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Author has written 7 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

NEW: This account is discontinued for the time being.

Hi, it's me, MoonlightStar400, and so I want to share some stuff that I can share. I'm a writer, artist, and reader. I love to watch anime

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Gender: Female

I like anime, manga, reality TV, and video games. I'm a huge fan of Rumiko Takahashi (creator of Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2, & other splendid work). In my video game life, I have four games of Pokémon: Soul Silver, White, White 2, & X Version (Which means I have the 3DS), I also love to read and write fanfics, and I enjoy my time talking to friends, I love to draw Fan art, and do nothing in my spare time.

Favorite Characters


1) Cream the Rabbit- What can I say? She's so adorable! She's in my top 5 because 1) She can fight if she wants, when she's mad 2) She's cute! I wouldn't say 'No' to that face! Also, she can fly with her ears and with her choa, Cheese. And of course, her mom is exactly like her if you make her mom dress-up like her. Number 1 on my favorite list! Cream, you're so cute!

2) Blaze the Cat- She throws fire, people! Fire! You almost never see that anymore! Only in Pokémon and other shows that I don't know. She's Number 2 for me because 1) Fire and 2) She's awesome! But it's mostly the fire. She's also a Princess from another dimension making her be in my 'Top 5 Favorite SEGA Characters'. So yeah, Number 2!

3) Miles 'Tails' Prower- He used to be my favorite character of all times when I was little, until I saw Cream for the first time. The reason's why, he's smart, has an IQ of 300, AND can build machines whenever he wants. Who wouldn't want him in his/her 'Favorite SEGA Characters'?! *silence* Maybe I should go to Number 4 now.

4) Shadow the Hedgehog- I'm a BIG fan-girl! *holds up flags that have Shadow's logo on it* Of course, he would be on my favorite list! Why wouldn't he?! He can shoot with guns and use the Chaos Emeralds like that! Also, haven't you heard the song, 'All Hail Shadow'? I hail him! *bows down to him* *sings* 'All hail Sha-dow!'

5) Amy Rose- Sweet, innocent, fierce little girl. She can pound anyone with the Piko Piko Hammer of hers if anyone touches her Sonic. I respect her when she says that 'Sonic is all mine', because well, I'm a HUGE SonAmy fan and I wouldn't touch her Sonikku even if it were a dare. But I still like her as she pounds people! That's why she's Number 5 in 'Top5 Favorite SEGA Characters'!


1) America/Alfred F. Jones - He's so awesome! I love his Nantucket and Texas! I love how he says that he's the hero and that stuff! When it comes to America, he's the one for you! I love him, and I can't wait for more episodes to come out later on in the series! Go America!

2) Japan/Kiku Honda - I love Japan, he's so calm, gentle, and those 'emotionless' eyes of his, so hot! I love Japan, I wish I could go to the country and meet him, and talk about manga and anime, and talk more, until we get bored. Yup, he'll be my best friend when it comes to watching anime or reading manga.

3) England/Arthur Kirkland - Those eyebrows, I like them! He's the only character with bushy eyebrows that actually is hot! Though I want to eat his scones, but then again, they say that he's a bad cook, but I want to know how they taste like! I absolutely like guys with British accents, and who's a gentlemen type! That sort of sums up England right there!

4) N. Italy/Feliciano Vargas - PASTA! That's the only word I can describe Italy there. I love his cheerful, childish self, and that curl! I want one so badly, and I just want to pull Italy's curl (Yes, I know what happens)! He's so funny, and his English voice actor! Todd Haberkorn, you're my role model!

5) Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt - So strict, yet so awesome (Not as awesome as Prussia though). I like Germany, and his relationship with little Feli! It's nice how he's the most serious type of the show, but then again, he isn't at the same time.

=-Adventure Time-=

1) Fionna the Human- Genderbent Episode! XD Love Fionna. She's like the genderbent of Finn, mostly because she is XD I liked the episode, so I hope that they can make another one really soon! But poor her, 3 guys that she can't decide XD But that's what makes her my Number 1!

2) Marshall Lee/The Vampire King- Genderbent of Marceline. But here's the wierd thing, I love Fiolee (Fionna x Marshall Lee), but I don't think that for Finceline (Finn x Marceline). Wierd, huh? XD *holds up flags* Like Fiolee and no one can make me stop liking them! :D

3) Cake the Cat- Feline of Fionna, girlfriend of Lord Monochromicorn, AND rival of Marshall Lee (Mostly because she's like a big sister to Fionna and she doesn't think that Marshall is worth it XD). I love cats, more than the color blue (But drawing comes first XD), and she has a nice color for her fur. Thank you, Natasha Allegri! *hugs Cake* This cat is worth it!

4) Flame Princess- Is now Finn's girlfriend. Yeah, I don't like Princess Bubblegum that much, mostly because of 'Burning Low' (The episode where Finn and Flame Princess kiss!). But I still like her, when she doesn't do something romantic or friendly like to Finn (Isn't all of this suppose to be in 'Favorite Couples'? XD) Yes, I am a big fan of Finn x Flame Princess.

5) Finn the Human- Who can ever forget about him? He's in the title of the show, and is a hero for Glob's sake! XD One time when I was seeing the show, I saw Finn's hair on one episode and I was all like 'His hair's blonde?! I thought it was brown!' and I started to laugh at myself. Yup, this show has so many surprises that I can't name them all.

Favorite Couples:


1) SonAmy: Sonic x Amy- I LOVE this couple! Amy and Sonic are so cute together! This is my Number 1 in my favorite couples. Who doesn't like SonAmy? (SonAlly, ShadAmy, SilvAmy, etc.) Though Amy can get a bit handful when she's around with Sonic -' But that's what makes them so cute, right? With the running away and big bear hugs, yup, a cute couple :3 XD

2) Taiream: Tails x Cream- This couple are so adorable! Cream and Tails are cute and will be in my Favorite cute list! XD Though there isn't any evidence that Tails likes Cream in a way. But who cares? People think they're cute together so they're cute together!

3) Knucouge: Knuckles x Rouge- I don't know why, but this couple always make me laugh in Sonic X. That even reminds in Sonic X (Episode something) when Rouge said, "Well, I hope that me and you can be in the same cell together." To Knuckles. It was so funny that it kept me laughing over 5 minutes. Oh, love this couple :'D

4) ShadAmy: Shadow x Amy- Well this will be a shocker to you guys. Back before when I didn't know this website, I used to LOVE ShadAmy. Don't get me wrong, I STILL love the couple, but not as much as SonAmy. Oh this couple... can't imagine them together now XD

5) Silvaze: Silver x Blaze- Yeah, yeah. Everybody doesn't like SilvAze. Some of you guys might say, "But Blaze goes good with Sonic!" Yeah well, that's on Sonic Rush, there isn't any more evidence on SonAze. Though I think that on Sonic' 06 (Run!), Silver is Blaze's best friend. Yeah, she died because she needed to (Spoiler Alert!) But she's still alive, in her dimension.


1) UsUk: America x England - I love this couple so much. Their so funny, with England being tsundere, and America's cockiness. Then the ages, goodness, I never thought that Alfred would be nineteen and Arthur twenty-three. I thought it would be the other way around. I love these two, they make such a good couple.

2) GerIta: Germany x Italy - This couple, I don't know but something in them just makes then so... Cute. I've seen in the anime that their were some moments about these two, and I couldn't help but smile like an idiot and giggle. Germany's seriousness and Italy's cheery side makes them the perfect couple in my opinion. Also, this one story, Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart by George deValier make me love this couple even more because their that perfect.

3) Spamano: Spain x Romano (S. Italy) - Heh heh, the tomato loving couple! I found them really adorable, and also, Romano is the only one that says that he 'hates the tomato bastard' even though I think he doesn't. Then Spain, he's affectionate for both Italy's, but likes Romano more, at least that's what I think. I love these two too much, and I hope they become canon!

4) HRE x Chibitalia - As much as I love GerIta, I also love HRE with Chibitalia. In that one episode when they departed, I started to cry because they were that adorable. When they kissed, and when Holy Rome said "I loved you since the 900's," I cried even more. I hope they have a happy ending soon...

5) PruHun: Prussia x Hungary - I like AusHun (Austria x Hungary) too, but I found these more passionate. When Prussia found out that Hungary was a girl was funny, and when Hungary can actually kick Prussia's ass is more funny. I found them really adorable. Nuff said.

=-Adventure Time-=

1) Fiolee: Fionna x Marshall Lee- What can I say? This couple makes me want to know more about 'em! Not to mention, Vampire x Human Girl is adorable! (Twilight Saga, anyone?) So anyways, Fionna is perfect for him. Though I don't like Gumball that much... He was so weird with that 'So very large' quote when the first gender bent episode came XD But I also like Flame Prince with Fionna, he does look good with her too. What am I saying?! Fiolee forever!

2) Finn x Flame Princess- OMG, ever since I saw that episode back in February in 2012, I've been wanting Finn to ask FP out or making her his girlfriend. LOVE this couple! Their so cute! More cuter than Finn x Princess Bubblegum! Yeah! I'm not a big fan of PB, but I still like her. That is if, she doesn't do something that's related with Finn or something...

3) Jake x Lady Ranicorn- What can I say? Animal x Animal is cute, too. But I still can't believe that Lady's korean. I wonder what she says to Jake when she's talking to him... Who knows? But still, I want an episode about how Jake and Lady meant, how they became girlfriend and boyfriend, and of course, when did all of it happened. Maybe they might do an episode like that... Maybe...

4) Fionna x Flame Prince- Told you! Ever since that episode of Finn being slapped by Flame Princess (The one that he fell in love with her), there were some fan art about it in DeviantArt. Oh man, I wonder how Cake will react to that xD She must be like "Fi! Oh my goodness, what have you done to my baby?!" Or something like that since their weren't any more episodes with Fionna and Cake in. But yeah, I do wonder if Flame Prince did slap her when they first meant... Poor Fionna... Just choose one guy already!

5) Prince Gumball x Princess Bubblegum- Pink x Pink people! Now this I approve! Gumball is good with Bubblegum, Bubblegum is good with Gumball! It's so simple! He likes science and whatever, she likes that too. He lives in a Candy Kingdom, so does she! And all that means that their both the different gender! XD But yeah, PB looks good with Gumball better than Finn! And that's a compliment!

I misspell a lot of stuff wrong, so I'm trying my best to revise as much as I can (even though I'm a perfect speller) and I'll try revise most of my work.

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