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"Zero...we birth with nothing given and died with nothing brought, although is empty...yet has infinite potential...Zero makes Infernities unleash their true potential...crave out a new Destiny...I am Infernity VS, formerly named VS1997." Based on a Yugioh Archetype playstyle...the Infernity Archetype

"Thunder dragons...resonance as you eradicate you enemies...The time has come...Enter the fight the wrecker of the dragon empire and destroy our enemy...I Ride/break ride the vanguard...Rise my avatar, Eradicator, Gauntlet Buster Dragon" The chant for Gauntlet Buster Dragon(My avatar card)

Well, I it been a while since I write something...

Games I like: Blazblue, Final Fantasy Type-0, Persona 3 and 4, Tales of the world radiant mythology 1, 2 and 3, Ar tonelico, Final Fantasy Tactics, Kingdom Hearts and Disgaea along with some famous title from PS2 RPG games as well as Devil Survivior. Started to play Eroges since last year.

Games I want to play: Kantai Collection, Cardfight Online

Quotes I like: "Restriction 666 released! Dimensional Interference Force Field Deployed!Code S.O.L. Azure Grimoire, activate!"Hazama/Terumi in Blazblue

"Restriction 666 released... Dimensional Interference Force Field deployed... RAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH! Azure Grimoire, activate!" Ragna in Blazblue

Nyx Avatar: The moment man devoured the fruit of knowledge, he sealed his fate... Entrusting his future to the cards, man clings to a dim hope. Yet, the arcana is the means by which all is revealed. Beyond the beaten path lies the absolute end. It matters not who you are... Death awaits you. in Persona 3

Abilities I wish to have: Rewrite(From the visual novel, Rewrite)

Dimensional Travel

Demon summoning ability(Like how it does on Devil Survivor)

Power to use Voids(Refer Guilty Crown)

My pairing classified as non OCs and OCs, The pairing are

Pairings(Without OCs)

Souji(Persona 4) x Rise(Persona 4)

Souji(Persona 4) x Yukiko(Persona 4)

Female Protagonist(Persona 3) x Akihiko

Pairing(With OCs)

Male OC x Female OC(Obviously)

I am too busy to write a fanfic these days. Planned to rewrite the first fic I have written to close the chapter once and for all.

Anyway, I hope all readers will enjoy reading my fanfic. Ok,This is all for now.

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