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Alright, new bio. The last one I wrote when I was sixteen and I am now almost 24. I can't believe I still visit FF.net. Certainly my mother can't believe it either!

I've tried beta-ing one story. There were just so many mistakes that I gave up after the forth chapter. Great plot, horrible writing. Hey, that sounds just like those Twilight books!

Nowadays, I guess you could just call me a lurker. I read, I set alerts, and I sometimes review. If you get a review out of me, it either means your story rocks or you need a beta - sometimes both.

I still like watching anime, but I've found that I won't watch it unless I'm watching it with someone. I've had Trigun in my possession for about 2 or 3 years and have still not watched the entire thing because I could not find someone to watch it with me.

I'm not a writer, even though at one time I wanted to be. My writing always comes out too stilted - he said, she said, an eyebrow up in disbelief. I know good, I know bad, and I know how to change it, but heck if I can create it myself. However, I am good at opinion writing! It is, so to speak, one of my fortes.

I still read Tamora Pierce and Mercedes Lackey, though my mother is still holding out for my tastes to mature. I am now an intermediate Japanese speaker and am currently independently studying.

I find myself to be a rather boring, weak, and lackluster person. The dreams stay locked in my head, my voice freezes when it really matters, and fear controls my life. As does self-recrimination, as you might be able to tell.

Enough! I hate sharing self-beatings.

I just want to say, if any authors visit my profile, thank you for having the courage to share your imagination and skills. I always appreciate what you post and hope writing and sharing continues to fill you with the joy of accomplishment.


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