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Author has written 7 stories for Naruto, Legend of Zelda, Gundam Seed, and Harry Potter.

Update from this guy: Well...here I am again. I doubt people actually read author pages. But after a VERY long hiatus, job hunting, soul searching, and other things that I probably didn't need to actually do...I think its time I made my true return to fanfiction. After much pondering...I have a few options to work with:

Harry Potter/Dragon Spirit crossover.

Gundam SEED Harem story

A rewrite of my Gundam story

Seitokai no Ichizon story (this one has been on my mind for a while)

...this will take some thought. But hopefully you will see me taking up space on this site once more.

First proposal of my Gundam SEED harem story:

First we breach the apparent taboo, this is a harem fic. (waits for the expected outrage) Harems aren't usually done in Gundam series, for a few reasons. One, lack of romantic interests and two, said interests usually die. But SEED presents this possibility, in that for the half theres three potential romance options for the main protagonist. In this case, Lacus, Flay, and Cagalli. Granted, the latter of those three is forcibly removed from consideration (the sister thing was B.S.) and Flay dies. But the fact remains that, well, other than maybe Judau in Gundam ZZ, Kira has more women interested in him than any other Gundam protagonist. Which can open the door for a harem fic, if done well. I hope to do so...with a twist. (Not a Shyamalan twist either)

Second, I tweak the SEED itself. All it seems to be is a brief power-up. I would think it to be...a little more. In this case, I'm making it a part of each "bearer's" genetic code. It does a little more than what it does in the show, in this case it creates the biological imperative to ensure the survival of the bloodline, the SEED itself in this case. Normally that would be enough to argue for a pairing alone, I took it a step further.

Both Kira and Cagalli went into SEED mode during the course of the show. That shows that they both were capable of it, but what would the genetic manipulation done to Kira do to the SEED itself? One random thought later, and I had an answer. A retrovirus. A retrovirus is a virus that operates by changing the DNA of the cell/organism it infects, to make it seem like the virus is part of that cell/organism. In this case, it would be adding the SEED to their genetic makeup. Again, normally this would be enough...but I have a very dirty mind, and decided to take things out as far to an extreme as I could without losing a logical pathway.

So, in this instance, the SEED retrovirus is introduced to a host. In this case, via i*. My logic for this is that the SEED is now a Super-dominant gene, and is thus present in all s*/ovum in a person. Continuing down this path, I decided to could include an attraction to the one who 'infected' them with the SEED. As it would be based on the original bearers DNA, I would have each member of the 'harem' only be truly attracted to the one that 'infected' them. Humans still possess the mating habits ingrained in our very DNA from millions of years of evolution. In one case, pheromones are a good indicator of mating compatibility to our subconscious instinct. So what I'm doing here is taking that concept, and making it so the 'source' material, people that bear the same SEED are the only people they find attractive. Add in the prerogative of passing the SEED on...well a harem can then form.

In the case of preventing inbreeding, I'm making use of the fact that the SEED seems to increase spatial awareness, to the point where someone in SEED mode can detect something about to happen on the battlefield they should not be able to, and react to it. So I'm creating a 'frequency' for each original SEED. This allows each person who has that SEED frequency to detect and respond to each other. Kind of like a mental bond. Children born from them will have a SEED, but on a different 'frequency' than their parents. And for those who would argue against the possibility of Kira and Cagalli having a child together due to them being siblings, I have a different idea on that. Uzumi Attha states that Cagalli is a Natural. Kira was genetically modified after being put in the artificial womb. By changing the genetic material it removes many of the shared genes, making them distant cousins genetically at best. With only 23 gene pairs in human DNA, changing even ONE of them is significant.

Finally, and the biggest stretch I'm trying is what I call 'resonance.' In this case, people who share the same SEED while in SEED mode have their abilities amplified. This would be due to the fact that more minds are processing whats going on around them, instead of just one. So they would be able to react even faster than before. A little weak, yes. But its as far my logic path would go before breaking down completely.

Now then, harem lists:

Kira- Flay, Natarle, Lacus, Cagalli, Miriallia more to be determined, if any (if i go into Destiny, then Lunamaria and Stella)

Athrun- Meer, Meyrin, more to be determined, if any.

Fanfiction.net thoughts:

I might actually reconsider my stance on Harry Potter Fandom. IF(!) its a time travel or AU fic and involves Harry/Hermione. JK, you destroyed your own series. How it should have bloody ended (as someone who refused to read book 7): Ron dies, Voldemort dies, Snape dies, Malfoy dies, Harry ends up with Hermione, Ginny is viewed as his little sister. The relationship there was forced, it was actually painful to read. There was far more interaction and character development between Harry and Hermione than Ron and Hermione. In my mind, the series is left open after book 4. Period. Oh, and I'm bloody convinced that Dumbledore was either evil, incompetent, or manipulative. No excuse otherwise for all that he FAILED to do. (Addendum): I guess I have to accept Book 5. Solely due to Tonks. My HP pairings now include: Hermione, Luna, Padma, Daphne, and Susan.

Its official. I no longer care about Naruto fanfiction. Sorry for those that wanted more from me, but its...lost its appeal.

This site is getting as bad as AFF.net The only difference is that there are still five or so het pairings that show up a day. But thats it.

For those interested in what I watch anime-wise, here you go:

Holy crap! my Harry Potter community is currently #1086 out of 7510 in terms of archive size! Thats within the top 15%!

H/HR Forever. We've known since 1997.


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