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Author has written 3 stories for Harvest Moon.

Name: Laura/Rora

Age: 24 - I feel like I'm too old to be writing fanfiction sometimes.

Location: England - I write and spell like a Brit. 'Realise', not 'Realize' etc. You'll also find a fair few English colloquialisms in my writing which, more often than not, aren't actually intentional. It just trips off the mental tongue better and I don't realise it's a Brit thing most of the time.

Occupation: Drifter, loser. No, really, I'm an office worker at the moment but I'll be moving to Japan to teach English within the next couple of months.

Preferred Fandoms: I like a lot of things really. I read a fair bit, but most of the books I love aren't really stories that I could FanFic about. Overall, Harvest Moon is probably my favourite to write for, since the characters are essentially empty shells that you can flesh out and make your own more easily. A little hard to do that with characters that already have their own stories and relationships which are canon.

Current Stories:

Before I Met You - My First Fanfic. I started writing it as a challenge to myself to actually finish a story. I kind of half expected to lose my rhythm after the first ten chapters, so I'm quite surprised that I've managed to get to Chapter 38! I think it's mostly to do with the fact that I always planned the chapters out in advance before I wrote them. I gave each chapter a purpose within the story - either to move the story along, create a problem that needed to be overcome or give information that was essential for future chapters. When I'd written stories before, I'd never planned them out as thoroughly as I did with BIMY, and I have to admit that it made things a LOT easier.

Seeing Things - Second FF which I started on a whim. I'll probably update that one more slowly, since I'm trying to concentrate on BIMY right now. Once/If BIMY gets finished, I'll concentrate on ST a lot more. The idea of Seeing Things was to create a protagonist who is the antithesis of the generic darlings that we read about in so many fanfictions within the Harvest Moon fandom. Even in BIMY, I find Chelsea's goodness nauseating and ST's Molly is a refreshing change from that. I also wanted to add more realism to the overall Harvest Moon story - while I of course have included the necessary magical elements, I wanted to give the story a more neutral and less optimistic tone. I'm not entirely sure which pairing, if any, I want for my misanthropic Molly, so I'll probably see where the story takes me.

Plot Bunnies:

1. An AU HM fanfic. Either in an office or a school. If I base it in a school, the main characters would be teachers rather than students. Student fanfictions irritate me for the most part, and I'd like to see something a little different. If I base it in an office, I'll probably have it be in a publishing house of some sort. Maybe even a magazine/newspaper publisher. If I do this story at all, it would probably be M, simply because office sex politics can be quite fascinating to read about and I'd like to have a go at trying to write it.

2. Writing a Harvest Moon Fanfic without the generic protagonist. That idea has yet to properly form, but it's something I'd like to try at some point.

3. Psychological suspense story based in ToTT. Possibly even bordering on horror. I've been reading too many Stephen King books and it's inspiring me to write epic villains. See Sabrina in BIMY for my first and, in my opinion, bad attempt at this...

4. Smut. I will write some sort of smut story at some point - simply because I want to prove to myself that I can write better sex scenes than E.L James without having to use whips and props to titilate the readers. Some of you may hate on me for saying this but E.L James is overrated and I've read better smut novels on this site than what she published. It's an insult to much better writers everywhere that she's been overhyped this much. J.K Rowling, my idol as far as stories and plot writing is concerned, was over sold by boring sex scenes and I find it quite frankly disgusting that the whole 'fantasies of control' gimmick has taken her this far. If you want to read much better smut books that have the same sort of theme, check out Sylvia Day's Crossfire series - they're better written, more tastefully done and have characters that are much easier to empathise with.

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