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Regarding A Magician's Psalms... I've planned something regarding this fanfic by setting them into volumes, which they're gonna be in separate fanfics stating them into Phase volumes, with the prologue as an exception, merging into the first phase.

PHASE 00: Prologus

While on standby for more news from his friend, _ was confronted by a girl who gave him a Music CD and after hearing a song things went out of hand, very loudly. Hence forth, they decided to investigate this, unknown to them, they are bound for some mysterious travel to a different place... or something...

PHASE 01: Gamma Sublime

PHASE 02: The Arco-Clustanian Accord

PHASE 03: The Rinkernator

Paralouge PHASE: To Acknowledge oneself

PHASE 04: To Ar Ciel

Final PHASE: The Will of All

On HIATUS until further notice.

There's another project that I'm also working on.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona RWBY.

Persona Series x RWBY Crossover. AU version were some characters are Faunus.

After the battle against the giant eye "Ameno-Saigiri", the Investigation Team have succeeded bringing back the clears skies, preventing a massive disaster of Grimm encroaching their town of Inaba. Their Leader has made many loving memories of his year in Inaba, and will cherish it after he departs back to his city-life.

At his residence, however, a pair of people, one with a cane and a cup of coffee and his lovely assistant, came up to him with a proposal. With that person's impression of the results of the Investigation Team's, that person gave the leader with a new contract: A "Cultural Exchange Program" paper so that he can attend a unique Academy at a foreign land.

You'd figure out what will happen next...

There also side stories and future ones I plan to do... After this because it'll probably take within the main stories and after.

Persona RWBY: Grimm Labyrinths of Shadows

Supposed to take place maybe before, during, or after the Vytal Festival. While the wonder where there friends are, Team RWBY and Team JNPR decides to look for them, while the encounter Theo outside the Velvet Room. Theo notifies them about Bell ringing and mysteriously sends them to Yasogami High, where they fine a pair of Amesian as they're all trapped. Will they find their way out of this closed school?

Now this one will split between two stoires due to the balance the game Ar Nosurge.

Persona RWBY: The Ar Nosurge Chronicles

Ruby Rose: Couple months after the events of Persona RWBY, Ruby begans to see weird visions and hear mysterious songs. That is, until she and her Team encounters an unusual pair.

Yu Narukami: Couple months passed ever since the events of Persona RWBY, Yu and his friends were thinking about their future. But when Yu was curiously looking into his father's stuff, he stumble onto a strange case file and brought this attention to his friends as a nearby TV mysteriously lit up, prompting them to investigate. What they discover there, was a girl who mistakenly recognizes Yu as his father for some reason.

Seeing how that game takes two perspectives, I asssume it would make some sense... What do you think?

I think I need to get their weapons in check, keep forgetting...

Investigation Team's Bio & Weapons:

Yu Narukami
Weapon: Raijin - Katana equipped with Lightning Dust
Aura color: Silver
Semblance: Unknown
Etc Ability: Persona/Wild Card

Yosuke Hanamura
Weapon: Takaheya Susano-O - Custom Multi-utility weapon with three known types; Pair of blades, Shortsword, Hoverboard/Greatsword.
Aura color: Green
Semblance: Aura Tuning - Utilizing Soundwaves he can hear to channel his Aura, focusing into his weapons for additional effects.
Etc Ability: Persona

Chie Satanoka
Aura Color: Light Blue

Yukiko Amagi
Aura Color: Red

Kanji Tatsumi
Weapon: Takeji Zaiten - Blunt Piledriver w/Shield. Includes additional parts that serves as a chair to sit on.
Aura Color: Yellow
Semblance: Stoneskin - Utilze a hardened skin over his Aura as an additional shield to himself.

Rise Kujikawa
Weapon: Kouzeon - Customized Microphone with a weighted ball for the stand.
Aura Color: Pink
Semblance: Melodica - Produce music note from thin air. Sending the notes into the enemy will serve as a form of exploding bomb, singing will amplify random effects from damage potency to/or blast radius.

Naoto Shirogane
Weapon: Yamato Sumeragi - Jack-of-trade gun utilize a variety of forms uses dust to recharge regardless of what element used. Known forms are; Pistol, pair of smaller handguns w/blades, pair of SMGs, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun.
Aura Color: Dark Blue
Semblance: Keen Senses - Sharp eyes for accuracy and dexterity, amplified hearing, and great mobility. Consumes Aura for amplified effects

Teddie Einherjar
Weapon: Utility Ursa Costume - Jack-of-trade with great utility. Unknown on how it's even possible...
Aura Color: Uncertain
Semblance: Uncertain

Still updating...

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