of Zelda: Demon's Designs: In Progress.

Dances In Pyrelight: Has not been worked on in ages. I'll try and restart this one again too. Will likely finish the Zelda Fanfic first though.

Balancing the Books: In Progress.

Talking A Blue Streak: In Progress.

Ark Alacrity: Completed.

Twofold Trouble, a.k.a Dual Disasters: Completed.

Of Old Mechs and Unexpected Culprits: Completed.


Maelstrom Hailz -
Grinning Griffin (featuring a collaboration poem between the two of us: 'The Understorm'!) -

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