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Im a 14 year old girl who loves books, and ANIME!!!!!!!!!


Tale of tears: OMG!!!1 SORRY I HAVEN'T UPDATED IN LIKE FOREVER!!!!!!!!...School had started and my computer crashed when i had like 5 chapters done TTTT. sorry guys ill try to update soon :D

My favorite color: is blue

My favorite book: is MAXIUM RIDE!

My favoriteAnimes:Are Tokyo mew mew , Inuyasha ,Souleater and ,ShugoChara !!!!!!!!!!

My favorite Game: Okay dont make fun of me BUT IT IS...Pokemon!

My favoriteAnimeCouples: Shugo Chara(Ikuto&Amu)

Tokyo Mew Mew(Icihgo&Kish)


Soul Eater(Makka&Soul)

Note: Sorry if anything is spelled wrong

im bad at spelling.Thank god for spell check :)

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