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Hello. The kracrew100 works in correspondence with both fanfiction story worlds in fanfiction while working on my new series on Fiction press, which I still haven't made since I'm pretty busy. In fanfiction, the characters chosen will be varying from past animes and cartoons to recent ones. I will also include a few games and a few books to add up to the pile to make this segment of fan fiction a more diverse variety of stories from many characters in the fictional realm. So please enjoy!

Just to sidenote: I like many stories with plot twists and many changes in flow of the story. I'll be looking forward to see you read and enjoy the segment of kracrew100!

Right now, I'm focusing on the Kippernium's End segment. So sorry for the Fairy Tail stories. But I'm gonna delay it for a bit until I can have enough time to make room for both segments of the story. Of course, Kippernium End's segment that I'm making doesn't come without a "price". What price is it? Read chapter 5 of Kippernia's End. You'll find out.

For, Fairy Tail Lucy's story, it goes along pretty smoothly with the 4th chapter's done! I'll be posting it soon! As for chapter 5, I'm going to follow the same principles as Kippernia's End. But unlike the latter, I only need 5 reviews. So, happy reading you guys!

27th March 2012

(sigh) I finally know why not so many reviewed..I disabled the anonymous reviews..I feel really silly right now. -_-

Anyways, now that the rules changed, hope I'll get enough reviews. Since, I'm kinda finished with Kippernia's End chapter 6-8 (segment 7-9).

For Fairy Tail, I'll post it at this date. But still, I feel like I lost all of my "spiritual confidence" on this story. So hopefully it'll be impressive enough to let me continue until the final chapter. And for your information, Fairy Tail's story is going to be far less in chapters than Kippernia's End. Probably because my "relatives" lost their fan spirit and got bored with it...

29th March 2012

O-kay. I've published the prologue of my new story. Story Ideas! Anyone? Love? Really! as Hayate the Combat Butler fanfic. It will be a short 12 chapter. But it will have more words longer each chapter! Ranging 4000-5000 words per chapter. I'm still working on the ideas. So don't expect this to finish quickly comparing to the rest of the stories. Anyways, hope you enjoy the really short chapter of the prologue. Oh and also, I'm done with chapter 6 of Fairy Tail's story. I think you might want to hurry and fill the requirements needed or I'm going to withhold further chapters.

31st March 2012

I'll bring you up to date on this day's progress. So far, I need only one review to post Chapter 6 in Kippernia's End. For Fairy Tail, two more and it will be released. As for the Hayate Story, it'll take awhile. So it might be hold back for awhile. So, hope you can get the requirements done so I can publish it. (Of course, I'm still trying to fix the chapters!)

15th April 2012

Fantastic! Kippernium's End has fulfilled its requirements! So I can get to release the other chapters now! Lets far its finished by 6-9. 10 still needs working and 11 more will probably take awhile. Okay..I think that's all since FT story's not quite filled yet...Wait!...N-No way!! BOTH my FT and my JaTD (Fairy Tail and Jane and the Dragon) stories filled in my requirements!! T-This is amazing! Now I won't have to keep all of my files.'s the catch! My FT's coming along on chapter 6 and chapter 7's done. Chapter 8 needs work! So, I think you will enjoy it. YAY! This is the best news, EVER!!

16th April 2012

Here's some up to date. Chapter 10 is almost finished in Kippernium's End. I know the plotline is a little confusing, but it is required for the flow of the story to follow. For FT, I'm starting Chapter 8, but will take awhile to digest the story. Anyways, hopefully I'll get positive feedbacks this time. I'm expecting it!

22nd April 2012

Kippernium's End: Chapter 10's finished..I hope I can get chapter 11 done. Its a long story. But this story's longer. I think it'll take a bit of time to finish the other chapters.

25th April 2012

Big Announcement: Bad news. I'm going to be off for a month due to a big exam coming up. So I can't update you on any stories until then. So after then, I can hopefully get everything done and progress onto Arc 3-4 of Kippernia's End and continue Arc 2-4 of Fairy Tail's story.

Oh and also, I've decided to remove the Story Ideas! Anyone? Love? Really! as Hayate the Combat Butler fanfic. Because I don't have any ideas about it yet. And frankly, I'm more interested in JaTD story and Pokemon or FT story than this. Sorry about it guys!

26th April 2012

Hello there! Big news! I've been talking to Haelwyn and decided to make a sequel on Kippernium's End between his famous Days and Ways story. So I need to get the first one done as soon as possible!

6th June 2012

-Announcement- Unfortunate Hiatus until Further Notice!

Sorry about this. I know that I've been back and all, but unfortunately, I'm forced to go on a full hiatus until my Pokefuturisticadventure stories is done. Its in my DeviantArt account if you need to know. Also, I'm going to have no choice but fully stop all activities in until they are done. But don't worry, I won't be leaving them. Its just a temporary hiatus and no more. Also, I've finished a few on Arc 3 of JaTD and also Arc 2 of FT. I'll publish them after the hiatus period ends. So, thanks for supporting.

27th January 2013


Hey there. I know I've been gone quite awhile. But now that I've come back, its time to continue writing some stories. You wouldn't believe the improvement I've gone through. Thanks to my English teacher, I've been grappling more and more literary terms and words to compensate for my previous mistakes I've done in the past. And you'll be expecting some stuffs while I'm here now, such as

- Finishing Kippernium's End Arc 3 - 4 (in present tense, if possible)

- Complete the new sequel of Kippernium's End and the prequel for Haewlyn's Days and Ways, Reconciliation with Old Memories.

- Finish Fairy Tail's short Story on Lucy, Destruction and the Strange Voice.

That's it for now.

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