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Hello, I'm Autumn, and since I don't use your site anymore, instead of deactivating my profile, I'm turning it into a list of reasons why I don't use you anymore.

The first reason is the disorganization. Even though you're one of the most commonly used fanfic sites on the web, I've never worked out how to post a story. And it's incredibly hard to find a fic for say, the 10th Doctor/Jack Harkness ship, because since you started allowing more than two main characters people have started listing all the characters instead of just the relationship like they used to. I have to wade through all the 10th Doctor/Rose Tyler which there is a ton of.

The second reason is that, bad as it sounds, you've gotten too popular. Lots of really bad writers have found this site and they make up more than half of your writers. I know this isn't your fault but personally I don't want to read something full of mistypes, bad punctuation, texting acronyms, and next to no actual plotline. Also in this category, you've gone a bit commercial. Ads popping up everywhere, contracts we have to agree to before we can post, other websites to find you on, it's a bit much.

The third reason is you limit us too much. What if I want to write about real people? Or what if I want to do fanart? I think that explains itself.

The fourth and final reason is, I found a better site. This reminds me of a dramatic movie scene where Person A finds out that Person B cheated on them. The other site is a relatively new one, still in beta if I remember right, called Archive Of Our Own, or AO3 for short. It's easy to find the relationship you're looking for, and they're new enough that the not-so-good writers haven't infiltrated yet. They're a fan-created, fan-run, non-profit, non-commercial archive for transformative fanworks, like fanfiction, fanart, fan videos, and podfic. They're a good site with a good purpose and you should check them out.

So,, this is not meant to be a "flame" to you in any way, just something I'd like to bring your attention to. I hope if you see this, you'll read it and take these things into account.

This is me signing off.