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About Me

I'm Ashley. I'm currently a senior in college (undergrad). I'm hope to complete my degree in computer engineering and become employed. I started reading and writing fanfics when I was pretty young...So young...if you look closely'll see the differences in my writing as time progressed. I did contemplate going to school for English, writing or whatever, but I went into a technical field instead. Am I more of a left brain or am I more of a right brain? I do love to write. I enjoy reading people's work too. However, I'm not committed enough to write all the time...I get writer's block. I take long breaks sometimes. I tend to get distracted easily. I have piles of unfinished work and ideas stashed notebooks...word docs...that get left collecting dust...I tend to ramble on about useless things...I'm not the best writer. I like to think that my underlining themes and ideas are better expressed than my writing style/technique sometimes.

I love reading manga. I like watching anime. I spend time doing both those things. It's a plus when I get to see a live action version of a manga/anime. Asian dramas have become a horrible obsession. I'm an addict, but sometimes those overused, love triangles and plots inspire me.


I have been busy with classes lately. I haven't had much time to think about anything besides school work and lab projects. I want to update sometime mid-November around Thanksgiving time when I get a break. This upcoming winter, I should have more time since I'm not doing two lab classes like I have this fall quarter.


Chapter 11 of The Shadow of Angels on The Moon - done


Chapter 10 of The Shadow of Angels on The Moon - done

I found some inspiration...this chapter was long with a bunch of song lyrics...


Chapter 10 of The Shadow of Angels on The Moon - WIP.

After my mini vacation, I got swamped at work. Sometime Saturday or maybe even late Friday evening...


Chapter 9 of The Shadow of Angels on The Moon - done.

There's this song that I'm singing over and over again in my mind. The chapter was inspired by Run by Snow Patrol...the Katharine McPhee version from SMASH. I have been sick for a bit, so I haven't been writing anything else. Maybe sometime in the next two weeks...


Chapter 8 of The Shadow of Angels on The Moon - done.

I am trying to figure out if I want to start another fic. I'm taking a break from The Daughter of Light and Dark because I'm just not in the mood to write it. I feel bad because I know there are people hoping I will continue and finish it.

Options in mind right now: Naruto, Liar Game, Sailor Moon, another crossover...


Chapter 7 of The Shadow of Angels on The Moon - done.


Chapter 6 of The Shadow of Angels on The Moon - done.


The Daughter of Light and Dark - I got rid of the excess chapters that were just notes. I combined the old and new prologue and chapter one.


Chapter 5 of The Shadow of Angels on The Moon - done.

Why am I not in the Harry Potter writing mood right now? I don't know. I'll see how I feel.


I took a long break...when I shouldn't have...

Chapter 4 of The Shadow of Angels on The done.

Chapter 40 of The Daughter of Light and Dark...WIP...


I am getting lazy already. Anyway, Chapter 3 of The Shadow of Angels on The Moon got done.

I'm working on Chapter 39 of The Daughter of Light and Dark. It should be out tomorrow.


Some Commentary on The Shadow of Angels on the Moon: Chapter 2

I had the chapter finished when I wrote chapter one. After some thought, I edited the introduction into the chapter...I was inspired by the song Pitterpat by Erin McCarley. I'm glad I added it. It gives it a better feel then when I didn't have it. While I was driving for 5 1/2 hours to get back home it hit me that I could've done something totally different with my first interaction with the Host Club members. It would've just taken the story off on a different note...However, I just couldn't do it to myself. I already had two similar versions of chapter two...I had edited my the ending of the chapter...if I re-wrote all of it with my new concept...It could've killed the writing flow I already had going on.

What could've happened instead of what I had:

I would've had my first interactions with the other Host Club members separately...flash backed...over the course of the break/beginning of the school year. Haruhi would've mostly been the same introduction. I had already set up Setsuna involved with the Hitachiin's mother. I would've had her first interaction with the twins at a fashion show because they needed another model. I would've made Mori Lita's old sempai who Lita would've recommended to Usagi to learn Kendo and because he also went to Ouran...I would've had Usagi-chan and Honey meet up at a famous bakery going after the same cake along with some Mori. I then would've introduced Kyoya as the one who didn't know Usagi directly until she stumbled upon the Third Music Classroom, looking for Haruhi along the same guides as before...(They are good ideas)

Cheers to what could've been...Maybe, I'll write out an alternative chapter two sometime...


My desktop almost went dead on me...I nearly had a heart attack...because I have work saved on it...First thing, after I manage to revive my dear old friend...I backed my stuff up...When this desktop goes... I'll be working from my I fixed the major problems on this it should it okay until I get to figure out what to do with the desktop...

Anyway, I'm working on modifications to Chapter 2 of The Shadow of Angels on the Moon...

I've planned out the meat of what goes on in Chapter 38 of The Daughter of Light and Dark. It just needs to be written...cause all I got are bones...(I thought it was funny, if you didn't)


Overall, I enjoy writing...I've been trying to convey something when I write...I want someone to read and be be captivated by words...

The Shadow of Angels on The Moon

So I published it. The first chapter.

It's a lovely crossover between Ouran High School Host Club and Sailor Moon.

I'm sure I've read every crossover under that genre. I was inspired. I wanted to indulge myself too.

This story was inspired by several songs, experiences and thoughts...

Angels On The Moon by Thriving Ivory. I almost called this Angels On The Moon.. However, it's just didn't convey the complete story that I wanted.

This story is going to convey a struggle of finding one self. There are several shadows I want to convey. I feel like Usagi's character development didn't finish...There should've been more going on after what happened in I want to re-write the ending my own way...

The Daughter of Light and Dark

This is a lovely Harry Potter piece.

I've been writing and updating regularly so far.

This story has taken a piece of my soul, I realize. I started it so long ago. I almost abandoned it when someone asked me about maybe letting them take it over...But I didn't because it wasn't something I could pass, you see. I wanted to continue it. I really hated that I didn't know how to convey certain things the right way. I really thought I was a crappy writer. However, I do want to finish this story now. I'm a crappy writer is a sorry excuse...I just want to write...I just want to finish it. I started this plot when I was a pre-teen...I'll finish it as an adult...

It really conveys certain views on what I thought...think love is...and can be...

Why Not

I haven't bothered to even go back to this story, yet. It was my first one. It was something to start with. Maybe, I'll take the time to read it again. It might stay abandoned for now. A little relic of the past.

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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 13 - Words: 26,737 - Reviews: 302 - Favs: 143 - Follows: 33 - Updated: 7/18/2004 - Published: 11/21/2002 - Hermione G., Draco M.
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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