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Hello humans! I suppose since you’re reading this, you are curious as to who I am? Well I’ve got news for you: I’m not so interesting. But, if you insist~! (WARNING: Ranting and rambling ahead! Read at your own risk!)

My name’s Mizayo. Well, not my real name, but that’s all the internet knows me by. Some call my Mizzie or Mayo. I prefer Mayo, if you must. Or just M. My ‘sex’ is female, however I identify as a non-dysphoric trans. I could go on and on for ages about what that means, but I don’t feel like this is the place. If you truly want to know more about that, then by all means, ask! And before some people go thinking about my gender identity in association with my sexual orientation, I am -very- interested in men. And pretty much only men. 98.5% men. That last 1.5% is what I like to call 'heteroflexibility’.

I’m a dwarf. No seriously I’m going by a little OC template thing to decide what to talk about on here, and one of the tabs was 'species’, and instead of skipping it, I thought I’d just come out and say it. I am a dwarf. Phew, that feels good to get off of my chest. I’m 18. My star sign, while I don’t believe in astrology whatsoever, is Virgo. I’m from the United States of America, and I speak English. Both American English and 'Native' English - which doesn’t sound like much, but trust me, it comes in handy sometimes around my non-Native speaking friends.

My race is caucasoid. And I really do believe in races, which has sparked some serious arguments between my friends, family, and I. But yeah. I’m fairly short, quite obese, and moderately 'curvy’. My hair color is naturally an ashy brown, but I dye it so much I hardly see it anymore. It’s cut very short, in a 'boy cut’, and currently dyed a dark, but vibrant, red. My eye color is that of a steely blue, or grey, depending on the lighting. I have broad shoulders, and a bit of an hourglass figure when standing (when sitting, I’m just a blob of fat), and I’m quite busty. I’m right handed. I have no scars or tattoos, though I want a few small tattoos in subtle places. I have both of my ears pierced.

Alright! Done with the appearance and general information portion of the bio thing I’m reading from. Now onto the nitty gritty shit.

I’d like to think I’m quite a happy person. I get regularly angry at things, but generally things don’t get me 'down’. I’m rarely sad, or affected by anyone else’s sadness. Sometimes I think I might be slightly sociopathic, but whatever. I haven’t killed anyone yet, so that’s a good thing.

Some good habits, bio template asks? Uh… I can’t really think of anything right now, to be honest with you. Everyting that isn’t inherintly bad can pass as just a 'habit’, rather than a specifically good one. I tend to argue a lot, and am very stubborn about my opinions. And even if I don’t have a strong opinion on something, I can be persuaded to take a side and stick with it firmly. Which means good scores in Debate Club, but that’s about it. Now, bad habits… it might just be easier to list them: Correcting people, spoiling shows, arguing, procrastinating, losing my shit over small things, forgetting important stuff, dodging social events, pushing slash at people, accusng friends of making bad life decisions, seeing the point of view of the villains and having my family find me sick, etc. etc. The list could go on forever, I tell ya.

Pfft, now it’s telling me to list likes and dislikes! Holy shit this is going to take ages. Okay, we’ll just stick to the basics. I like rock music, blond guys, nerds, geeky merchandise, art, fanfiction/shipping, tattoos, sweet tea, Captain Sexy Pants (my computer), Charles (my tablet), sci-fi, Star Trek, video games, villains, t-shirts, books, clocks, Jaffa Cakes, pinback buttons, PC, keyboards, baseball caps, modern decor, office supplies, blue eyes, green eyes, hook noses, hairy men, cartoons, BDSM, sexology, psychology, sociology, genetics… I could seriously go on. Someone stop me. Please.

Alright, now dislikes? This one should be easier, I think. Okay… Star Wars, comic books, rap music, hazel eyes, inconsistancy, Lincoln Park, stupid people in position to teach other stupid people their stupid ideas/how they think something works (dang that was a long one), clutter, people who tell me I’m not fat, top-down video games, bright colors, angsty people, and the new Doctor Who seasons. I could still go on, but that’s enough for now. There’s no need to tear me away this time, I promise.

I’m a-scared of being a third wheel, or just generally unwanted. I can handle being all alone, easy. I just don’t want you to pretend to like me because you feel guilty. I can sense it in my spidey tingles 'n shit. Oh, that’s another thing I don’t like. Spiderman.

It’s asking me for m favorite clothing brand. Like wtf? T-shirts aren’t good enough for you?! Haha, no I know t-shirt have name brands and shit, I just don’t care. So there. That being said, I usually wear t-shirts that are extremely geeky or cool, usually found from a geeky website with custom arts and stuff. My jeans are just generally faded pieces of junk that should never be seen in public - but they are. Sorry society. My shoes are nice though. Just white and green sneakers. Whatevs. Ha. I don’t wear makeup, or perfume, or jewelry - mostly. Sometimes I wear my Qun necklace. I like my Qun necklace.

I have a mother, a father, two half siblings that I barely ever see but once or twice a year, a border collie/something/something mutt called Wrex (named after the krogan, yes), and a kitten that Mother thinks she named Itty Bitty Buttons. I just call her 'Cat’, or 'Kitty’. It’s easier, and I don’t think she gives a fuck.

My best friend’s name is Jo Jo. Well, not really, but that’s what I call her. I’m kinda like Varric in this regard. I don’t call anybody by their real names. But my friends include: Jo Jo, Angel, LaRac, Freckles, Albie, Tayred, C3-P, Leviosa, and Kimmy Cup. Me and Albie used to be a thing, but that was 8th grade and Freshman year… holy shit that was three years ago. Wow. Doesn’t feel like that long. But yeah. If you’re wondering, Albie is named for his albino-like complexion and hair. Basically, I dated a Ravenclaw version of Draco Malfoy. Yep. Be jealous.

OKAY, moving on. My favorite class - in high school - would have to be World History. I WOULD say that my favorite class would be Language Arts, because we get to write in it, but as nice as the teachers are… they’re fucking idiots. Don’t even know an Oxford comma, or how and when to capitalize 'Earth’. Ugh. But as for World History, for one, I love learning about other cultures and shit - hence the interest in sociology and stuff. Also couldn’t help that I had my first and only massive crush on a teacher that class. Ehem. Worst class, hands down, would have to be Trigonometry. I was sooo close to failing that before school was out, I was having panic attacks left and right. It was… great. Really. My hobbies include writing, obviously. Playing video games - also obvious. Reading smut is a hobby, right?

I’m agnostic.

I don’t smoke, nor drink. I don’t bite my nails. I’m not atletic. I’m not a klepto, party animal, vegetarian, or a workaholic. I AM, however, a bookworm (in terms of fanfiction), and I do wear glasses. Most of the time. When I have to see something far away. But I’m usually on a computer, and wearing glasses when I’m staring at a computer tends to give me a headache. I have a fairly bad temper, I think, though I’m not violent. I’m not patient, or charismatic, or very disciplined. I’d like to think I have a great sense of humor, and my friends seem to think of me as witty, so… yay. I’m a realist, introverted, cautious, logical, neat, relax often, and am very unsure of myself. Almost all the time.

Ooh! Ooh! Favorites time! Okay, here goes: My favorite food would have to be fried chicken. Favorite color would have to be either black or cyan, or some type of muted green. My favorite drink is sweet tea or Dr. Pepper. Favorite place would be my mancave (aka bedroom), or the UK. Favorite music is rock music, almost all types you throw at me, from any generation or location in the world. All I won’t do is screamo. Favorite animal is a ferret (bet you can guess why). And my favorite characteristics in people… hmm… Having a sense of humor, #1, for sure. Then maybe sharing some of my fandoms.

Some of my reoccurring obsessions and things you will most likely see me write about at some time or another include: Star Trek, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Supernatural, Downton Abbey, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fallout, Portal, Saints Row, and Skyrim. You'll probably see a lot of little stuff about obscure supernatural books and movies as well, I imagine. I do tend to obsess over little things like them. Now I don't usually do one for everything, so don't get too excited if you saw a title that you like. I'm not so sure I've got it in me to write about them all. But know that you are not alone in your love. I am here. There there.

I'm also very methodical. I'm not sure if I do it in my writing, but my brain tends to wander off into the tiniest little details and expand on them. I have to make sense of everything and know every detail before I can actually appreciate it the way I think it should be appreciated. And if I can't find an answer to something that pertains to one of those details, I make it up. I guess that's called a headcanon, but whatever. I guess that means I've got a freaking headarsenal.

Some other small things that weren’t really mentioned in the template: I’m Slytherin. I originate from Orzammar. I have anxiety disorders. I’m obsessed with Bioware.

Alright, I think I’m done now. Hopefully (LORD) I got everything. If, by some strange twist of fate, you actually read all of that and still have a question, feel free to drop one in my inbox. Make it as innocent or as pervy as you can, I love them all.


Punks and Princesses - Last updated: July 27, 2015 Working on it again, though of course production will be slow, as always. Hope y'all can stick with me, 'cause I sure as hell am enjoying writing this.

As of November 1, 2015: So. I've got some new stuff to tell you guys about. 1) I've been back at school for a while now, and have been taking quite a few college classes which has been kind of bogging me down recently, but not as much as I thought it would've. I've actually been working on writing a lot lately, but I just can't seem to get my 'juices' flowing for anything other than PaP. Which is all fine and dandy, yes, but I'm afraid my passion for MoIG has left me. Much like The Job, I knew what I was getting into at the very beginning, but I just got so carried away so quickly that I got burnt out on it. So... I've made the decision to stop working on MoIG for the time being. Not forever, mind you (at least I hope not), but just so I can stop stressing about it so much, I'm going to put it down for a while. I am, however, finally participating in NaNoWriMo, and I decided to cheat a bit and use Punks and Princesses as my 'novel'. I will be re-working part 1 and wrapping it up in the very near future, so we should see the end of part one by the end of November. Exciting, yes? Well I think it is. And worth a little break from Star Trek, unfortunately. Maybe soon. Just not now. I hope you all can understand. :)



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