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The 'DB' stands for 'Divination Bites'.

So a little bit about me - I'll keep it short to stop you glazing over...

Real name - like I'm gonna tell you!

Appearence - Hair; blonde, shorter now (and now layered - not that ne of my meanie freinds noticed!), always slightly wild,

Mood: Varies faster than I can change this, doy.

Hobbies - Writing fic (duh).

RPGing hence not having updated in forever

OMG - I haven't done ne thing on 'Servant' for so long I'd forgotten I'd created an OC till I was reading an old review alert! (I'm weeding my overfull hotmail account).

2ND SERVANT WILL BE UPDATED - As will everything. Blame the firsties (as said, RPGing is ruling my life)

OMG - I was looking at stuff, and I noticed I'd put LP/HP cos it was about them - eep, people coulda read that and thought the wrong thing...

that was the basics...
if i ever get round to writing any thing in it...

Some lovely quotes (see joey potter for some more);

'I love dealines. I love the wooshing noise they make as they fly by' Douglas Adams (we miss u!)

'Don't rain on my parade!' Who knows who said it 1st? It's just a classic!

Er... practically anything from HP books is good.

'Me fail English? That's unpossible!' Ralph Wiggum, The Simpsons.

'Laugh and the whole world will look at you like you're slightly weird,
Cry and at least you might get some sympathy' Me. I thought that up!

Eep - I was just glancing over my poem - it's sh* isn't it? That's not a desperate fish for compliments, I'm geniunly insecure!

I LOVE BILL WEASLEY - HE IS SOOOOOO HOT!!! (joke poetry coming soon). *sigh* I love him...


ok - I keep going on about this RPG site, in case people are wondering (and becasue I promised to plug it like crazy) it's
ok, when I find good quotes on the site, I will put them here (well, after the end of this run on sentence) and you won't understand what they mean, unless you go to the site (d'you see what I did there?)

"...saying they hate each other's like saying 'Gee, Plato sure loves to stare out that window'!" Hanged Hermia

oh... Bane the Pain must have said something good (even if it was evil...)

'He stopped and smirked. Dobbs may frighten him, but not enough to get a real answer out of him. "Because," he said lazily leaning back in his chair, "the school board couldn't come up with anything worthwhile to take up our time so they gave us this class as busy work?"' Bane Sorenson's answer to why they have to study theories and concepts, to the teacher of said lesson...

'She looked up and saw, just out of reach, a racoon playing with a very familiar slender stick of wood. She swore under her breath.
"Why do these kinds of things always happen to me?" she muttered as, with no wand, she was forced to resort to making silly kissy noises at the racoon to try and entice it close enough so she could snatch back her wand (and then blast the damn thing out the window).' Prof Strix - most of the racoon bit is funny.

'"Fine, mirror, mirror on the wall who's the hottest guy in this hall?"
"NOT YOU!" the mirror yelled and suddenly the glass turned black and Bane could no longer see his reflection.
"Stupid piece of glass," he muttered as he walked away.
"I heard that!" the mirror shot back.' Bane Sorenson bashing his own ego (!)

'"Oh, just curious," Derry replied. But he reached for his wand anyway. He couldn't really cast much yet, but his father had taught him a few hexes that he might find useful. Though what turning a hungry creature bright yellow would accomplish was not really a point he wanted to think about too carefully. He had a wand. That was good enough.' Derry Pierce on wild animals

'"Besides, if worse comes to shove, we can always run screaming for our lives while thinking up some elaborate, creative plan to save ourselves. The only perk to that is that we'll get some decent exercise." ' Raina Silver, also on wild things.

ok, the address may have got lost in the ramble, so I'll put it agin to close with


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