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This is a combo account from two people already registered on the website. We thought it would be fun to write stories together and so here we are. If you must know(jk)our regular Pen Names are FlyingSheepAirlines and DreamWeaver (there are tons of DreamWeavers so look for the one with this email address: Pretty Please read our regular stories too! And don't forget to review! hehe
The Website mentioned above is American Jen's. At the moment it is nowhere near complete!
We are long lost twins separated by the atlantic ocean and we are both named jen (hence the pen name).
Our main purpose in life is to write Harry Potter/Hermione fluff!!!!!!!!! Not to mention our plans to start the Jen Empire and rule the world!
(whisper, whisper) Oh you mean i wasn't supposed to reveal that? oh well
Jen From America

British Jen: (slapping American Jen on the head with a bottle) You're an idiot! Why don't you just go and tell the whole world that we plan to invade Britain and America on June 21st at midnight and...oops!

American Jen: and you're calling me the idiot! at least you didn't tell them about August 10th at 4 in the afternoon when we raid J.K. Rowlings house for the six and seventh books to... o darn it i did it agian!

British Jen: That's it, do it again! I can't believe you told them that-you're pathetic! Next you'll be revealing the ever-so-secret-secret weapon that we've been creating to brainwash the ENTIRE world that is hidden in Buckingham Palace-

American Jen: Oh yeah! You mean the blue liquidy stuff that we're going to put in the world's water supply? That ever-so-secret-secret weapon? Uh oh! I think we did it again! Maybe we should stop while were ahead before we spill any more of the beans! We are such silly sods!

British Jen: You're right! Thank god we never mentioned that we are secret agents tracking that band of aliens that are plotting to steal our very talented stories that our kept in vault 717 in the White House! That would have been very bad!

American Jen: You mean the stories that we stole from J.K. Rowl... opps! Well i don't think they'll find the vault. Its not like anyone knows that the combination is 353-657-474 and the password is icicle... wait, i'm not going to say anymore, i don't want to end up saying anything important to the masses!

British Jen: Please shut up, or else they'd know that we are 'secretly' aliens - uh-oh, I just heard some police sirens and these men are heading towards me with a straight jacket and (struggling to break free) NO!! It's all American Jen's fault, she's the alien with all the secret plans (the straight jacket looms in front of British Jen). Please, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I'm innocent... noooooooooooooooooooo

American Jen: Please disregard anything that she is saying. I am not an alien with any kind of plans for world domination... it was all her i swear! I mean, why would i want to take over the world? I am perfectly happy. Now, if you will excuse me, i have to head to court to testify against her. (hey i just realized that i know am the sole author of our story...yay!)

British Jen: You wait, I'll get my solicitors on you! You'll be hearing from my laywers you alien scum! You are not the sole author of the story (men with straight jacket surround the poor brit with mile grins on their face) uh-oh! I'll be back! (B.Jen runs off into the distant as she is pursuited by alien hunters).

American Jen: Once again, please disregard her. She is obviosly insane and i think she may be on some heavy medications. (looks around to make sure no one's listening) Now that i've gotten rid of her, i want to post these following rules:
Rule 1: No poofdas!!!
Rule 2: No member of the faculty is to maltreat the Abbos in any way at all...if there's anybody watching.
Rule 3: No poofdas!!!
Rule 4: I don't want to catch anybody not drinking.
Rule 5: No poofdas.
Rule 6: There is no Rule 6!!
Rule 7: No poofdas!!!
Please learn the rules and follow them!

British Jen:(wearing a straight jacket and surrounded by mad scientists with those totally weird hairdos, I mean what is it with those and those totally hideous glasses-come on, we're in the 21st century now...) Mummy? It's time for my boo-boo.

American Jen: It's always the quiet ones that you have to look out for. Enjoy our story!

American Jen's Current Quote: "NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise...surprise and fear...fear and surprise... Our two weapons are fear and surprise...and ruthless efficiency... Our three weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency...and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope... Our Amongst our weapons... Amongst our weaponry...are such elements as fear, surprise... I'll come in again."

British Jen's say: Hello again people! Yesterday I went to Alton Towers and it was brilliant! I loved Oblivion so much, I went on it 3 times. I would have gone on it more but there was RipSaw, the rapids, the rollercoasters... oh well! Anyway I would like to thank everyone who has reviewed our story, we love you loads! Have a hug!

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