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I'M BACK HAHA! Sorry for the absence but I've been taking time improving my writing and life got in the way.

Just a warning I'm not going to be doing any of my old stories for a while, I'm kicking it off with a new one that I came up with and I won't be able to update every day, maybe once or twice a week since I have real life to attend to as well.

Okay here's my info.

Name:Not telling I'm going by Battler on this website!


Gender: Male

State: USA

Favorite Show: Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, Spiderman, X-Men, Young Justice, Avengers, The Walking Dead, and Pokemon

Alright, here's the info on my new story Phantom of the Leaf.

By info, I mean the OC's.

Name: Okami Inuzuka (Created by 61394)
Age: 21
Chakra Affinity: Fire.
Fighting Style: inuzuka clan techniques with canine partner Byakumaru
Description: Average height with wild brown hair in a ponytail, with the markings wearing black vest lined with grey fur black pants, black sandals, his dog Byakumaru looks like a coyote with grey markings under his eyes

History: Born and raised in the inuzuka clan Ookami graduated the academy at nine under Kushina Uzumaki along with Raido Namiashi and Tokuma Hyuga, while he knows Naruko is his sensei's daughter, he doesn't know who her father is.

First Appearance: Chapter 03 (Team Okami)

Name: Ryuko Hekigan (Created by Mai'shardstyle)

Age: 13

Chakra Affinity: Water and Earth

Jutsu's known: All basic academy Jutsu, Tree/Water walking, basic water and earth Jutsus.

Bloodline: The Hekigan clan are known for their perfect chakra control. They can control their chakra so well that they can construct small objects that can hold their form for a short time, unless given a constant flow of chakra in which case they can last until their chakra reserves are depleted. Their bloodline is mainly used for healing since if someone was morally wounded, say a major artery was severed, they could literally close the artery by forming a new one with their chakra until they can reconnect the ends.

Their Bloodline is rarely used in combat since, the bigger construct made, the more it draws on their chakra reserves, even something as small as a ninja star would take about an eighth of a normal person's chakra reserves, though, it would do much more damage than a normal ninja star.

Fighting Style: Mostly taijutsu and shorter range ninjutsu. Is weak at longer ranged ninjutsu but can use it if needed. Is mediocre at sealing jutsu's but wants to learn more.

Description: 4'5 inches tall, fairly thin lithe figure, dark brown wavy hair down to her shoulderblades with natural reddish blond highlights, dark reddish purple eyes unless using her bloodline in which her eyes are a rippling chakra blue. Her civilian clothes are a pair of loose but fitting sweat pants, a dark purple tank top and a long denim like coat with only the first three buttons fastened and a long split in the back up to the thighs. Her ninja cloths are the a pair of black ninja pants with a dark purple pouch strapped to both legs, a dark purple top without sleeves, black gloves with metal guards on the knuckles, and dark purple boots with black straps and accents. Her headband is black with dark purple stitching.

History: Born and raised in Konoha. In her younger years she was told she was a prodigy because of her large chakra reserves and was trained harshly to master her bloodline as fast as possible. To avoid going to the academy early, and not wanting to be seen as a prodigy, she began to hide her progress and purposefully fail more in her training. To hide her harsh background she acts like a happy and fairly bubbly person until the situation requires her to show her true nature. She is truly a serious and hardworking person, though she can be sarcastic at times. Being part of a clan, she didn't have many friends outside of family. She wants to make friends but is a little shy. In the academy, she continues to hide her true talent and nature so she comes off as an average, happy and laid back person.

First Appearance: Chapter 03 (Team Okami)

Name: Tazu Kage (Created by Jacob Taz)
Age: 13
Chakra Affinity: Fire
Jutsu's Known: Shadow imitation, fire star barrage, Shadow clone,Shadow Cloak(Cloak a weapon in shadows making it really strong but for a short period of time and makes him unpredictable.
Bloodline(If you're using a clan: Shadow imitation )
Fighting Style: Close Range using a battle Axe.
Description: Has darkish brown hair and black gold eyes, looking a little buff and he wears a dark black vest and black jeans while carrying scroll on his back he also has a pouch strapped to his leg and he wore a dark scarf that covered his mouth.
History: Feels guilt for allowing his pride to kill his best friend in a mission.

First Appearance: Chapter 03 (Team Okami)

Name: Natsume Gosuto (Created by TheWhiteTitan)
Age: 20
Chakra Affinity: Fire
Jutsu's Known: All fire type jutsus
Bloodline: The last line of Shinobi's that is similar to Danny's fake Bloodline
Fighting Style: Sword and taijutsu
Description: Red hair, black eyes, one scar across his left eye, lean and tall as Kakashi. Usually wears a black cloak that covers his body. Under the cloak is a outfit just like Sarutobi's only white and gray and minus the headgear.
Personality: Quiet and sarcastic, but chivalrous and helpful. He is very shy around a group of people.
History: He was once part of a strong clan and was the son of the chief when disaster struck them. Orphaned by the kyuubi, unlike the villagers, he doesn't resent Naruko. After meeting Danny, he believed that he could be one of the missing children of his lost clan after witnessing his powers only to be disappointed when he found out that he wasn't. He is also said to be in love with Anko, due to her hyper personality.

First Appearance: Chapter 04 (Revelations)

Okay this part is about my Pokemon Series

Cody Johnson 'CJ': The main character of this story he is a very excitable kid that reacts without thinking. Although not a good battler in the beginning he remains loyal to his friends and trains his Pokemon to help find the Champion Red while dodging the Elite Four.

CJ's Pokemon

Leaf (Bulbasaur)- Found on the edge of Route 1 sick CJ and Professor Oak took it back to the lab to nurse it back to health. Leaf took a liking to CJ and is a very clearheaded Pokemon that will always help him out and is his main battling Pokemon.

Sting (Weedle/Kakuna/Beedrill)- In Viridian Forest after meeting Yellow CJ caught a Baby Weedle that was too soft for fights, only after becoming a Beedrill did he become a major powerhouse on CJ's team. He is also used to search the skies whenever the situation calls for it.

Flint (Geodude/Graveller)- Caught while going down a stream Flint quickly became a dependant Pokemon in fights. He evolved to Graveller while battling Lorelli of the Elite Four after taking a hit that would've killed CJ. Since then he has won CJ a lot of battles.

Jolt (Hitmonlee)- After accidently walking into the Fighting Dojo CJ was forced to train for an agonizing few days but he impressed the Master of the Dojo so he was given a Hitmonlee. Although she usually uses Kicking techniques CJ has been teaching her how to punch so that way she wouldn't be limited in her fighting style.

Snorlax (Bulk)- Bulk is a Snorlax that runs on pure adrenaline in a fight, he is a major powerhouse that will literally destroy trainers in a fight. He is the type of Pokemon to get CJ out of a tight spot.

(Soon to be captured)

Tempest (Aerodactyl)

Kang (Kangaskan)


Yellow: A straw hat wearing boy that is travelling around with Red's Pikachu (Pika) to find him going against the Elite Four to do so. He is a very unique person that can heal Pokemon by focusing and he is able to communicate with them. Yellow left CJ so after he was nearly killed so that way he wouldn't be in danger.

Brock: Gym Leader of Pewter City he is helping out on the search for Red and he helped train CJ until they were ambushed in Mt. Moon by Lorelli and Bruno. He is ridden with guilt as he thinks that CJ was killed in that fight when the cavern collapsed and all that could be found was some ice with his blood on it.

Willy: A peculiar trainer he is quick to anger whenever he see's a Pokemon in pain. He saves CJ from being killed in Mt. Moon and decided to travel with him. Although he uses many different Pokemon his Main Battle choice is his Venusaur which belonged to his Dad. He is an extremely powerful trainer

Owen: A rising Pokemon Champ he is naive in some parts and is prone to getting chased by groups of Pokemon. He made Top 8 before he and CJ parted ways. (See El Torro's Pokemon Kanto Adventure for details)

Fate: A girl with talent at getting under People's skin pretty easily she is a reliable friend and uses Hez her Mudkip to battle. (Again see El Torro's Pokemon Adventure)

Janine: The Fuchsia City Gym Leader travelled with Owen on their way to Cinnabar Island, she is shown to have a crush on Owen. (Yet again see El Torro's Pokemon Adventure)

More Companions soon to come.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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