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Author has written 15 stories for Pokémon, Misc. Tv Shows, and Total Drama series.

Waaaaaassssssssup! I'm Dark Arcanine 33! I'm an author, artist, and a student. I'm smart, funny, nice, but can be mean. I like videogames, movies, Pokemon, drawing, and Italian food.

My Deviantart:

About me:

Gender: I...am a boy

Age: You don't need to know

Personality: I'm sorta the laid-back smart guy, who hates it when people ask questions about simple stuff. I'm silly and stuff and I have a good sense of humor...when its something that's funny in my eyes.

Yeah, that's pretty much it...enjoy my stories!

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My OCs:

Jeffrey, The Ambitious One (Bulbasaur - Venusaur)

Blitz, The Flaming Temper (Charmeleon - Charizard)

Blast, The Overachiever (Squirtle - Blastoise)

L.J., The Puny Bug (Caterpie - Butterfree)

Thorn, The Prick, (Weedle - Beedrill)

Phresor, The Idiotic Extremist (Pidgey - Pidgeot)

Mo, The Toothy Troublemaker (Rattata - Raticate)

Bill, The Beak Bigot (Spearow - Fearow)

Pori, The Sly Schemer (Ekans - Arbok)

Sparks, The Shocking Improvement (Pichu - Raichu)

Dusty, The Dirty Dancer (Sandshrew -Sandslash)

Kea, The Lonesome (Nidoran F - Nidoqueen)

Keo, The Antisocial Misfit (Nidoran M - Nidoking)

Wish, The Mysterious One (Cleffa - Clefable)

Vixen, The Seductively Sweet One (Vulpix - Ninetales)

Soprana, The Drowsing Singer (Igglybuff - Wigglytuff)

Blood, The Renfield's Syndrome (Zubat - Crobat)

Vicky, The Smelly Sweetheart (Oddish - Vileplume)

Blossom, The Tiny Dancer (Oddish - Bellossom)

Sal, The Zombie (Paras - Parasect)

Scazz, The Scaly Scumbag (Venonat - Venomoth)

Dru, The Lump (Diglett - Dugtrio)

Prescott, The Meticulous (Meowth - Persian)

Rafe, The Royal Refute (Psyduck - Golduck)

Aggro, The Intermittent Explosive Disorder (Mankey - Primeape)

Cano, The Strong, Quiet Savior (Growlithe - Arcanine)

Bruce, The Tough Guy (Poliwag - Poliwrath)

Frogga, The Hoppy One (Poliwag - Politoed)

Yoori, The Knowledgeable One (Abra - Alakazam)

Alastair, The Arrogant Musclehead (Machop - Machamp)

Bellow, The Useless (Bellsprout - Victreebel)

Tenin, The Cruel Plotter (Tentacool - Tentacruel)

Klor, The Stoner (Geodude - Golem)

Kelsea, The Shy One (Ponyta - Rapidash)

Dim, The Dolt (Slowpoke - Slowbro)

Kingsley, The Regal Advisor (Slowpoke - Slowking)

Bzzt, The Authority Figure (Magnemite - Magnezone)

Gerald, The Traumatized Veteran (Farfetch'd)

Tim and Tom - The Two Stooges (Doduo)/ Tim, Tom, and Thom - The Three Stooges (Dodrio)

Becca - The Average One (Seel - Dewgong)

Ick - The Piece of S*t (Grimer - Muk)

Georgio - The Pervert (Shellder - Cloyster)

Dhaunt - The Friendly Ghost (Gastly - Gengar)

Nyck - The Pea Brain (Onix - Steelix)

Hans - The Creep (Drowzee - Hypno)

Vivian - The Jockette (Krabby - Kingler)

Boomer - The Suicidal One (Voltorb - Electrode)

Ed, Edd, Eddy, Edward, Edgar, Eduardo - The Cluster (Exeggcute)/Ed, Edd, Eddy - The Dummies (Exeggutor)

Maro - The Protective Avenger (Cubone - Marowak)

Jessie - The Annoying Instigator (Tyrogue - Hitmonlee)

B.A. - The Genwunner (Tyrogue - Hitmonchan)

Rota - The Dizzy Fighter (Tyrogue - Hitmontop)

Liksur - The Fat Hungry Beast (Lickitung - Lickilicky)

Ny - The Smoker (Koffing - Weezing)

Dru - The Rough Spiker (Rhyhorn - Rhyperior)

Joy - The Nurse (Happiny - Blissey)

Vindetta - The One Not Understandable (Tangela - Tangrowth)

Rebecca and Harry - The Mama with Child (Kangaskhan)

Henrietta - The Obsessive One (Horsea - Kingdra)

Flo - The Boring Fish (Goldeen - Seaking)

Patrick - The Idiot (Staryu - Starmie)

Marcel - The Silent Annoyance (Mime Jr. - Mr. Mime)

Slash - The Swift Striker (Scyther - Scizor)

Olga - The Ugly Russian Chick (Smoochum - Jynx)

Exfray - The Power House (Elekid - Electivire)

Flare - The Volcanic Villain (Magby - Magmortar)

Stag - The Shredder (Pinsir)

Taurick - The Texan (Taurus)

Gyre - The Aggresor (Magikarp - Gyarados)

Aurora, The Helpful One (Lapras)

Blank, The Boring One (Ditto)

Claire, The Aquatic Achiever (Eevee - Vaporeon)

Railee, The Shocking Secret (Eevee - Jolteon)

Pyra, The Pyromaniac (Eevee - Flareon)

Shine, The Protective One (Eevee - Espeon)

Shade, The Splenetic Special (Eevee - Umbreon)

Verdan, The Nature Lover (Eevee - Leafeon)

Glacia, The Ice Queen (Eevee - Glaceon)

Sylvester, The Openly Gay One (Eevee - Sylveon)

Kevin, The Insane One (Porygon - Porygon-Z)

Spiro, The Hardy Fossil (Omanyte - Omastar)

Dice, The Scythed (Kabuto - Kabutops)

Terra, The Jabber Jaw (Aerodactyl)

Laxish, The Food Lover (Munchlax - Snorlax)

Jasper, The Cheerful, Dyslexic One (Dratini - Dragonite)

Kelly, The Planter (Chikorita - Meganium)

Phlara, The Feisty Female (Cyndaquil - Typhlosion)

Orin, The Biting Addiction (Totodile - Feraligatr)

Reta, The Wannabe (Sentret - Furret)

Sye, The Observer (Hoothoot - Noctowl)

Dia, The Free Flyer (Ledya - Ledian)

Aricha, The Hanger (Spinarak - Ariados)

Light, The Illuminating Artisan (Chinchou - Lanturn)

Spike, The Dude with a 'Tude (Togepi - Togekiss)

Z, The Moonchild (Natu - Xatu)

Tasha, The Shocking Sweetie (Mareep - Ampharos)

Zira, The Agoraphobia (Azurill - Azumarill)

Still, The Unnoticed (Bonsly - Sudowoodo)

Lilly, The Cotton Flyer (Hoppip - Jumpluff)

Jimmy, The Handyman (Aipom - Ambipom)

Tess, The Affectionate One (Sunkern - Sunflora)

Piper, The Chatterbox (Yanma - Yanmega)

Sam, The Happy-Go-Lucky Guy (Wooper - Quagsire)

Ace, The Average Anti-hero(Murkrow - Honchkrow)

Kaylee, The Mischievous Shrieker (Misdreavus - Mismagius)

Al, The Autistic One (Unown)

Sonan, The Game Junkie (Wynaut - Wobbuffet)

Farra, The Calm Stalker (Girafarig)

Conner, The Protected One (Pineco - Forretress)

Dil, The Depressed One (Dunsparce)

Ty, The Silly One (Gligar - Gliscor)

Kyra, The Furious Feminist (Snubbull - Granbull)

Pota, The Mean Fish (Qwilfish)

Shim, The One No One Cares About (Shuckle)

Don, The Hercules (Heracross)

Vile, The Queen B (Sneasel - Weavile)

Shredder, The Brutal Bully (Teddiursa - Ursaring)

Weir, The Dreamscaper (Slugma - Magcargo)

M.P.S., The Porker (Swinub - Mamoswine)

Koral, The Undersea Squatter (Corsola)

Trigtrig, The Nice Shot (Remoraid - Octillery)

St. Nick, The Holly Jolly Guy (Delibird)

Kyt, The Soaring (Mantyke - Mantine)

Scar, The Metal Militia (Skarmory)

Demenio, The Daring One (Houndour - Houndoom)

Jerome, The Crazy Guy (Phanpy - Donphan)

Urik, The Drug Dealer (Stantler)

Francois, The French Painter (Smeargle)

Bessie, The Milk Maid (Miltank)

Armordo, The Gentle Giant (Larvitar - Tyranitar)

Rae, The Farm Boy (Treecko - Sceptile)

Liam, The Burning Basher (Torchic - Blaziken)

Skip, The Optimistic Guy (Mudkip - Swampert)

Luna, The Bold Tomboy (Poochyena - Mightyena)

Thefty, The Kleptomaniac (Zigzagoon - Linoone)

Jillian, The Pretty Sister (Wurmple - Beautifly)

Helga, The Ugly Sister (Wurmple - Dustox)

Nigel, The Friendly One (Lotad - Ludicolo)

Vic, The Wicked One (Seedot - Shiftry)

Joan, The Outgoing One (Taillow - Swellow)

Jonson, The Bigot (Wingull - Pelipper)

Kim, The Beautiful Planner (Rakts - Gardevoir)

Swasway, The Evasive Maneuver (Surskit - Masquerain)

Gushela, The Lovely Fighter (Shroomish - Breloom)

Palmer, The Hard Worker (Slakoth - Slaking)

Speedy, The Quick One (Nincada - Ninjask)

Chrome, The Emotionless Husk (Nincada - Shedinja)

Max, The Loud Mouth (Whismur - Exploud)

Mackary, The Punching Bag (Makuhita - Hariyama)

Rolo, The Sniffer (Nosepass - Probopass)

Kittie, The Sexy Cat (Skitty - Delcatty)

Jewel, The Gem Muncher (Sableye)

Priscilla, The Compulsive Liar (Mawile)

Shielda, The Lethal Lover (Aron - Aggron)

Zenya, The Hippie (Meditite - Medicham)

Tyren, The Obsessed Homo (Electrike - Manectric)

Jill, The Positive One (Plusle)

Jack, The Negative One (Minun)

Romeo, The Unlucky in Love (Volbeat)

Juliet, The Stubborn Princess (Illumise)

Flora, The Poisonous Seductress (Budew - Roserade)

Taum, The Blob in Pain (Gulpin - Swalot)

Sava, The Wrecker (Carvanha - Sharpedo)

Billy, The Huge One (Wailmer - Wailord)

Devon, The Lazy One (Numel - Camerupt)

Trevor, The Smoky One (Torkoal)

Boinkers, The Klutz (Spoink - Grumpig)

Ditz, The Drunken Stupor (Spinda)

Zach, The Multiple Personality Disorder (Trapinch - Flygon)

Brint, The Zany One (Cacnea - Cacturne)

Tari, The Lovely Competition (Swablu - Altaria)

Michelle, The Sharp-Eye (Zangoose)

Louise, The Hissy Fit (Seviper)

Lunar, The Dark Thinker (Lunatone)

Solar, The Bright Thinker (Solrock)

Wisky, The Procrastinator (Barboach - Whiscash)

Jeff, The Friendly Jock (Corphish - Crawdaunt)

Stran, The Literal Guy (Baltoy - Claydol)

Dipsy, The Ugly Barnacle (Lileep - Cradily)

Aldon, The Arch Arthropod (Anorith - Armaldo)

Adelina, The Unintentional Heartbreaker (Feebas - Milotic)

Former, The Weatherman (Castform)

V.K., The Sneaky One (Kecleon)

Gregg, The Deranged (Shuppet - Banette)

Drave, The Apathetic Schemer (Duskull - Dusknoir)

Drake, The Fruit Vendor (Tropius)

Yona, The Shy Singer (Chingling - Chimecho)

Sola, The Normal One (Absol)

Otto, The Cold Bastard (Snorunt - Glalie)

Lassie, The Frozen Femme Fatale (Snorunt - Froslass)

Keton, The Jolly One (Spheal - Walrein)

Ethan, The Slippery Devil (Clamperl - Huntail)

Chuck, The Weird One (Clamperl - Gorebyss)

Pops, The Old-timer (Relicanth)

Bob, The Other One No One Cares About (Luvdisc)

Dynan, The Roughhousing Rush (Bagon - Salamence)

Uro, The Brainiac (Beldum - Metagross)

Kedra, The Continental Crush (Turtwig - Torterra)

Jason, The Vile Villain (Chimchar - Infernape)

Skipper, The Fierce Leader (Piplup - Empoleon)

Star, The Tomboy Bird (Starly - Staraptor)

Sid, The Idiot (Bidoof - Bibarel)

Ecks, The Annoying Chirper (Kricketot - Kricketune)

Sparky, The All-Around Nice Guy (Shinx - Luxray)

Kraine, The One with the Migraines (Cranidos - Rampardos)

Trell, The One with Tourette's (Shieldon - Bastiodon)

Chelle, The Cover-Up (Burmy - Wormadam)

Horace, The Light Addiction (Burmy - Mothim)

Queen, The Royal Pain (Combee - Vespiquen)

Nutella, The Attention Deficit Disorder (Pachirisu)

Jessica, The Lively Lesbian (Buizel - Floatzel)

Sherri, The Fruitcake (Cherubi - Cherrim)

Kin, The Pain Hater (Shellos - Gastrodon)

Beau, The Antisocial One (Drifloon - Drifblim)

Shakera, The Sexy One (Buneary - Lopunny)

Esmeralda, The Petty Snob (Glameow - Purugly)

Ruby, The Try Hard (Stunky - Skuntank)

Bence, The Boring Evil (Bronzor - Bronzong)

Copy, The Music Teacher (Chatot)

Vladimir, The Stone Cold Mastermind (Spiritomb)

Stashia, The Tough Chick (Gible - Garchomp)

Tyson, The Aura Guardian (Riolu - Lucario)

Poider, The Overeater (Hippopotas - Hippowdon)

Wilson, The Mean Spirited (Skorupi - Drapion)

Rwer, The Poison Touch (Croagunk - Toxicroak)

Larew, The Trapper (Carnivine)

Allison, The Radiant One (Finneon - Lumineon)

Hal, The Warm Hearted One (Snover - Abomasnow)

Jerrid, The Prankster (Rotom)

Vanessa, The Sweet Princess (Snivy - Serperior)

Tod, The Asthmatic One (Tepig - Emboar)

Rassah, The Bold, Silent Masochist (Oshawott - Samurott)

Specs, The Watchful Eye (Patrat - Watchog)

Malachi, The Cop (Lillipup - Stoutland)

Grace, The Flirty Seductress (Purrloin - Liepard)

Victor, The Mute One (Pansage - Simisage)

Paulie, The Deaf One (Pansear - Simisear)

Sandra, The Blind One (Panpour - Simipour)

Tura, The Sleepy One (Munna - Musharna)

Fez, The Tricky One (Pidove - Unfezant)

Kendrick, The Party Guy with a Bad Past (Blitzle - Zebstrika)

Diamon, The Hard Headed Bully (Roggenrola - Gigalith)

Shree, The Matchmaker (Woobat - Swoobat)

Kraig, The Wild Jokester (Drilbur - Excadrill)

Jocelyn, The Nurse's Assistant (Audino)

Brick, The Construction Worker (Timburr - Conkeldurr)

Ganon, The Beat Boxer (Tympole - Seismitoad)

Willis, The Toss Up (Throh)

Ernest, The Hypocritical Idiot (Sawk)

Klassa, The Seamstress (Sewaddle - Leavanny)

Vinnie, The Venomous Ranter (Venipede - Scolipede)

Cotton, The Friendly Sadist (Cottonee - Whimsicott)

Samantha, The Anorexic One (Petilil - Lilligant)

Killgor, The Savage Beast (Basculin)

Krack, The Daredevil (Sandile - Krookodile)

Poinsetta, The Non-Affectionate One (Maractus)

Stoned, The Hobo (Dwebble - Crustle)

Orlando, The Gang Banger (Scraggy - Scrafty)

Qwerty, The Strange One (Sigilyph)

Egridos, The Fourth Wall Guy (Yamask - Cofagrigus)

Shelldon, The Bi-Polar One (Tirtouga - Carracosta)

Raka, The Quiet One (Archen - Archeops)

Grubber, The Trash Eater (Trubbish - Garbodor)

Zoey/Zeus, The Confusing One (Zorua - Zoroark)

Jean, The Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Minccino - Cinccino)

Bornia, The Annoying Creationist (Gothita - Gothitelle)

Brian, The Super-Villain (Solosis - Reuniclus)

Mia, The Majestic Beauty (Ducklett - Swanna)

Frosty, The Sensitive One (Vanillite - Vanilluxe)

Susan, The Moody Girl (Deerling - Sawsbuck)

Rena, The Hidden (Emolga)

Carlos, The Happy Guy (Karrablast - Escavalier)

Marvin, The Spreader (Foongus - Amoonguss)

Valencio, The Mysterious Existence (Frillish - Jellicent)

Kim, The Motherly Type (Alomomola)

Bart, The Static Absorber (Joltik - Galvantula)

Thorn, The Prickly Pro (Ferroseed - Ferrothorn)

Lawrence, The Bold Strategist (Klink - Klinklang)

Eli, The Average Villain (Tynamo - Eelektross)

Kyerno, The Mad Scientist (Elgyem - Beheeyem)

Bronsten, The Sophisticated One (Litwick - Chandelure)

Sabre, The Constructive Loner (Axew - Haxorus)

Bernice, The Fierce One (Cubchoo - Beartic)

Freezeo, The Random Idiot (Cryogonal)

Nindo, The Skillful Speeder (Shelmet - Accelgor)

Joey, The Unseen (Stunfisk)

Chelsea, The Lesbian Lover (Mienfoo - Mienshao)

Thrasher, The Rampant (Druddigon)

Hykoro, The Foreign Fighter (Golett - Golurk)

Nitro, The Stabby One (Pawniard - Bisharp)

Killa T, The Hair Tamer (Bouffalant)

Jay, The Braver Bird (Rufflet - Braviary)

Valerie, The Scavenger (Vullaby - Mandibuzz)

Danny, The Vegetarian (Heatmor)

Anthony, The Busy Worker (Durant)

Victoria, The Playful Girl (Deino - Hydreigon)

Amber, The One with a Temper (Larvesta - Volcarona)

Kevlar, The Fearsome Fighter (Chespin - Chesnaught)

Vivi, The Seductive Villainess (Fennekin - Delphox)

Hirotoshi, The Graceful Ninja (Froakie - Greninja)

Big D, The Pimp (Bunnelby - Diggersby)

Scorcher, The Naïve Burner (Fletchling - Talonflame)

Angelic, The Colorful One (Scatterbug - Vivillon)

Leo, The Prideful Loner (Litleo - Pyroar)

Tracy, The Supermodel (Flabebe - Florges)

Ryder, The Hyperactive Runner (Skiddo - Gogoat)

Jethro, The Bad New Bear (Pancham - Pangoro)

Mandy, The Slut (Furfrou)

Niko, The Focused One (Espurr - Meowstic)

Blade, The Easily Annoyed (Honedge - Aegislash)

Kiki, The Ex-Porn Star (Spritzee - Aromatisse)

Fluffy, The Sweet Bod (Swirlix - Slurpuff)

Manny, The Manipulative One (Inkay - Malamar)

Chas, The Collector (Binacle - Barabaracle)

Justice, The No Nonsense Competitor (Skrelp - Dragalge)

Howie, The Kill Shot (Clauncher - Clawitzer)

Rad, The Schizophrenic Softie with a Corny Friend (Helioptile - Heliolisk)

Debo, The Giving One (Tyrunt - Tyrantrum)

Ice, The Vivid Imagination (Amaura - Aurorus)

El Diablo, The Lucha Libre (Hawlucha)

Quatia, The Electronic Hipster (Dedenne)

Julius, The MVP (Carbink)

Dakota, The Sweet Tomboy (Goomy - Goodra)

Loki, The Key to Disaster (Klefki)

Aaron, The Force of Nature (Phantump - Trevenant)

Jackie, The Jack of All Trades (Pumpkaboo - Gourgeist)

Mikey, The Cold Caretaker (Bergmite - Avalugg)

Va, The Vengeance Seeker (Noibat - Noivern)

Vincent, The Wise One (Rowlet - )

Delilah, The Emo Chick (Litten - )

Darryl, The Deceptive Desperado (Popplio - )

Keegan, The Nosy Busybody (Yungoos - Gumshoos)

Addison, The Type A (Pikipek - )

Becka, The Southern Girl (Rockruff - )

Eddie, The Comatose (Komala - )

Jed, The Excitable One (Grubbin - Vikavolt)

Joanna, The Easy One (Bruxish)

Marty, The Punching Bag (Togedemaru)

Petey, The Overprotective (Drampa)

Mia, The Aura Whisperer (Cutiefly)

Tony, The Foreign Strongman (Mudbray - Mudsdale)

Marisol, The Dancing Queen (Oricorio)

Ginger, The Conceited Seducer (Fomantis - Lurantis)

Simon, The Astronaut (Minior)

Jess, The Control Freak (Salandit)

Cherry, The Bubbly Supremacist (Bounsweet)

Teddy, The Big Galoot (Bewear)

Geraldo, The Fearless (Wimpod)

Chloe, The Scare Tactic (Comfey)

Yasmine, The Copycat (Mimikyu)

I have my own wiki!

Thank you Flim-Flam Brothers for the idea. Anyone can help in this wiki and you can add details about your own character using info from my story and profile and your addition information that you think should be there.

I have a few rules:

1. Grammar must be correct

2. NO OPINIONS! Everything must be factual info from my story and/or yourself (when it's your character)

3. All contestants must be in dreamworld art only. (Only counts if for TPI/TPA, but I already have all of the pictures.

4. Use an infobox for more details about your character, and use some of the contestants that are already done as an example of what the layout and page should look like.

5. Have fun! This is not a chore, it is mainly just for your enjoyment and mine.

Favorite Pairings:


Simba X Nala

Kova X Kiara

Kate X Humphrey

Lilly X Garth

Scamp X Angel

Tramp X Lady

Balto X Jenna

Cash X Dixie

Dodger X Rita

Charlie X Sasha

Itchy X Bess

Todd X Vixie

Spirit X Rain

Pongo X Perdita


Espeon X Umbreon

Jolteon X Flareon X Vaporeon

Leafeon X Glaceon X Sylveon

Arcanine X Ninetales

Luxray X Mightyena

Houndoom X Absol

Haxorus X Aggron

Charizard X Garchomp

Salamence X Hydreigon

Gyarados X Milotic

Dragonite X Goodra/Lapras

Raikou X Suicune

Lopunny X Zoroark X Lucario

Miltank X Tauros

Flygon X Altaria

Mienshao X Floatzel X Ampharos

Rapidash X Zebstrika

Furfrou X Stoutland

Talonflame X Swellow

Zoroark X Delphox

Total Pokemon Cast Stereotypes

Ace, The Shy Gay

Aldon, The Arch Arthropod

Alpha, The Bold and Brash

Amethyst, The Timid Sweetheart

Annie, The Passionate Plant

Anthony, The Smart-Ass

Archie, The Wary One

Ashton, The Nice Girl

Aspen, The Prissy Bitch

Aura, The Obsessed

Autumn, The Truculent Twin

Aylesha, The Confident

Brian, The Super Villain

Cano, The Strong Quiet Sweetheart

Carman, The Seductress

Carson, The Carefree Caregiver

Chandler, The Ghost Host

Chase, The Tantalizing Twin

Chelsea, The Actress

Chlotz, The Klutz

Clash, The Metal Marvel

Clay, The Creepy Guy

Combat, The Silent Savior

Connor, The Bashful Buffalo

Cramad, The Sheltered Girl

Crash, The Fish Outta Water

Crowley, The British Bastard

Cyro, The Optimist

Darren, The Kind One

Ded, The Brickhouse with Heart

Demenio, The Tryhard Peacekeeper

Dew, The Chivalrous Samurai

Dhaunt, The Friendly Ghost

Donnel, The Farm Boy

Draco, The Dreadful Drake

Ebony, The Vengeful One

Egridos, The Fourth Wall Guy

Emilia, The Passionate Stronghold

Esmeralda, The Peaceful One

Farra, The Calm Stalker

Fez, The Tricky Guy

Flame, The Shallow

Flynn, The Heartless Douche

Freezeo, The Annoying One

Frosty, The Indefinite Guy

Giovanni, The Mob Boss

Harrison, The Songbird

Hayden, The Hoodlum

Hex, The Masterful Magician

Holly, The Mother Figure

Hope, The Sexy Schemer

Ivory, The Type A Drama Queen

Jadia, The Tough Cheerleader

Jarred, The Doubtful

Jason, The Average Villain

Jennifer, The X-Factor

Jesse, The Fearsome Father

Jet, The Loner

Jocelyn, The Headphone Heroine

Justy, The Rowdy Regionist

Kai, The Bad-Ass

Kaia, The Focused

Karen, The No-Nonsense Nuisance

Kevin, The Insane One

Klavier, The Average Joe

Kojo, The Eye Candy

Krack, The Rumbling Homo

Kyle, The Fan Favorite

Lassie, The Frozen Femme Fatale

Lawrence, The Stabby Psycho

Laxish, The Food Lover

Leon, The Prankster

Liksur, The Fat Hungry Beast

Lila, The Nurturing Mother

Lilly, The Arrogant Aristocrat

Lowell, The Failure

Luna, The Shy One

Luther, The Constructive

Mac, The Unnoticed One

Macey, The Uber Yaoi Lover

Mai, The Quiet Conniver

Marie, The Savage Sista'

Marion, The Gracious Girl

Mason, The Devious

Monica, The Ghost with the Most

Morgan, The Strategic Sweetheart

M.P.S., The Porker

Nate, The Dark Side

Nero, The Evil Jerkface

Ophelia, The Clinically Insane

Otto, The Obsessed Stalker

Phill, The Faithful

Pia, The Conspiracy Nut

Piff, The Tranquil

Raiden, The Nice Guy

Rapid, The Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Ray, The Ultimate Evil

Razor, The Irate One

Reta, The Wannabe

Rex, The Insane Masochist

Ricky, The Gay Lord

Rika, The Innocent

Rilee, The Bigot

Rock 'N Roll, The Party Rock

Rocky, The Gentle Giant

Roscoe, The Gaiety Guy

Ross, The Love Bird

Sabrina, The Surly Bird

Sadao, The Natural Enemy

Sally, The Sheared Sweetheart

Sandra, The Selfish One

Sapphire, The Mafia Reject's Wife

Scarlett, The Mysterious Vixen

Shade, The Splenetic Special

Sherlock, The Detective

Shine, The Protective One

Skore, The Moody Master

Sky, The Power Player

Smash, The Desperate

Sola, The Sweet Dark Type

Solis, The Captivating

Sonan, The Game Junkie

Sparky, The Friendliest Guy Around

Spike, The Dude with a 'Tude

Spiro, The Hardy Fossil

Static, The Shocking Disappointment

Striker, The Careful One

Summer, The Fiesty Female

Sven, The Father Figure

Swift, The Mafia Reject

Taylor, The Faux Femme Fatale

Titan, The Aussie

Vile, The Queen B

Vina, The Smart Girl

Violetta, The Crazy Girl

Vixen, The Caring One

Vladimir, The Unknown Evil

Volante, The Savvy Vigilante

Wave, The Superhero Nerd

Zayn, The Radical Rival

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Alpha and Omega - Rated: M - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 95 - Words: 288,657 - Reviews: 1559 - Favs: 267 - Follows: 271 - Updated: 5/17 - Published: 9/14/2014 - Kate, Humphrey, OC
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Alpha and Omega - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Adventure - Chapters: 8 - Words: 8,470 - Reviews: 48 - Favs: 39 - Follows: 46 - Updated: 4/24 - Published: 4/25/2017 - [Kate, Humphrey]
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