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Author has written 4 stories for Kuroshitsuji, Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Ouran High School Host Club.

Arthur Ciel Kirkland

Age: 14

Hair color: blond

Eye color: green

Obsessions: cats, Black Butler, Hetalia, Tim Burton, The Phantom of the Opera, Adam Lambert, anime, and the videos where they give character theme songs those are fun...and drawing on her hand in black sharpie. I also love to sing, dance (even though i suck at it) and act. I am growing very skilled at creating special effects with liquid latex.

Fav color- black, red, (or hot pink she admits sadly)

I have to listen to music. In fact i almost eroded away when my headphones broke...I like MCR, Green Day, Sublime, Eminem, Simple Plan and all that other stuff. I have a list of songs that I must buy. I like the band Toybox a lot because their song seem to be very unique. Like the song Superstar, i think that it matches Tamaki Suoh's personality so perfectly. Other than that i listen to songs where i believe in the message.

Ex- SING, by My Chemical Romance, Loser Like Me, *I dont know the original artist* and virtually anything by Adam Lambert, even though I'm straight XD

Career- an author or an actress. Maybe even and english professor (Dr.Kirkland has a nice ring to it)

My favorite beverage is Earl grey tea and I have one sister who's name is Elaine.

I live in the US of A but I honestly would rather live in England. I love to read! i have a favorite author (Julia Golding) and I really enjoy reading her stories. I have one cat named Rajah who we shaved for the summer and looks hilarious. It's embaracing to say, but i have anime crushes on the following people.

Kyoya- from Ouran High School Host Club. I fangirled over him with my sister, we are royal dorks

America, or Austria or Arthur Kirkland obviously - from Hetalia

Kyo- from fruits basket.

Sebastian - from Black Butler, i have the biggest crush on him! I squeed when i saw him on netflix on a big screen T.V.

I love to sing and I am a total nerd about it! I made my school choir and am invloved in any play, or drama production that comes my way.

My proffesional title is the #1 Fresnoian California's State History Day competitor in the Junior Idividual performance catagory. I made it to state where i lost by one person. I hope to do it again next year. In fact, I'm already working on my project. Confession i love history and in all honesty I am the biggest nerd and i remember everything about a project I've done. In other words ask me anything about Helen Keller, the mentally ill reform, Hitler, or famous composers in the Barouque era and im sure ill be happy to tell you all about it XD. I have kind of bushy eyebrows, (or so says my mom) and I love watching the movie reviewes that the Nostalgia Critic does. if anyone knows who im talking about PM me! He's hilarious.

I also love to make fun of Stephen King movies, because they are fun and cheesy. The drinking game where you take a toast of tequila, or vodka or rum or whatever, whenever one of his reoccuring (?) cliches happens, I must say that it's quite entertaining. I just enjoymaking funof cheesy movies.

I love musicals and am one of the biggest phans you will ever know. Yes that't a phantom of the opera lover, we call ourselves phans. with a ph. Derp. I also love Les Miserables My Fair Lady, The Bad Seed the Sound of Music, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, The Book of Mormon, Sweeney Todd, Chicago, Wicked, Annie (i was annie once it was f*cking amazing) Bye Bye Birdie, Fiddler On the Roof and LOVE NEVER DIES!!! if anyone knows what that is kudos to you but im willing to bet you that even of you are a phan you probably wont know what this is, its the sequel to phantom and the biggest reactions that it normally gets is that you either hate it or love it. I will tell you this is an amazoingly weird musical. It's set on old coney island so the colors are very vibrant and there are freaks everywhere, My personal favorite is Fleck, but only from the original London show. Shes a freak with this gorgeous voice and her leg on backwards who's an arielist. She's friggin awesome.

I've never cosplayed before (i personally think I'm too fat) but if i could i would like to cosplay as Nice Holystone from Baccano! Kyoya from OHSHC Hungary or England from Hetalia, Sebastian from black butler, or actually even Tamaki from OHSHC!

I'm an honors science student and i cant wait to blow things up with my classmates and teacher.

My Guilty Pleasures include-

romantic comedies, I.E. My Best Friend's Wedding, and the Wedding Planner

I love to garden

I'm a huge drama nerd


OHSHC can you honestly be proud to be a fangirl?

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