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According to the Mayan calender, the world is ending in 2012. But how does your world end?

We want to see you get creative in this brand new, one shot contest!

Was there a zombie apocalypse? Tidal wave? Exploding fireballs? Does everyone die out or are there a few survivors to start over? Is there an alien invasion? All out war? Genetic mutations? Environmental disaster?

We want to be thrilled, excited and scared to death for the end of the world. Nothing is too crazy or too creative, show us what you've got!


Banners will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place in the public vote, as well as winners in the following categories TBD by our panel of judges:

Best WTF Moment (Most Shocking Moment)

The Big Bang (Best Lemon)

The Bruce Willis (Best Badass/Hero Moment)

Most Creative Apocalypse

Best Character (Major/Minor/Original)

The Way We Don't Want the World to End (Most Terrifying)

We reserve the right to modify number of winners based on participation


Entries must be NEW one shots and may not be continued until after the contest is over.

Entries must revolve around an apocalypse theme. How you decide to carry that out is up to you!

Smut is encouraged (It is the end of the world, right?), but not required.

All Pairings/Characters Welcome

Up to 2 entries allowed per author

Collabs welcome (Collabs will count towards your 2 entry maximum)

Entries must be 2,500 to 15,000 words

Entries must be rated appropriately

Hosts reserve the right to reject any entry we feel is inappropriate

Please have your one shots beta'd. No one wants to read a story with an overwhelming amount of errors. If you need help, try out some of the beta services available.

Hosts reserve the right to modify awards given based on participation.

Accepting Entries: March 19th through May 1st

Public Voting: May 2nd through May 5th

Winners Will Be Announced the Following Week Through our Twitter @TillTheWrldEnds

How to Enter:

Once your entry is ready for submission, please post it to your personal fanfiction account. After it is posted, please send us either a PM or email tilltheworldendscontest@ to let us know that you'd like your entry to be validated. Once it's validated it will be added to our C2 and officially entered into the contest. Please do not send us your entry directly, it will need to be posted to your personal account.

Introducing Your Hosts


BellaEdwardlover1991, author of
"Sunshine's Path", "The Roommate", and "Memories Unknown"

Contact BellaEdwardlover1991 through Facebook as Bel Auteur or send an email to tilltheworldendscontest@ with the subject line "To Bel"

MandyLeigh87, author of "The Roommate", "Code of Conduct", "Game, Set, Match", "Secret Life" and others...

Contact MandyLeigh87 through Facebook as Mandy Leigh or find her on Twitter @MandyLeigh010

ImHereToReview, author of "Such is My Luck" and "The Life and Death of Isabella Swan"

Contact ImHereToReview on Twitter @ImHereToReview


RoyalTwiGal, author formerly known as BonesyBabe

Katie Cannon, avid fanfiction reader


Questions? Email us at tilltheworldendscontest@

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Community: Till The World Ends Contest
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