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If you are reading this then you have unfortunately stumbled into the domain of Ketojan, also known as Psycho, The Hanged Man, Queenie and Walker.

So welcome. :D

I joined five years ago with the intention of getting into writing, however, I wasn't able to build up the courage to write anything, let alone actually post. I was always afraid that I wasn't good enough to do so and though I thought that there will always be people who are worse than me, I didn't think that was a good enough defense against writing a load of incoherent drivel. I spent two years improving my skills (or at least trying to) and now I post regularly and it's somewhat coherent! .

Being a huge Fallout fan, I mostly stick to that, though I may work on other things later down the line.

My magnum opus, no pun intended, was Iconoclash, which I worked on for nearly three years. I put quite a bit of work into it, I hope that most readers think it was worth the time and effort. :)

It's a concept that I've wanted to work on since I was around 14, of course a lot has changed since then...

Peace and Future Cannon Fodder was my first Fallout 4 story, it was a lot more relaxed, the development of it and I look forward to working on more things to continue Naomi's story. Perhaps her story and Denis' story are about to meet? :)

The Foundation of Arroyo is a story that came to me on a bus, I began to imagine what it would be like for the Vault Dweller, having all of these people in his care, who knew nothing about the wasteland and I also had to imagine what it would be like for those people, given that the Vault Dweller was quite ruthless and uncaring towards the Wasteland and it's people. Like Iconoclash, producing these chapters takes a lot of work but I work on them when I can...

Finding Kurisu is something that came to me very recently, I've always wanted to have Sulik re-unite with his sister. I'm aware that he can in the Restored version of Fallout 2 but I had something more... epic in mind. This story is almost like a celebration of the older Fallout games (the good and the bad) as all four of them come together. I've also always wanted to give Cheyenne one of her own stories, that branched off from her main path as the Chosen One, so I'm glad that this is it.

Ball and Chain is... Well, it's an experiment that I tried in university. You might notice that it's been two years since I last updated it. My problem is Garry Sans. I don't like him. I recently had the same problem with an RP, two years after I even started this story. I love Anna but can't work with Garry anymore, hence why I haven't touched the bloody thing in nearly two years. I don't like the idea of leaving a story unfinished and it was followed and favourited by a few people, so... I guess I'll see.

Living Lie is my most popular story, which is a surprise to me, though a pleasant one. I can see why, given that it puts the Lone Wanderer in an interesting position. I hope I delivered a satisfying conondrum. :D

Plight of the Desperate: This story is me making up for all the fun that I missed out on by being a goody two shoes and slaughtering everyone in Nuka World (I felt that the sweet gear was worth it and it was, I didn't feel like rebuilding the settlements that took me two years to construct, from scratch). The Story looks from the perspective of the Raiders as they're hunted to extinction, the protagonist is a rather new character archetype for me. A character who has a number of layers and a hidden intellgence, her origin story, which goes on in the background also struck my fancy.

The Calling/Lyon's Roar (I consider them to be part of the same story): The follow up to Iconoclash, I always liked the idea of seeing a Wanderer-less Wasteland and the idea of seeing how regular people can make a difference spoke to me. I also loved the idea of Shepard and decided that I'd take this as an opportunity to explore Super Mutant society, kind of like the Orcs in the Shadow of Mordor/War games.

Masters of War: This story has been on my to do list for years, I knew that these two had to meet at some point. Here's hoping that it's more like Captain America: Civil War than Batman VS Superman! :D

I'm obviously a big fan of Fallout and Elder Scrolls but I also enjoyed Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Left 4 Dead, Half Life and Tell Tale's games (The Wolf Among Us and Walking Dead). I don't watch much television these days but my favourite shows on it are Being Human and Walking Dead, it took me a while to get into Game of Thrones but I love it!

As far as inspiration is concerned, I could just say; all of the above but in truth, I'd probably say that several other people and things got me into writing and gave me the desire to do it. I was hooked on the Konfessionist's series 'Saving Me,' about two years ago, which is sadly discontinued but I'd strongly recommend checking out her other stuff as its all good.

Over the last three years, I've been RPing with a group on Wikia, who have been the best friends I could ask for, we've encouraged eachother, told eachother where we can improve and we've all been an active audience to eachother's work. Not only has our writing improved, because of our time as a companionship but we're also able to create sheer brilliance as a group, each of us has an amazing strength, making our group's work a collaborative master piece.

So... That's me, pretty much, unless you want to get into the nasty business of my ViSOR record...

I thank you for reading my profile as I wouldn't have. :)

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13 years after she was taken, Sulik manages to find the location of his missing Sister. With the help of Cheyenne, his friend who promised to help search, so long ago and John Cassidy. Sulik ventures into the State of Texas, which has become one of the biggest slave empires in the United States. Will Sulik re-unite with his sister in this foreign land, bristling with conflict?
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With her Father, Owyn Lyons, gone, Sarah Lyons has been given the heavy responsibility of Elder. Despite being born with this looming over her, it's still come as a bit of a shock. With the Lone Wanderer gone, she must deal with the Supermutant threat alone. Using data, left by the Wanderer, the Pride embark on their last mission; to destroy Vault 87 and the Mutants who inhabit it
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The Lone Wanderer awakens to find that the last two years of his life were a lie. His Father never left the Vault, Jonas was never murdered and Denis has a long life to look forward to as one of the Vault's Doctors. As the rules of reality begin to change, will Denis have to accept That he isn't the Lone Wanderer? That he was born in the Vault? That he will die in the Vault?
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The Sole Survivor has carved a new world out of the Commonwealth. One in which Raiders no longer have a place. With Nuka World gone, the remaining gangs have been forced to shed their identities and band together. Now they must push forward and regain a foothold before it's too late. Barney, the leader of an upstart gang, must decide the fate of Raiders across the Wastes.
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After being Banished from Vault 13, Sylar honestly believed that his life had come to an end. He was only part right. A new life has begun for the young Vault Dweller as he is now faced with the task of leading a community full of his fellow vault exiles and helping them survive in the Wasteland. How far will Sylar go to keep his disciples safe? How far are they willing to let him?
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Her home is in ruins, her quest has failed and her birthright has come to naught. The Chosen One is weak and Aroyo burns... Cheyenne's group are suddenly at a crisis point as their young leader goes into a state of shock. Her companions, who usually hate one another's company, are forced to join forces to bring their leader back around and save the Wasteland that they call 'home.'
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With a Slave in custody and a place at Paradise Falls secured, Sixteen year old, budding slaver, Garry Sans should be overjoyed. However, he finds himself somewhat conflicted as the morality of the situation sinks in. After capturing a seventeen year old courier (Annie), he begins to question where his heart really lies, with his gang or with his principles.
Fallout - Rated: T - English - Crime/Friendship - Chapters: 2 - Words: 6,769 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 11/13/2014 - Published: 11/7/2014