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Who is Martin Bedell?

Name: Martin "Marty" Bedell

Model: Hybrid

Age: 23

Rank: Six-Star General (Human Resistance), Commander and Chief (LA Resistance), Co-Founder "Right Hand" (Tech Com)

Codename: Fox

Back Story: Martin Bedell, born in L.A. and lived there basically his entire life. A member of a family long known for their service to the United States. Tracing all the way back to the revolutionary war. He graduated Presidio Alto Military Academy, then attended West Point. Prior to his graduation from the military academy, he was targeted for termination by a Series 888 sent back in time by Skynet. His death was prevented by John Connorand Derek Reese who revealed to him knowledge about Judgment Day, Skynet, and the Resistance. After J-Day he became a very infulential leader in the Human Resistance. Helping to establish the LA Resistance Cell Block, and a co-founder of Tech Com.

New Story

(Bedell's Death) In September of 2021, John Connor and 40 other members of the Kansas bunker were taken captive. Upon their rescue, Martin Bedell sacrificed his life to save Kyle from a Tank which had been closing in on his position. In doing so, the prisoners were able to excape. Bedell was later buried just outside LA next to his beloved Lauren Fields, who had passed away a few weeks before his own death. Together they lay side-by-side in what would later be called, Bedell Cemetery (named after General Bedell himself).

But ironically his story did not end there. It was only a week later that Bedell returned to LA. Yet, as probably guessed, he was not himself. Walking and talking, but he had no memory of what had passed. None of his passed life before his death. Some thought he had come back from the dead, as they had only been reported sightings at first. Later he was found in HQ, where his story would continued.

Recreated by one crazied John Connor and Tech Com, Martin had been turned into a hybrid. His memory had been wiped clean, save bits and peices of some important information. Aided by Jash Connor (EK), he would later find himself running across ground to find John and get answers; to no avail as he was quickly placed under the control of Tech Com by the chip that resided in his brain. More or less, that didn't stop Jash who quickly chased after him and Tech Com.

After a confrontation with Connor, Jash was able to remove the chip from Martin's brain freeing him from Tech Com's control. They quickly made their escape from Tech Com's compound just as the self-destruct sequence was set off and they nearly got away as the compound imploded. Disappointed and still without answers, they made their way back home, catching a ride with Hicks in a chopper the rest of the way back.

(Three weeks pass) It was three weeks later, that Bedell recived a message from the inside. A warehouse, which stood 30 miles East of the base, was thought to be abandoned. Recent Skynet movements indicate a rather large activity has been taking place there. Farther intel proves that theory and more. It was then that he realized something was being built. So, Bedell set up a plan. Using a distraction, and then with the help of Jash and a techy named Mark, Bedell was able to successfully infiltrate the base. But to his dismay a surprise would be waiting for him inside.

Once inside, they team of three was able to move quickly through the base and down to the lower levels and Command center. Bedell was the first to arrive and who to find none other then Connor himself waiting for him. After a short extange between him and Connor, to which the door behind them was eventually blasted open by Jash, Jash appeared between them. Connor, upon not being able to remove Jash from his path, dove at Bedell in an attept to continue with his mission.Jash intervened blocking Connor from Bedell. As John quickly became intangled with Jash, Bedell was able to retreive the needed information. Yet he was not able to get out quick enough as John stabbed into Jash. Bedell, unable to control his rage, gave John what he wanted. In the end he found himself holding John by the throat and evetually choked him to death.

Imediately Bedell regrated killing John, mainly out of Jash's respect, not that he would express it and he would soon find out why he did. Jash proceeded to pick John up and they moved out of the compound. Few minutes later, the warehouse was blown to pieces, and he and Jash continued on to meet Hicks at Checkpoint Alpha, but it would not end there.

It would be interesting, to see how the rest of the war would play out. With John dead, the world Resistance immediately disbanded into chaos. Skynet quickly became powerful again, taking down several key strongholds. Yet there were the fair few who held strong. Los Angeles, headed by Martin, held together. Even with the strange turn of events they would not give up. To say the least, it was the friendship and belief in Humanity that Martin got everyone to hold on. With John gone all eyes fell to him and the LA Cell Block in hopes that there would be reason enough to keep fighting. Martin soon took it upon himself to prove everyone who had laid down arms wrong. To prove that they could still win this war, or they would surly die trying. (They would not give up, is what should be taken away from this)

Who am I?

Brief overview: My name is Sverrir, or Corey as most people call me. I am a huge fan of Terminator. It's one of the reasons I made an RP account on Facebook. I am the creator and founder of the LA Resistance group. I'm am the leader and commander under the name Martin Bedell, which is were the top part came from. I'm a writer and also a bit of a poet. Which is kind of ironic really. I mostly write fanfiction stories though I had previously written one, Jameron based, but my flash drive was destroyed so I lost all my data. Oh well. Anyways, the majority of the stories I will write is going to be based on Martin Bedell, but I'll try to write the occasional John and Cameron story when I can.

Right now, however, I am currently working on a story called LA Resistance: Time. The entire story is meant to create an alternate reality (crossed from the TSCC timeline and T4) where John Connor gets killed. The bases of the story takes you behind the scenes of the Resistance, no longer following John's main story as everyone is so familiar with. I wanted to do something fresh, new. Everything I've read or seen has always circled around Connor (except for T4), we've never actually seen the Resistance itself actually fighting. So I decided I'd write a story based solely on the Resistance, which was also one of the reasons I cut out Connor. So, the entire story circles around the second highest ranking officer we know and thats Martin Bedell. The creator of the LA Resistance, and the Co-Founder of Tech Com. Little is actually known about Bedell which is why I liked him. I have some much room to work with him and create my own image of him without breaking past ties.

PS. In case you are wondering I set this up this way because Martin Bedell is the bases of almost all my stories so it saves me the time of having to type his information out over and over again.

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