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I am a 15 year-old girl who loves books...BUT! Not just any books. The books I love are the Teen and Young Adult books, The love in those books give you hope

and advice, the entertainment in those books make you laugh and think about all the good times you shared life with the people you like or the times you shared by yourself.

My first story was dedicated to my best friend who to life was about Teen pregnancy and abused. I said too much alright, I promised not to talk about

her teenage life story. So shhh *whispering* It's our little secret. She did told me to write about it in code and so I did. Now, I've added on my own shocking

twisted effects on my story, I've been inspired by the "Notebook" (The book/movie) to write this book and I've also been beautifully traumatized by a BEST SELLING

BOOK that's been out 4 years now; called 'Fifty Shades of Grey'...Yes I know, I know I'm late reading the book, but its a real page turner (minus the HOT beautiful sex) I know I'm a creep (but so is the author), Those are my FAVS! Look if your like me, wanting to read SPONTANEOUS, OVERPOWERING LOVE, CRAZY HOT BOOKS

Read my book and please do tell your thoughts... Like it (I love you)... Hate it (I won't stop writing, because I don't give a FUCK...But I'll love you anyway) :)




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