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EXCITING NEWS: my friend kowalskilover12 is alive!!!!!!!! yay I'm so happy!!!!!

I will be changing things my profile. so things here today may not be tomorrow. I should be working for about a week or 2. thank you for checking my profile.

Challenge: I will be currently making a contest. It will last till June 13th. Anyone who wants to take in this contest is welcome. Just PM message or review with the link. Anyway try your best to make a picture of ether Carlos, James, Krissy, Bubbles, Kayla, Sari, Logan, or Valerie. thank you for joining. you can make two of them, all of them, or draw them with their parents. alone is also fine.

Name:Okay my real name is Kat just don't over use it

Meaning of name: Pure, Virginal

Gender: Female

Eye color: Chemical green

Hair color: Brunette

Age: Between the ages of 17- 103

Skin color: White

Heritage: Swedish, German, Native American, American, Spanish, Switzerland, and Portugal

Indian tribes: Waccona, and Saragossa

Known languages: German, English, French, Russian, Japanese, and Hebrew

Height: 5'7

Weight: 89 lbs. [Yeah go ahead and laugh, but some people have problems]

Favorite movies: Captain America, Christine, Carry, It, Blade 1-4, Smurfs, and Flicka

Favorite games: Dead island, 3d dot game hero's, Resident evil 3, 4, and 5, Dead rising two, and Red Dead Redemption.

Favorite TV shows: Penguins of Madagascar, Invader zim, Mad, Regular show, Adventure time, Pair of kings, Spongebob squarepants, Big time rush, Victorious, Avengers, and Star Wars: the clone wars

Favorite colors: Radiant pink, Dark purple, Diminishing black, Blood red, Clear white, Chemical green, and Light blue

Favorite characters from PoM: Kowalski, Private, Rico, Stacy, Becky, Mort, King Julian, and Kitka

Favorite characters from AT: Finn, Princess Bubblegum, Hot Dog Princess, Princess Wildberry

Favorite characters from RS: Mordecai, Margret, Eileen, Skips, Pops, and Benson

Favorite characters from IZ: Zim, Gir, Dib, and Gaz

Favorite characters from PoK: Brady, Boomer, Mikaela, Mason, and Lanny

Favorite characters from SS: Spongebob, Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and Plankton

Favorite characters from BTR: Kendal, James, Carlos, and Mr. Bitters

Favorite food: cake, chips, veggies, pie, and candy

Pairings I love from PoM

skico (skipper/Rico)

kovate (kowalski/private)

Kico (Kowalski/Rico)

skipju (skipper/Julian)

Morvate (Mort/Private)

Pairings I hate from PoM [No offense anyone]

skilene [Skipper/Marlene]

marski [Marlene/Kowalski]

kort [King Julian/Mort]

julene [King Julien/Marlene]


Pairings I will write for




prico [Rico/Private]

mico [Marlene/Rico]

kipper [Kowalski/Skipper]

skyco [Skipper/Rico]

kovate [Kowalski/Private]

prilene [Private/Marlene]




name: Krissy black

eye color: baby blue

appearance: small penguin. her feathers curl up on her head. she usual puts them in purple ribbons, but will sometimes put them in white flowers.

species: penguin

age: 8 (15 in later fics)

sexual orientation: straight

romantic interest: James

biological father: unknown

biological mother: Casey

adopted father: skipper

adopted mother: Rico

personality: hates missions. she tends to skip class to go to parties, mall shopping, or having brunch with friends.

sister(s): none

brother(s): Carlos

like(s): skipping class, partying, and brunch

hate(s): missions, class, and shortbread

occupation: trouble maker, and elementary schooler

fear(s): growing up without her mother or father

friend(s): James, Logan, Valerie, and sari

name: Kayla king

eye color: brown

appearance: she is an otter like her mother. she has brown eyes, and some of her hair covers her left eye. she usual has a white friendship bracelet on her right wrist.

species: otter

age: 7 (14 in later fics)

sexual orientation: lesbian

romantic interest: bubbles

biological father: Brady

biological mother: unknown

adopted father: king Julian

adopted mother: Marlene

personality: loves adventuring. she tends to wake people out of the "dream world" with her tales. she can make anyone believe anything.

sister(s): sari

brother(s): none

like(s): adventuring, tales, and emotional movies or stories

hate(s): boring comedy, horror, and death scenes

occupation: adventurer, and elementary schooler

fear(s): her father and mother divorcing each other.

friend(s): James, Krissy, bubbles, Logan, Valerie, and Carlos

name: sari king

eye color: yellow

appearance: she is brown with a white stomach, and black paws. she wears a queen crown that is covered in diamonds.

species: lemur

age: 5 (12 in later fics)

sexual orientation: straight

romantic interest: Carlos

biological father: unknown

biological mother: unknown

adopted father: king Julian

adopted mother: Marlene

personality: she likes to gloat, and show off her prized possessions. she doesn't trust virtually anyone.

sister(s): Kayla

brother(s): none

like(s): gloating, showing off, and money

hate(s): people richer than her, and poor bank accounts

occupation: princess, and preschooler

fear(s): her sister taking over the family.

friend(s): Carlos, Krissy, and bubbles

name: Carlos black

eye color: deep blue

appearance: shorter than his sister Krissy. he has a Mohawk like Rico, but it's pushed down.

species: penguin

age: 3 (10 in later fics)

sexual orientation: straight

romantic interest: sari

biological father: Justin

biological mother: crystal

adopted father: skipper

adopted mother: Rico

personality: he loves ruining projects. he has a knack for destroying just about anything he touches.

sister(s): Krissy

brother(s): none

like(s): dynamite, breaking things, and ruining projects

hate(s): running projects, and his sister (hehehe)

occupation: demodulation expert, and baby of the family

fear(s): losing his father to the rumors (check a "rumor to kill" to find out more)

friend(s): Logan, James, sari, bubbles, Kayla, and Valerie

name: James kowalski

eye color: ocean blue

appearance: smaller than private, but taller than Carlos. he usual wears a robin hood hat with a red feather sticking out of the top.

species: penguin

age: 4 (11 in later fics)

sexual orientation: straight

romantic interest: Krissy

biological father: unknown

biological mother: unknown

adopted father: kowalski

adopted mother: private

personality: loves inventing, lunacorns, and playing sports. he is a very big sports fanatic.

sister(s): none

brother(s): Logan

like(s): inventing, lunacorns, and sports

hate(s): when his team loses. he also hates soap opera's and romance (that doesn't involve him)

occupation: starter inventor, and kindergartner

fear(s): love loss, and the end of the world.

friend(s): Carlos, Krissy, bubbles, Kayla, and sari

name: bubbles Jr.

eye color: brown

appearance: red feathers with brown slashes across it. she wears a gold heart locket claimed to be given from her lover.

species: falcon

age: 9 (16 in later fics)

sexual orientation: lesbian

romantic interest: Kayla

biological father: Gary

biological mother: Jessie

adopted father: Fred

adopted mother: kitka

personality: she loves flying, and swimming. she usual fights for romance or Independence from others. she is a big time protester.

sister(s): Valerie

brother(s): none

like(s): flying, swimming, and protesting

hate(s): not winning an argument, stolen romance, and non interdependent people.

occupation: aerial driver, and elementary schooler

fear(s): losing a big demand product, and her parents loving someone else.

friend(s): Krissy, James, Logan, Kayla, and Carlos



1. Title: The White Rose That Lies

summary: "listen to me Rico!" Marlene pleaded. "grawbrgh" Rico said while crossing his flippers. "No Rico, I don't like you, I love you!"

pairings: mico, skivate, and koju

2. Title: 1...2... Freddy grama's coming for you!

summary: Freddy grama and Tyler wiki both want kowalski. kowalski can't figure out who to chose. the charming dream boy, or the tough daredevil boy.

pairings: skivate, juco, Marlene/kitka, and kowalski/oc

3. Title: i wanna cry tonight

summary: songfic. Doris breaks up with kowalski. kowalski decides to sing his true feelings.

pairings: koris

song sung: tonight i wanna cry by Keith urban.

adventure time

1. Title: destiny six

summary: Finn travels the world, and meets his birth parents, but also discovers he's not human...

pairings: Jake/rainacorn, and Finn/bubblegum

regular show

1. title: regular diet

summary: Miranda goes on a diet. she seems to take it well till the boys all want her.

pairings: Mordecai/oc, rigby/oc, Benson/oc, skips/oc, pops/oc, muscle man/oc, and high five ghost/oc

pair of kings

title: double money

summary: Brady finds a secret casino. he hides it for himself, but then he starts acting stranger than usual.

pairings: mikelya/Brady, and boomer/oc


title: Rolling dice

summary: James secretly gambles at night, but when the guys find out. Will they be able to stop him?

pairings: kandal/Joe, Carlos/oc, and James/oc

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