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Dear creepy stalker person.


I am now known as 'StayWierd', formally known as 'FallinForYou' and 'sincerlyanonymous-xoxo'.

Or you could just call me Alex.

I am offcial author of eight stories, most of which I am very proud of and have been a hit on fan fiction. Thank you to any of you who have read my stories and like them a lot. It truly makes my day when I get inboxes from people saying how amazing of an author they think I am. I do not believe I am that good, but people enjoy my work so it is good enough for me.

Now a bit about me.

You see, the thing is, I'm a loser. A nerd. A geek. And honestly, I have horrible luck when it comes to guys. Not because I'm socially awkward or completely unattractive- in my eyes I'm not THAT bad- but I'm to 'friendly'. I'm the type of girl who hangs out with guys because I cannot stand girls shit. They bug me. So instead, I choose guy friends. I have three really close ones. As much as I want to murder each and every one of them daily, I love them. So because I am capable of holding a conversation with a guy with out stuttering or attempting to flirt with them, I've been labeled their 'friend'. I honestly think it should bug me more then it does, but it really doesn't. In the long run I think it will help me.

That being said though, I'm still the girl in the back of your class who is just 'there'. Well, depending on who exactly you are. Me, I'm not exactly little miss popular, but I wouldn't consider myself an outcast either. I'm somewhere in between. Honestly, I love it. You can sit back and watch everyone else screw up as you laugh from a distance at there stupidity. ;)

I am in grade 9. I don't know how old you are, or where you live, but from where I go to school, it sucks. Everything about high school for me is just like the stereotypes. The clans, the 'populars' and the most important, 'the druggies'. Being 14 though, I can honestly say that I've never smoked weed or cigarettes in my life just in case you were wondering. Or drank with the exception of my mothers wine once at a wedding. I hated it. Took me 5 cokes and an orange pop to get the taste out of my mouth ;)

I'm very sarcastic. One thing you'd know about me if you knew me personally, but you don't. So I figured I'd tell you.

Also, as my mother puts it 'I have a very mature view on things' so if I've ever left you a review or inboxed you and you've now made the connection I'm 14, and you're sitting there thinking 'why the heck is a teenager talking like that?' Yeah... I'm weird. I believe in something called the 'English Language' regardless of how horrible my spelling may be. I hate abbreviations, I don't even text like that ;)

Once last thing I'm going to add just because my rant is on a roll is that I hate my age. Why? Because the world looks upon all teenagers as stupid, immature idiots that doesn't deserve to breath their air. I hate that. It's amazing how much I hate it. Yes, hate is indeed a very strong word but I think it is appropriate you use when describing my feeling towards this subject. I'm not a stupid teenager, I don't care what my age is. It is amazing the looks on people's faces when I hold open the door at Tim Hortons for them. Amazing. It's like I made their day. One time, I was sitting down after getting coffee, and the table was beside some older lady. She picked up her purse and put it on the other side of her.

and I'm like "Hey lady, yes I am a teenager, no I am not, high, drunk or about to steal you stuff. You can put your purse back."

Well, I didn't actually say that.

Wish I did though.

It would of been funny.

But seriously, society these days, bugs the crap out of me.

And yes I said 'Tim Hortons'. I'm Canadian eh?

If you ever come and visit, I'll pick you up after 6 am hockey, we'll stop for coffee on the way back to my igloo and I can show you my pet polar bear. If you are planning on writing to Santa Clause this year, bring your letter. He lives just down the street so you can drop it off.

Just kidding, I play soccer.

So there is the 'rant' about me done. Hope you enjoyed ;) Few things regarding my writing though. I really do love to write, never realized it until I came on this website. So, I am thankful. I hope you enjoy my writing style. I've had a couple of people inbox me saying how 'amazing they think I am' and it honestly makes my day. I love it. I'm sitting here smiling like an idiot thinking of it right now.

As much as I love getting stuff like that, I don't give a whole lot, so If you've gotten something from me in the same sort of context. Kudos. I don't give 'free complements' out a lot. I don't believe everyone deserves them. Some of the writers on this are pretty... terrible. Not trying to offend, but I've read some pretty horrible stuff and I'm looking at the reviews thinking what the hell is wrong with you people? Or, the update was like 100 words and no one makes a comment regarding the length, they just say 'I love it :)' and I'm like 'No.' I find it actually hilarious when the right about 900 words over the course of 7 chapters then complain that they're not getting reviews or that they have 'writers block'. Hunny, you have to write in order to have writers block.

Not trying to offend anyone, that's just how I feel.

On the same note, I've read some freaking fantastic stories as well. Some writers on fanfic are beyond amazing and they deserve some recognition. Especially when I find out they're like three or four years younger than I am and they are writing stuff I can only dream of writing that good. Job well done.

My personal favorites are AlphaBetaSoup, to be young forever, and CherisEveryMoment.

No I have never actually communicated with them, with the exception of my new 'aquantince' 'AlphaBetaSoup', more specificly, 'Alpha', but I absolutely adore their writing styles. Just thought I'd let you know.

So that's it. Thanks for reading if you stuck it the whole way through.

One this I haven't done yet, it made 'friends'. So if you are reading this and we have something in common, or the same look on things and you want to inbox me, please don't hesitate.

I don't bite.

and I'm not that rude.

At least I think I'm not.

Anyways, yeah. Wouldn't mind having a friend.

Thanks for reading.



Stay safe and stay happyxoxo

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