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Sorry, that was like my...intro? Okay, some of you might know me, I'm the hobo in the dumpster behind the drug store...jk, I have nothing against hobos, for now! For all stalkers, my birth date is FAKE! I'm 13 years old. That's RIGHT STALKERS! Sorry. OK let's cut to the part where I tell about myself

1. I am a MAJOR shopaholic. Do NOT I repeat NOT go shopping with me...I will scare you with my awesome shopping powers!! WHEEEE!!!! (Sorry, little hyper, it's my first time trying coffee)

2. I am 100% Obsessed with Harry Potter, and all H.P. related things. If you don't like Harry Potter, leave my profile now. You are an embarrassment to the wizarding world. Oh, and if you like Twilight over Harry Potter, I am VERY disappointing in you. 10 points from Gryffindor

3. I am hyper/crazy/unpredictable. I mean that.

4. The first time I read a rated M fanfic, I was eating yogurt. Peach. It reappeared shortly afterwards. In my sink. I have never eaten yogurt since.

5. I am a writer. (Yes, you have permission to call me Captain obvious.)

Okay, so the main reason I joined fanfiction is House Of Anubis!!! If you don't read my fics, Senkara will curse you forever!! MWAHAHAHA!! Just kidding. I write Anubis fics, (once again, you can call me Captain obvious.)

Anubis pairings that I like:

1. Fabina

2. Jara

3. Mickber

4. Peddie

5. Neddie

6. Alfiper/Pipalfie (Dunno)

Anubis pairings I can't stand:

1. Foy

2. Amfie

3. Patrome

4. Victera (Victor and Vera. Believe me people, not good.)

Yeah...don't get people on those ones, but whatever! Plus, I'll read all the uncanon couples. Now if someone does a Victor/Vera fir, I will be impressed and scared of you. And if you do a House Of Anubis parody, you will be my hero, for like 45 seconds. (My heroes change quickly)


1. Patricia

2. Nina

3. Trudy

4. Mara

5. Victor

6. Fabian

7. Alfie

8. Mick

9. Joy

10. Eddie

11. Jerome

12. Amber

1. Have you ever heard of a fanfic about 2 and 6? (Nina and Fabian) Hmm...let's see...I don't recall. There might be a couple out there...somewhere.

2. What do you think of 1 and 7 as a couple? (Patricia and Alfie) What do I think...mehh Piper's better with him.

3. Do you think 7 and 9 will be friends? (Alfie and Joy) Maybe... tht was fun

4. Should 5 and 12 get married?(Victor and Amber) Yes, if he doesn't die before the wedding.

5. Would 8 and 10 become the new Fabina? (Mick and Eddie) DUDE!!!!

6. Will 6 join Sibuna? (Fabian) Yes, it's not like he's already in it. (Cough!)

7. Have you ever read a 3 and 10 slashfic? (Trudy and Eddie) Not possible. Now excuse me while I go and vomit.

8. What is 2 got 9 pregnant? (Nina and Joy) Fabian would probably throw himself off a cliff...INTO A PIT OF LARD!

9. What if 11 walked in on 12 and 4 having sex? (Jerome/Amber/Mara) He'd burst into tears. Then...YOUTUBE!

10. Do you think 8 will date 2? (Mick Nina) Yes, if Fabian and Amber die. Can you even see them together???

11. Do you think 8 will cheat on 10 with 11? (Mick/Eddie/Jerome) I don't think so, sister. What is this, slash appreciation day???

12. Do you want to read a crackfick about 4 and 5? (Mara and Victor) Would anyone???????????

My other new obsession is the Hunger Games. I've read all 3 books, and had a Hunger Games read-along with a hobo, behind CVS. Yes, you have permission to call me weird.

My fave Hunger Games pairings:

Patniss (Peeta/Katniss)

Kale (Katniss/Gale)

Annick (Annie/Finnick)


1. Effie

2. Cato

3. Annie

4. Gale

5. Finnick

6. Katniss

7. Haymitch

8. Johanna

9. Prim

10. Rue

11. Peeta

12. Glimmer

Have you ever heard of a fanfic between 2 and 6? (Katniss and Cato) No, and I don't think I should think about that because I just ate.

What do you think of 1 and 7 as a couple? (Effie and Haymitch) #$%%$#$%

Do you think 7 and 9 will be friends? (Haymitch and Prim) Wow...I really don't know how to say this...but...NO!

Should 5 and 12 get married? (Finnick and Glimmer) Well, yes if it weren't for the fact that Glimmer's DEAD!

Will 8 and 10 be the new power couple? (Johanna and Rue) Yes, it has all the power of a natural laxative.

Will 6 get reaped? Hmm...not a good chance! :) (Katniss)

Have you ever read a 3 and 10 slashfic? NO! DUDE what up with these questions? (Annie and Rue)

What if 2 got 9 pregnant? You would have to dig him up to yell at him, because Katniss would have already killed him. (Cato and Prim)

What if 11 walked in on 2 and 4 having sex? He'd probably have a vomiting fit. (Peeta, Cato, Gale)

Do you think 8 will date 2? YES 100% positive. (Johanna and Cato)

Do you think 8 will cheat on 10 with 11? Yes, because it's so likely that Johanna would be dating Rue in the first place. (Johanna Rue and Peeta)

Have you read a crackfic about 4 and 5? Yes...(gag.) (Gale and Finnick)

Is 7 awesome? YES!!! WOO! (Haymitch).

OK, now that I've properly scared the crap out of you people...

Put this on your profile, if you think it's miller time.

..._.-._ , .../ `--_-- _|] .../_==o;;;;;;;;_ _.:/ ...), --.(_(_) / ...// (..) ), -- ...//_// ..//_//

╔╗╔═╦╗ Put this on your site ║╚╣║║╚╗If you like to laugh! ╚═╩═╩═╝

Copy and paste this on your profile, if you're favorite way to say red wines in a Transylvania accent is "RED VINES!"

Copy and paste this on your profile if you want House Of Anubis season 3.

I'm bored, so let's go with STEREOTYPES!!! (P.s. This isn't what I really think of these people, they are meant for jokes.)

I bake cookies all the time so I must be a fatty

I have a tattoo, so I must be an overweight 60-year old emo rock star wannabe.

I'm a teacher helper, so I must be a pedophile

I dies, so I must be dead

I'm an actress, so I must be a diva

I have headphones, so I must be a loser

I work at McDonalds, so I must be a jug eared pimply teenager

I regularly eat an McDonalds, so I must be a pot-bellied pimply teenager

I stay in the house all the time, so I must be a freaky hippie with a gun

I'm a bus driver, so I must pretend not to hear the kids in my own bus

I talk like the annoying orange, so I must cackle like a witch with a branch stuck up her throught

I'm purple, so I must be Barney

10 things I dreamed about last night:

A fluffy white cat stapling his ears shut

A lady comes up to me in the grocery store, yells, "YOU'RE JEWISH!", and nails me on the head with a package of cookie dough.

A cabbage became my mother-in-law

A hobo went on a hit-and-run spree at McDonalds

My long lost cousin from the Federated States of Micronesia appears on my doorstep, hops three times, and hands me a buffalo nickel.

Super Mario sang the Care Bear's theme song!

I'm in WalMart surrounded in Pillow Pets and Bubble Guppies

A green monkey enters the movie theater riding on a shiny big wheel

I performed live on the Legends Of The Hidden Temple

My head somehow got screwed onto a light bulb

OK pop quiz: What food am I talking about? "I washed it, I dried it, I oiled it, and now I have to poke it with holes!"

OK, sequel to the pop quiz: What vegetable am I talking about? " You take off the outside and throw it away. Then you cook the inside. Then you eat the outside of it, and throw away the inside."

Okay people, so adopt a lion, remember to brush your teeth, and if you see a hobo going on a hit-and-run spree at McDonalds, say NOTHING! PEACE! :)



Yes, I'm that awesome, I put my name twice


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