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Author has written 13 stories for Inuyasha, Final Fantasy VII, Star Ocean, How to Train Your Dragon, and Mass Effect.

.. Ahrk (formerly known as Vixerz) ..

*UPDATE* I now have an AO3 account! I will steadily be moving away from ff.net, and more of my works will be posted over there.

AO3 profile - (Note: Keelah Se'lai is currently up at AO3, since FF.net took it down.)

My AdultFanFiction profile --

XBL Gamertag: Illiada

Origin name: Ferane

Message me about WoW/Star Wars/FFXIV characters.

I am an avid gamer. Currently bouncing between MMOs whenever they release a new expansion.

I don't ship many pairings, but when I do, I love the hell out of them. I hold nothing against the intended love interests most characters are stuck with, but, sometimes, it seems like a stretch that they're supposed to end up with/hinted to be with said character. (Cmon, Sakura with Sasuke or Naruto? Are you kidding me?)

.. Favorite Pairings ..


HeeroxDuo (Gundam Wing)

NarutoxSasuke (Naruto)

SanzoxGoku (Saiyuki)

DoumekixWatanuki (xxxHolic)

YugixAtem/Pharaoh/Yami Yugi (Puzzleshipping)(YuGiOh)

Video Game:

Fem!ShepardxGarrus (Mass Effect)

VincentxCloud (FFVII)

CloudxSephiroth (FFVII)

RenoxRufus (FFVII)

RenoxRude (FFVII)

SquallxZell (FFVIII)

AlbelxFayt (Star Ocean: TTEOT)

EdgexArumat (Star Ocean: The Last Hope)

.. Best Anime (in my opinion, anyway):

Chrno Crusade - This is a beautiful and haunting anime with mild humor and some fluff. Angels and demons lay the basis for the plot, but it's not entirely black and white. The richness of the characters and the struggle they endure keeps me rooted through all twenty-six episodes, and the ending is touching and I will admit, makes me cry every time.

Soul Eater - Fucking awesome anime. The music is awesome, the characters are awesome(I love Soul and Kidd so much!) and I can't wait to see how far the manga is going to go. The anime ended after the Akira arc, but as far as I know, the manga is still ongoing.

Cowboy Bebop - Aw cmon, who doesn't love Spike? :P

Fruits Basket - I love this anime simply because every time I watch it, I am constantly thinking about what true family is. It's not enough that you're related by blood or born into a rich family or into a well-known name. True family can sometimes show itself when you least expect it, or strength of heart can catch you by surprise and touch you, no matter how much you close yourself off.

Any Miyazaki film - If I really have to explain this, then you obviously have not seen them, and therefore, need to go do so. Go on. I'll wait. Go see Spirited Away or Mononoke-hime. I got time.

.. Recent Update ..


I do indeed live! Been a couple years, and I still see people adding me to favorites and liking my stories still. I look back at a few stories and cringe, and I might have to update currently existing chapters to provide better character. I'll update what is here (hopefully), but any new stuff will be going to AO3.


I have an AO3 account, as you may have read above, and Keelah Se'lai has found a new home!

I have loved ff.net for a while, but I find myself hesitant to post anything anymore, since most of what I have is of an adult nature, and their rating system doesn't cover everything. So, to that end, AO3 will be my new posting site. I will leave stories here (I simply love all the reviews I've been given here!) but no new updates will come to ff.net. Thanks everyone for reading and enjoying my stories :3

.. Story Updates ..

In Blood's Gaze: Chapter 22 in progress. It's been a couple years, and I will admit I had lost my momentum with this fic in between 19 and 20. But somehow, I got it going again with the right amount of actual gameplay, and freedom to take the characters where I please. To that end, I'm pleased to see my brain has finally gotten back on track to finishing this thing. Expect updates.

HTTYD Drabbles: Chapter 5 in progress. I love this movie. So hard. It's one of the best dragon movies, and if not the best Dreamworks movie in my book. I'm just writing as I think of something with the way the movie flows, and taking liberties before or after it. Some drabbles may be continuations of previous ones, or set in the same attitude/style, but they can be taken as one shots if read by themselves.

The Draak: On hiatus until further notice. This is another one of those stories that lost momentum. I haven't given up on it, but I'm setting it on the back burner for now while I concentrate on other stories.

.. Planned Projects ..

- More Masskink Meme fills - there are plenty of unfilled requests that I think I might want to try my hand at, so these will definitely be hit upon.

- Possible continuation of Partisan? (Not sure, who would really like to see that go on? It works fine as a one shot, but there's definitely more that can be built upon.

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Service to the Primarch reviews
Sequel to Tables Voluntarily Turned. FemshepxGarrusxVictus "Garrus smiles to himself, sure that when Victus woke up today, he had no idea he'd be making out with an ex-C-Sec vigilante and a human Spectre who just happen to save the galaxy on occasion." Rated M for sexual content and language.
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