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I really doubt people read these unless they know someone or are creepers or actually just want to know more about the authors of some of the more amazing things that are written, but heck with it, blank stuff is pretty darn depressing. So in short, Ima gonna waste space by listing random junk about me that may or may not be total lies! 8D

Time Consuming and Pointless Facts About Me:

1. My name is the same as a certain Disney princess with a notoriously unimaginative dress that was poorly colored in relation to her hair coloring. (green would have been SO much better)

2. My middle name is the same as a month. No it is not April, May, or June. Give my parents some credit.

3. I've been writing stories since I was eleven. Does that mean they were good? No. No matter what my elementary teachers tell you, no.

4. My computers over the years have had a mysterious tendency to crash, attract deadly viruses, and become victims of gravity. It sucks.

5. My jump drives have a similar tendency. O.o Obviously due to this I must have been meant for greater things and the dark side is trying to stop me. Seriously, my brother knocked my laptop against his knee and broke my jump drive the other day. Goodbye hundreds of pages worth of writing.

6. I was born in 1996. I'm not saying my age cause darn it, then I would have to update yearly and the heavens know that would be work.

7. SKYRIM! Never played the Elder Scrolls series before Skyrim. I was totally ticked off with all my guy friends going on about it for weeks before I decided to play. Afterwards I obsessed about it too until some girl told me that she thought I was too *strange and meaningless hand gesture* to play video-games. What. The. Heck. I still don't understand what she meant.

8. I'm apparently honest according to several sources. That is a total farce of course. I am unfortunately prone to lying and am better at that than at telling the truth seeing how people believe my lies more than anything else. I've proven it several times.

9. I'm just kinda writing stuff on this list at this point.

10. At my school, the drama and choir kids are mostly drags. Sucks I'm in that crowd. I can get no female friends out of that bunch that aren't total b*tches. Hence, I meander from crowd to crowd, alone in the universe as a kid who can't stick to a cliche due to the fact that cliches are stupid.

11.YAY!!! FACTS! (Or are they lies? O.o) I'm shooting for fifteen for the sake of relative symmetry. True symmetry would be divisible by ten. But the good news is I just now learned how to spell 'symmetry'.

12. I legitimately do not know what my favorite movie is. I usually can't sit through them. I am a hardcore Starwars fan, but lets face it, the fifth episode is seriously boring, as is any scene with Padme and Anikin in episode two, and apparently bad acting runs in the Skywalker family. Mostly the movies are hilarious that way. I've only seen the extended edition Lord of the Rings, and if you've seen that, you know that if you watched the entire thing straight, it would take longer than an entire season of Lost. Takes me months to watch. I like several movies, I just can't declare a favorite or sit through them.

13. Favorite book? Who comes up with these questions? How should I know?

14. Have you ever had the teachers that ask you really weird questions so they can 'learn more about you'? "What flavor of ice cream are you?" "If you had twenty-four hours to do anything you wanted, what would you do?" Well gosh darn it, I'm mint ice cream because I say so and if anyone had twenty-four hours to do anything, they would probably get Forbes and steal the money from everyone on the list. What else is Forbes for anyway? So we can read about rich people and glare at them enviously? I think not...I think not.

15. I come from one of those families where everyone is a genius, everyone goes to a great school, and people assume we're catholic. Yes, that is it's own category of family. Talk about pressure.

And that is everything you don't need to know about me.

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