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HEY! I am Stella laLuna, and this is my profile... Mwahahaha! :D


I have discontinued my story German Warfare, and I'm gonna be sick. I'm sorry. I've just.. I've lost my inspirtation for those stories, and mainly because they're hetero stories. DX i haven't been able to think anything up with them. Nothing.
So, I've started a new one. I'll have it up soon. I promise

I am now a SENIOR in high school, and I LOVE to write. Even though I haven't been writing a lot lately though.. I need to get back to it ;;A;;

For those of you who have Favorited or put my stories on Alert, I'm REALLY SORRY. I've discontinued my two unfinished stories. I'm really sorry. Don't hate me. Please don't hate me.

I am Currently on Summer Vacation, though i'll be starting up school again in a few days.

Okay, so enough about school. More about me!

Gender: Female!

Age: 17! :D I am now seventeen years old, and i can legally read/write naughty things muwahahaha

Height: Six foot one inch!

Hair color: GINGER! but my hair is getting a bit darker now that summer's come round

Eye color: Green.

Favorite animal: Puffin.

Favorite food: LEFSE!! And home made chicken fettuccine Alfredo

Favorite Characters: Germany, Russia, Norway, Austria, Italy, England, Switzerland, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, France, America, Canada, Scotland , a few others I can't think of right now. (Underlined is my heritage, Bold is my favorite, and Italicized is my wannabe heritage)!

Favorite pairings: PruCan, PruAus, UsUk, UkUs, Gerita, Germano, Germancest, GerAme, GerUk(OTP), Itacest, Franada, FrUk, FrIta, FrUs, RusAme, RusCan RusLat, DenNor, SuFin, Spamano, ScotUk, AmerCan, CanAme... That's all I can think of! ((Germany's my favorite, So everyone's his bitch XD))

Characters I RP as: ((Human names)) Arthur, Alfred, Matthew, Gilbert, Ludwig, Feliciano, Ivanm Alistair(Scotland), Tino, Berwald, Lukkas (Norge), Oliver(2p!Arthur), Al (2p!Alfred).

Why you should review me: BECAUSE I AM THE OFFSPRING OF SOME NORWEGIAN GUY. And because I love Hetalia. I write pretty serious stuff, but I can still be funny!

I support gay rights and marriage. Trans lives are just as important as other lives. Cisphobia, Transphobia, Homophobia, Asexualphobia, any kind of phobia will not be found here if it has to do with hating someone else for their body or their life.

And now... To give you something to giggle at, I give you, The most amazing, The most fantastic, The most magical, The most crazy shit you've seen in a long time...

91 Random Things to Do
1) Go to a furniture store and spin on all the spinney chairs. See which one is the fastest.
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5) Try to see how many things your toilet plunger will stick to
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Origins or weekday names:

Sunday- First day of the week.
Derived from the Latin dies solis, "sun's day," a pagan Roman holiday

Monday- Second day of the week.
Derived from the Anglo-Saxon monandaeg, which means "the moon's day." Latin: dies lunae, "day of the moon."

Tuesday- Third day of the week.
Named for the Norse god of war, Tiu, or Tyr, the son of Odin.

Wednesday- Fourth day of the week.
Named to honor Odin, or Woden, chief god in Norse mythology. Onsdag in Sweden and Denmark.

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by the Anglo-Saxons.


HELLO! I Would just like to say that you win a marvelous prize if you had read through everything up there and that prize is a virtual hug from moi and a story (That are all incomplete I'm so sorry I'm a butt with no inspiration)

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