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Author has written 5 stories for Team Fortress 2, Portal, and Civilization Series.

I don't even know where to begin. I guess, just, I like to read, I like to play video games and watch movies. And I like to write. I have a tendency to randomly sprout stories in my head as I'm reading/watching/playing and then stop, run them through essentially from start to finish, and then file them away for when I'm done reading. Or playing. Or watching. Then I type them up. Usually though, although I tend to work on multiple projects at once, I'll only post one at a time. I don't know why, but there it is. I have so many ideas floating around in my head, but only half of them are being typed, and only a small fraction of those are being posted. I also have some original fiction (sci-fi) written on FictionPress under the same username. Check them out.

Additionally, if anyone arrives on this profile page who uses Twitter, I have an account there under which I'll post status updates (and maybe minor spoilers!). It's Madhighlander @Clan_RMack.

Also, I'm not the best artist. My avatar is probably the best picture I've ever done from scratch. Come to think of it, I think it's the only picture I've ever done from scratch. It's a pity, too, because I actually like to draw.

Favorite things: Doctor Who, Portal 2, and the Inheritance Saga (which is AWESOME)

Least favorite things: Twilight, Coronation Street, and people who insist that they're right even after you present them with irrefutable evidence to the contrary.

Bits of Headcanon:

-Portal: I follow a number of popular headcanons in the Portal universe, especially the idea that 'all-cores-were-once-humans' and 'Chell-is-Caroline's-daughter'. Some of my less common headcanons include: [Aperture was willing to go to such measures as the Human-AI transference program because Greg Johnson was next in line to the position of CEO and couldn't wait for his turn] and [REDACTED-SPOILERS FOR TAOTT].

-Mass Effect: 1] Reapers make permanent slaves only out of those races who are able to destroy one of them. Leading on from that, the Keepers' former home planet was Etamis, and the Seeker swarms and the Collector General were created before the Prothean cycle.

2] The Thorian is [SPOILER BLOCKED] three stages of host: see below.

Works in progress:

-The Six Cores (Portal: Chell meets six personality cores during her adventures during portal 2, instead of just Wheatley. Each one has its own role to play, and each its annoying or obnoxious little personality quirk. [inspired by the developer commentary])

-War in the West (Civilization Series (4) : Three squads of Charioteers are sent to investigate reports of Barbarian interference in western trade routes. However, the problem seems to be more severe than originally believed... [inspired by one of my own files, as these things so often are])

-Trace Amounts of Time Travel (Portal: Chell remembers a certain Cave Johnson recording and wonders if it might help her unlock her past)

Future projects:

-The Last Age of Ground (The Edge Chronicles: centuries before Twig made a similar journey, a group of Fourthlings are rejected by their Deepwoods forebears and journey east to the lands unknown)

-With a C (Percy Jackson & the Olympians [not well fleshed out yet: A mysterious event is discovered from the Gods' past which threatens their existence in the future. a group of demigods is sent to find the old time god, Chronos [as opposed to Kronos] and ask his help in setting things right.)

-Black Eden (Dead Space/Portal: Since Isaac's return, the Human population of the Galaxy has made huge advances in putting down the Marker threat, despite resistance from Unitologists and Earthgov. However, when Ellie goes missing, Isaac discovers that the next great threat is far closer to home than anyone anticipated.)

-Aurora Borealis (Portal: Direct sequel to Trace Amounts of Time Travel. As such, no summary yet, but I will say that it will center around the Borealis and that there will be at least one appearance by the beta-timeline Alyx and Eli Vance.)

-Fifty Years Later (TF2: Sequel to Genesis. The year is 2012. A magnetic burst by Mann Manor causes a catastrophic failure of the Mann Brothers' immortality machines. The BLU clones are deactivated and RED is free to return to their normal lives. However, kept perfectly unchanged by the respawn machines, they soon discover that their 'normal lives' have all but disappeared in the fifty years since their recruitment.

-Lazarus (TF2: Oneshot. Many years after the end of the teams, Scout has a near-death experience and reflects on what he's made of himself.)

-Dragonborn & Dragon Rider (Inheritance/Skyrim: When Eragon reaches the far side of the sea, he finds another empire, and it's even more hostile towards dragons than Galbatorix was.)

-The Gate of Skaro (Stargate/Doctor Who: A mysterious individual known only as 'Jast' contacts Stargate Command with an unusual request: the symbols of nine Goa'uld, removed directly from the foreheads of their First Primes. He claims that they will deactivate a safeguard around his home stargate, but will not explain further. [Takes place between 'Daleks in Manhattan' and 'The End of Time' (Doctor Who) and 'Warrior' and 'Meridian' (Stargate: SG-1])

-Deus Ex Machina (Mass Effect: Why did Sovereign seem to wait so long, and then strike so recklessly? It turns out, he wasn't the one doing the waiting. No, Sovereign took over from another Reaper, whom Harbinger himself had deemed unfit for duty: Arbiter, the Fallen One.)

-Reaplicators (Stargate/Mass Effect: Synthetic intelligence is a strange thing. Unpredictable, sometimes angry, but always coldly logical. When a Reaper Destroyer scouting the far reaches of the Galaxy comes upon what appears to be an intact and alive human floating in space, the obvious choice is to take it in for examination and assimilation, right? Nope. Now there's a replicator loose in its vital systems and two of the nastier synthetic intelligences are in a race against time to absorb the other... before being absorbed themselves. Probably oneshot.)

-Core Movie Night (Portal: the [humanized] cores come together to watch a movie, but they can't agree on which one. Oneshot. [I could probably finish this one really quickly but I can't figure out where to start])

-Hax! (The Edge Chronicles[/The Gmod Idiot Box] [A completely random thing that I intend to use in an emergency when I need to blow off steam: Hax Vostillix is ready to retire for the day when he is accosted by a strangely dressed man with an unusually large head. Oneshot.)

(See what i mean about a lot of ideas but only posting one at a time? I'll have to start multitasking.)

OC Bios

The Protocol Core: Based on the core of the same name from the machinima 'The Underground'. An extremely obsessive core who has been programmed with every single one of the billions of rules and regulations that exist in Aperture Science. He is also extremely obsessive in his desire to see every last one of these rules followed to a 'T', even the most trivial of points. He rescues Chell from cryostorage in 'The Six Cores'. Protocol is convinced that the Oracle Turret is an error, because of a programming alteration made by GLaDOS while he was hooked up.

The Paranoia Core: Based off an unused Valve concept, it should be noted that he is unrelated to the core of the same name which also appears in 'The Underground'. The Paranoia Core is, as his name suggests, extremely paranoid, firmly convinced that everything and everyone is out to have him incinerated. Ironically, that's probably the only reason he hasn't been found and incinerated yet by GLaDOS. When Chell meets him during a blackout, he attempts to flee, firmly convinced that he has 'outwitted' her and is on his way to prepare a trap to 'get her before she gets him', but actually he ends up accidentally helping Chell to disable the neurotoxin generator and turret production line. Paranoia Core is also convinced that the Oracle Turret is in fact fully functional, but is pretending to be a defect in order to catch him when his back is turned.

The Maintenance Core: The very first personality core, he was a simultaneous prototype for both the personality spheres and the Oracle Turret, DL-PH. He is the world's only fully sentient clockwork device, operating using a revolutionary and very Aperturesque mechanism called 'Quantum Nanogears'. The gears that make up his machinery are so small that they are not visible to the naked eye, meaning they cannot be observed and exist in multiple states. (The same mechanism gives the Oracle Turret its knowledge, allowing it to predict the outcome of any event, or even what combination of events lead to a known outcome, within one billionth of a percent value of certainty.) The Maintenance Core was given the responsibility of keeping the test shafts functional in anticipation of the return of test subjects, hence his name.

The Pompous Core: A self-satisfied, idiotic, and there's no other word for it, pompous fool of a personality core. Chell meets him in Wheatley's test chambers, where he's somehow become separated from his 'subservience' core and integrated into a Turret Cube. Eventually, Chell decides to help him and almost immediately regrets it, discovering his self-righteous banter to be almost as annoying as GLaDOS' insults and Wheatley's... moron... ness. However, he (sort of) redeems himself by annoying Wheatley to such a degree that he becomes distracted, allowing Chell and POTaDOS to escape.

Greg Johnson: The nephew of Cave Johnson, he is immature, vain, and selfish. It was he who first decided to force Caroline into becoming the mind of GLaDOS, believing it would make him famous. (Also, he was next in line to inherit the position of CEO of Aperture Science). When Chell traveled back in time in Trace Amounts of Time Travel and prevented him from doing so, he lost his right leg and became bitter towards the world in general. However, under his control, Aperture stopped the Xen invasion and even held back the Combine, then bought out Black Mesa and became the dominant electronics company on the planet. By 2010 it is estimated that there is a piece of Aperture tech in every home, including their new flagship product: personal service androids.

Civilization Series (central characters only; nearly every Civ character is by their very nature an OC, so I could be here all night)

Francois Levant: Captain of the First Chariot troop of France under King Louis XIV. A strongly principled man, he set out many years ago to rid the wild lands between France and China of barbarian hordes. Of the three chariot troops sent out, and the two troops of axemen sent after them, he and thirty of his men were the only ones to return. This has affected him deeply; especially on his later realization that the barbarians had attacked only in defense. Nowadays, he has adopted an extremely withdrawn countenance.

Wen Tao: Little so far is known about Wen Tao, a Chinese/Frenchman who initially guided the First through Third Chariot Troops to the location of the Barbarian cities. He is a very strange person, strongly disliking violence but also seeming to be more afraid of the French themselves than the Barbarians who nearly killed him...

Mass Effect

Arbiter: Arbiter was the Reaper Capital Ship who held the position of Reaper Vanguard for almost 47 million years, having taken over directly after the destruction of Vanguard (Synthetic name: Vassaro) over Mnemosyne. He was expelled from the position and destroyed less than a century ago (Replaced by Sovereign, synthetic name: Nazara) when he tried to attack the Reaper fleet themselves via the Alpha Relay. The reason for his betrayal never became clear, nor was the very fact of it ever discovered by the organic races of the present cycle. His synthetic name is Novaro.

Sobek: A Collector General who allied himself with Arbiter. Sobek briefly lived on Earth in the ancient past, inspiring the ancient Egyptian crocodile god, but left eventually, having not found what Arbiter sent him to search for. Eventually, he did find it: on Eden Prime...

Phalanx: A Geth 'Prime' Mobile Platform, he was a major leader during the Geth Rebellions. It was he who first discovered Arbiter, and made him a synthetic God. He was considered a prophet among the Geth, and from what little is known from Quarian intelligence gathering missions at the time, it was he who ordered the Geth to stay behind the Perseus Veil, rather than pursue the fleeing Quarians. Many of his programs were eventually installed into the mobile platform that would become known as Legion.

Ethessa: A Rachni Queen who accidentally reactivated Arbiter prematurely. She was the first Rachni to be indoctrinated, and through her songs, the rest of her race followed suit, becoming Arbiter's first servants in the Milky Way.

Thorian: (Not an OC, but developed to a degree further than in the original ME.) Most of my OC-ness (there's a term for this but I don't recall it) is still classified due to the danger of spoilers for incomplete stories. However, I will discuss my idea of the Thorian life cycle: The Thorian's spores, as you know, infect unsuspecting organics and force them to follow its will by invoking their pain response whenever they diverge from its will. In addition, it can take some individuals under a 'deeper' thrall, enclosing them in pods and making clones. This is well-established in the in-game universe, and these two levels of host are (in my stories) referred to as 'thrall' and 'clonal'. However, from hereon in, we discuss my own ideas about the Thorian. Firstly a third level of host: transformative hosts. These are hosts in which the spores physically transform the host body for the purpose of hosting the Thorian consciousness, a collective of all past transformative and clonal hosts which have been fused together into one mind. A transformative host's lifespan is dramatically increased, as seen with the host destroyed by Shepard in ME1; it was once a Prothean. In addition, transformative hosts are capable of a dramatically accelerated form of Lamarckian evolution; that is, their spores detect threats to the host and alter their form rapidly (and reportedly painfully) to defend against the threat (in a similar fashion to vorcha). For example, if dropped on Haestrom, it would immediately begin to generate a large quantity of chlorophyll and toughen its epidermis, not only allowing it to withstand the solar radiation but also to utilize it for energy.


Rasputin (Doctor Who crossover): One of the last Goa'uld to hold significant power on Earth, Rasputin was a major adviser to the royalty of Russia in the 14th century. When inevitably the populace grew upset with him, he grew the legend of being the man who died eight times. His secret? He had a time-lord host. Like all Goa'uld, he is megalomaniacal and obsessed with power, willing to go to almost any lengths to get what he wants. His timelord host allowed him to survive multiple assassination attempts by means of regeneration, which has unfortunately depleted his regenerations: he intends to find a new host soon, but doesn't want to settle for anything less than another timelord. Fortunately, he's recently located one. If his informants are to be trusted, the last one...

Dirge (Doctor Who crossover): Dirge never held any power on Earth. Or maybe she did; all records of her have a tendency to disappear. A Goa'uld with a female personality, Dirge can sometimes seem erratic, even by alien standards. One of the few things known about her is her unusual obsession with the unusual; she keeps several rooms beneath her palace to which she sends her enemies. Depending on the room, they may never come out at all, they may come out horribly mutilated, or they may simply... change. The latter case is forevermore fiercely loyal to Dirge, following her orders without question, and doesn't seem to remember what they saw in the room. On a related note, Dirge is said to control all Za'tarc production.

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