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I love to write and writes whenever I have free time. I am said to be awesome friend. I love to hang out with my friends whenever I can and love singing. I think I cant sing.


Fun Time!

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--ADVICE-- Don't ask for a kiss, take one If you are thinking of someone while reading this, you are definitely in love.


I want to be famous one day. I think it would rock. I hate how celebrities get hate. My friend wants to be famous and she is trying. I couldn't imagine life without her though. Sorry for the ranting but I don't want her to leave. I know feel how Avril feels in her song When Your Gone a lot. I love the Hunger Games and Harry Potter. I am gonna be Louis for Halloween! :D Please don't hate on me! XD

Dear Mr. Niall Horan,
I am part of the 27% that want you to stay. I just have two questions. First, can I meet you? I will send you fanmail so you can get my address. Second, can I die in your arms like in Bieber's song? I love you and how you are also a belieber! I hope this wasn't awk ward to read. I ust really love you. :)
Mrs. Horan 16

Ya'll can call me Jill like in my stories. :) Well, go out and beliebe! ;) XD

My twitter is: jayshonjillproductions @jshon99
I share it with my friend for now.

I got a account. It is: Nialls Lucky Charm13
I have it for my One Direction stories.

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