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ok guys im am reworking Rise Against under the working title of Planet Fall. please feel free to take a bit of time out to read it if you wish. the quality of the story and the read abiltiy have both been improved and we get a fresh start with our favorite super soldier James, now with sprinkles.

Rise Against ark:

book1: Planet Fall

book2 [being planed]

book3 [probably not]

for those who like RAPF please note while I enjoy working with this story I am writing an original, so post times will vary. at this time I will tell you I have a bit more on my plate then I first thought I could ever get.

Solo fan fictions- Rise against: Planet Fall [twokinds]

-Captain James Latchkey is a soldier thrust into the heat of a war that no one remembers, a fight that no one outside his faction know of. To some is a hero, to most he is a monster. He was created to fight but he finds with every battle the will to fight leaves him more and more. Now standing upon the soil of a foreign planet can he rekindle his will to fight? the dangers of this world and his own lurk around ever corner and his only companion is a human hating Keidran. The ends to this tale will follow him from one side of Mekkan to the other as he takes on a face of a legend to those who inhabit the world.

collaborated fan fictions- Legends of Lemoria [rwby]

-There is a tale of an island lost in the mist of time where dust originated, most dismiss this as a child's tale in a time of peace and plenty. But as six companions will find the island is very real, and the dangers that await them will keep them on their toes for some time to come as new foes and a plot to fall humanities greatest hope is unraveled.

and as for the original titles, I really don't have names for them yet but they are both science fantasy as of this point in time.

Update! I am starting a mini-series called Tigerphobia on DA read the first part here

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