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'ello world

uhm I'm bored... making a quick profile nothing big because I'm too lazy xD

I'm from Denmark (wooh!)so if my gramma suck then it's because english isn't my mother language x3

I'm 17 years old(proud) and I go in highschool liek a baws B3

I'm an anime/manga fan and my current fave is POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!


- yeah I ship some crack parrings but that's mostly because I have weird friends and we all cosplay from pokemon so we ship each other xDD

Some of my fave pokemon shippings is:not in order


PreciousMetalShipping (Gold x Silver)
OriginalShipping (Green x Red)
RaltsShipping (Ruby x Wally)
ClingyShipping (Pearl x Diamond)
IsshuShipping (Black x N)
GreySkyShipping (Hugh x Nate)
HonorShipping (Morty x Falkner)
IgnitionShipping (Flint x Volkner)
SanyouShipping (Chili x Cilan x Cress)
BlankShipping (Emmet x Ingo)
OriginShipping (Wallace x Steven Stone)
DarkSideShipping (Volkner x Morty)
FeralSoulShipping (Ruby x Silver)
VainShipping (Gold x Ruby)
JeweleryShippig (Gold x Ruby x Silver)
118Shipping (Gold x N)
FabulousnessShipping (Ruby x N)
WeaknessShipping (Youngster Joey x Silver)
CryptogramShipping (Wes x Fire)
PalletShipping (Gary x Ash)
ColdCoffeeShipping (Barry x Paul)
HaganeShipping (Riley x Roark)
SacredShipping (Eusine x Morty)
OlympicShipping (Petrel x Proton)


MiakaneShipping (Whitney x Jasmine)


CrystalShipping (Eusine x Crystal)
RosketShipping (James x Jessie)
DualRivalShipping (Cheren x Bianca)

those I'm okay with or only ship a little:


MasterShipping (Lance x Silver)
KuroShipping (Black x Cheren)
ChrismasColored (Silver x N)
PoliShipping (Red x Gold)
OldSoulShipping (Alder x Cheren)


GothShipping (Karen x Clair)
BananaShipping (Sapphire x Flannery)
ShiroShipping (White x Bianca)


MangaQuestShipping (Gold x Crystal)
CommonerShipping (Diamond x Platina)
FranticShipping (Ruby x Sapphire)
SpecialShipping (Red x Yellow)
OldRivalShipping (Green x Blue)
FerrishWheelShipping (N x White)
ChessShipping (Black x White)
PokeShipping (Ash x Misty)

Shippings I dislike: I can't stand the parent/child shippings at all >>


LostAndFoundShipping (Giovanni x Silver)
HarmoniaShipping (Ghetsis x N)
AllWrongShipping (Cheren x N)
ChildAbuseShipping (Norman x Ruby)
TowerChallenge (Palmer x Pearl)


BitchSlappedShipping (Crystal's Mother x Crystal)


CheckmateShipping (Cheren x White)
DinnerShipping (Giovanni x Cheren x Yellow)

Shipping from other series


Kanda x Allen (D.Gray-man)
Lavi x Kanda (D.Gray-man)
Lavi x Kanda x Allen (D.Gray-man)
Kida x Mikado (DRRR)
Shizou x Izaya (DRRR)
Jimmy x Petey (Bully)
Gary x Petey (Bully)
Trent x Kirby (Bully)
TheifShipping Yami Bakura x Marik (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
PuzzleShipping Yami/Atem x Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Nezumi x Shion (No. 6)
Gilbert x Oz (Pandora Hearts)
Leo x Elliot (Pandora Hearts)
Natsuki x Yuki (Tsuritama)
Jose x Guys (Enzai)
Shion x Guys (Enzai)
Kia x Dirk (Absolute Obedience)
Kia x Jens (Absolute Obedience)
Lee x Gaara (Naruto

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