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Wow, for anyone who actual read this bio, then I'm sorry. Just checked on it again after, eh, six years or something. I'm keeping much of it intact, as cringy as it was the first day I wrote it but. Anyway:

First things first: I am a guy. Yes, shocking, I realise that. My ID is based on a very special girl, and it's a very long story. PM me if you want to hear it, but otherwise be happy you didn't have to sit through it. That's why there is a 'She' in it. Okay, down to... business?

Okay, my main selling point is 'Parodies'. Yep, there you go. They're actually doing quite well, with hundreds of reviews, which is making me very happy. I mean, I'm a bit successful in the medial world of Fan Fiction. I know people want me to do a 'Harry Potter' one, but that'll be a long while from now. I have so many ideas, but still.

I have a Hunger Games one which is doing very well, I think, and yes, Peter's still leading the poll. Also, I assure you that 'Catching Fire' should be better than the first one, (if you didn't like it) as I'll be getting my hands on Snow etc.

Oh, and I'm into Percy Jackson too, since I was 12, and I was the same age as Percy when he came out and I've been with him all the way. I've literally grown *with* him ever since my brother brought one of the books in France.

So I've started 'The Perseus Attraction'. My brother pleaded with me to do it, so I did and I decided to make a joke of the world I love. And people (maybe you reading this) seem to like it, so that's cool.

Actually, it's been Nominated for the Phoenix Awards in the Humour category! Hold frick! Please vote for me, by Feb 10th. See the chapter on the story for the Website link! Please vote for me!

And since the Perseus Attraction is the most successful story I've done to date, I've made a forum and a Poll and made a huge thing of it! Thanks to a certain ilGyhs we have a link to the forum! Click here for: The Perseus Attraction: The Forum.

I've also started 'Percabeth, Actually', which is a collection of interlinked romantic stories, drawing on all the characters. A Romantic Comedy, you'll find your favourite character here somewhere, It's new and I'd love it if you guys got it launching! Just look at my stories below to check it out!

I've also published a few other mini-fics which some have liked. I love reviews to the point of fantatism and I co-created the word 'Flaptastical' with Kirka-Hime, who is by far the coolest person on this Fan-Fiction, even if she is American (I'm joking Kirka, please don't hit me), so you have to pay 10p to each of us every time you use it.

So, that's it. If you looked at this profile, go read a story and review!

And do my poll! It's proven not to be fun!

Right, Bob's your Uncle and all...

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