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How long was I aimlessly wandering around the world...? Hours? Days? Months...years? Ah, regardless, I have come back anew. Back to what I used to call home. Back to the days of joyously playing around in euphoria, having the good feeling of never worrying about tomorrow. How melancholic. However, even with the warm welcome, I am no longer a boy with an innocent goal. Due to my long absence, I've become a man with a firm sense of belief. What is my new goal you may ask? Well that's simple my friend:

To spread my knowledge of enjoyment around the world. Let them be meaningful...no, let my enjoyment be your enjoyment. And let it inspire one another, almost giving them the will to spread my legacy!

Oh but this won't be an easy task, dear reader. This will be a long, very long and hard journey. There will be times where I become lost in the dark, aimlessly wandering around, confused and depressed. There will be times where I would loose hope and disappear. But I believe that I will always come back, never loosing faith in my new found goal and always come back wiser than I ever was before. Hopefully, you guys will be the ones to shine light on me and lead me away from the darkness and set me back on my path.

I'm not forcing you to witness my fortunate and unfortunate events, but only offerring my hand. Should you choose to grab it, I promise you, that you won't be disappointed, but prepare for a wild ride! However, there will be times where I would let go and suddenly leave. There will be good times, there will be bad times. But it's life.

Hopefully you've decided to grab my hand by now. The only thing I can tell you now is to wait and see; watch me grow! And when I've grown too wise, let us sit down and laugh of our old days, what gave us hope, what inspired us and how we seized the opportunities we were given.

In other words...

...I'm back!

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The Events After reviews
Link and Zelda after the events of OOT. See how they will grow up together, cope with each other and various events that awaits them! My first shot at a humor/drama strory. Enjoy your stay! LxZ
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Finding Happiness reviews
Samus, a cold-hearted bounty hunter was forced to join a tournament against her own will. She has been casted out by the others until she meets Link. Together they quickly become friends due an awkward event. As Samus opens up more, Link had to go away but never said why. Can Samus continue her happiness or will she be forever sad? I suck at summaries XD Flames welcome!
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