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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my page. Basically I'm a 22 year old college junior studying psychology. Currently my time is spent working with horses, reading, playing video games, going to the gym, or banging my head against my laptop whenever my latest story decides it wants to be difficult.

Authors Notes:

A Place in This World has been DISCONTINUED 7/9/12: I'm really sorry guys, but I finally got around to looking at this and realized what a complete mess this story had become and to top it off I lost the original plot idea for this. So much has changed since I first started this series both canon wise and in this stories universe. But I am looking into a redeux of this in the near future that will hopefully run a bit smoother and make more sense.


A Place in This World Redeux- Coming soon 2012

Life's Little Curveballs- Follows chapter 11 of FYIW where Shunsui has to learn how to be a parent to his new daughter. Updates should be frequent enough.

For You I Will - Set somewhere between the bount and hueco mundo arc. Features my OC Kairi as well as Shuuhei Hisagi, and Kensei Muguruma as well as the rest of the vizard group. Complete finally and now has a sequel called A Place In This World. COMPLETE

A Simple Kind Gesture- just a short crack fic that my friend thought it would be funny if I wrote. That was the end result. COMPLETE

So as I'm sure you've seen most of my stories feature my oc Kairi Kyoraku. I created her several years back, and when FYIW was thought up I decided to feature her finally. As you can see above I had Kairi comissioned at Anime Expo because she's apparently worth the 50 bucks I spent to have that done, lol. So in my boredom as I wait to go to work I've decided to make a little profile about her.

Kairi Kyoraku
The only child of squad 8 captain Shunsui Kyoraku. Its a wonder how he managed to raise this one. And what of her mother?

Birthday/ July 28th
Height/ 167 cm
Weight/ 54 kg

Zanpakutou/ ??
Phrase/ ??

Hobby/ bracelet collecting
Skill/ liquor tolerance (a skill usually gone to waste)

Loves: Teriyaki Burgers and Gyoza
Hates: Octopus, squid and the like

How she spends her time/
- training
- reading
- sleeping

Special Notes:
The relationship between Kairi and Kensei is one of the most complex love hate relationships any of the vizards have ever seen. Moreso than Kensei and Mashiros is. However despite it all the two of them are probably the closest out of all the vizards, and know more about the other than they do themselves. As for their more personal relationship it makes as Rose put it "a teenagers romance seem less complicated."

Battle Data:
Graduating from the Spiritual Arts Academy within two years of entering at age eleven, Kairi was placed into squad 13 and became its lieutenant when she was fifteen. Considered one of the greatest Kidou masters of her time it is safe to say Kairi is quite strong and quite dangerous, however like her father she has a dislike for fighting unless nessicary.

"...We may be on different sides, but nothing changes. Not for us..."
Despite the rumors it is 100 true that Kairi is the biological child of Shunsui Kyoraku, and while they never knew of each other for the first five years the two of them have a closer parent/child relationship than most though they did get off to a rocky start. While the two of them seem to have opposite personalities they share many similar traits as well. Both love their sleep, they detest paperwork (though Kairi will still do hers), they're both extremely personable, and they both are able to see through people when many others can't. It's also been rumored Kairi has an even better alcohol tolerance than Shunsui however neither will confirm or deny this claim.

Hope you enjoyed her Bio XD

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