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Hello (yes, i felt the need to give a greeting, weird as that may be. I found starting this paragraph on "My pen name is..." to be slightly un-natural. However...) My (pen) name is PerfectImpersonation. I don't actually have a legitimate reason for choosing a name such as this. But, let's be fair, pen names never truely make a great deal of sense.

I would like to apologise for any spelling, phrasing or grammatical errors found in my writing. It's a Pet hate of mine to read a story with the aforementioned errors, so to have my own littered with them would be torture.

Anime/manga I have watched/read: Pandora hearts, Kuroshitsuji (Black butler), Death note, Elfen lied, Full metal alchemist, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Junjo romatica, Loveless, Another, Ouran high school host club, Vampire night, Vampire knight guilty, Spirited away, Howls moving castle, Hetalia: Axis powers, Tasogare otome x Amnesia (Dusk maiden of amnesia), Mirai nikki (Future diary), Mirai nikki paradox (Future diary paradox).

Anime/manga I currently write for: Kuroshitsuji (Black butler), Vampire knight.


Vampire knight is my new obsession. There. It has been said, and lord knows I feel better about it.

I actually first watched Vampire knight over a year ago, and fell in love instantly _ I then had a long break in which I LOVED Pandora Hearts, then Black Butler, both of which are awsome anime/manga's.

But then, suddenly and curiously, Vampire knight made a come-back!! TAD-DAH! HURRAY! I can't even remember why, but suddenly my love for the manga blossomed once again, and I was drawn into the beautiful world of my dear Kaname (best character HANDS DOWN!) and Zero (following veeeery close behind Kaname).

After this shocking revelation, it came to my attention I seemed to be able to write nothing but angst fics DX WHY!?!?! Why must I always cause Zero and Kaname so much pain?!?!? The poor dears!

In any case, I have made it my mission to write a slightly more up-beat story for my two favourite vamps', so stay tuned ;D

Of course, it may still have a tiny, whiney, itsy, bitsy, bit of angst, purely because I can't help myself, sorry _


Wow... how long has it been since I touched this account?!?

Aaaanyway, I have now fallen completely in LOVE with Mirai Nikki, having watched it a second time (the first time was just sort of a 'meh' affair), and and debating writing a fiction on it.

The one problem...? IT'S SO PANFULLY HIDDEN ON HERE!!!! Why is it that not enough people have heard of it?!? TT What did I do to desrve this torture?!? And, while realize the section can only be increased by more people writing on it, I just can't bring myself to try.

Another problem I face is the dreaded... PAIRINGS! I genuinely don't know who I would pair with who. Does it matter, I here you ask? YES. Yes it does. Who even reads a fan fiction without searching for a pairing anymore? The minority, for sure. Ooooh I remember the blissful days when I hadn't the foggiest what yaoi, shonen-ai and maleXmale pairings were...

Okay, rewind, I'm digressing. Basically, the Mirai Nikki section NEEDS more followers, so if you're reading this, and you have watched/read it, the I urge you to visit it and write, review. If not for me, then for the fabulous people who are braver than me, and have already posted.


Pretty please?

With pocky on top?

...And just when I thought I couldn't get any more Okatu... Ooooh well, at least I don't drop romanji into every sentance ;D


Vampire knight

Pure Blood: ZeroxKaname (Sequel to Tainted blood)

Tainted Blood: KanamexZero (Prequel to Pure Blood)

Black and White: KanamexZero (One-shot)

Black Butler

That butler, vain hope: SebastianxCiel (One-shot)

The picture of Sebastian Michaelis: SebastianxCiel CielxSebastian (Multi-chapter)

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