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Poll: Should i do this new James and the giant peach fanfic ? its were centipede is James's dad and grasshopper his centipedes father, centipede meets spider and they fall in love and it all humanized so wadda think? Vote Now!
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Shadow Black O.C

Shadow the wife of Pitch Black struggles to make her husband forget his past, she is haunted by his first wife lady pitcher, very slowly she works things out and knows pitch loves her no matter what.

She has her hidden powers that only show up when her anger is at a full, but she never usually gets as angry.

Sometimes the flashbacks of the past attack her but Pitch is always there to control her fits.

She does like the Guardians and likes to spend time with them but that is rare considering her husband is there rival.


I ship anything as long as I like it, sometimes i experiment but doesn't everyone?

Skylar Skeeter O.C

Skylar is the daughter of Rita skeeter and Gilderoy Lockhart.

She is a Slytherin.

Her friends are Carrie Potter (My fellow fanfiction righter's O.C) and Pansy Parkinson.

Luis Snape is her boyfriend.

She has her fathers vain personality and mothers skill in gossip and righting.

Luis Snape O.C

Luis is Snape's accidental son.

He is a Slytherin.

He is also friends with Carrie and Pansy.

His enemy is Draco Malfoy.

He rarely speaks with his father because of the past, he supports his father when issues with Lilly pop up and Luis often says that if he could change time he make father be with Lilly.

Him and Skylar do have children but i wont spoil any future stories.

- my best friends ACC.

Check out her stories and Carrie potter o.c believe me she is awesome.

I do ship James Alberthany and Shannon Ann Trinket from my friends story Stand By You. It is hunger games so enjoy this story link.

(Read before reading any of my James/Shannon stories)

- Stand By You.

Panoline is also another ship of mine it was created by My friend click on the link to her account to read some of her Panoline stories trust me it is really sweet.

- My wattpad account, its bascaly got the same stuff on but follow me if you have it ! xx

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