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My bloody god, haven't updated my profile for a long time. About bloody time to do it. So yea i'm a writer and things, currently trying out some new things and new stories so yea. Anyways, don't really have much to say so i'm just gonna end it here


I am not telling you my age, my actual name, or my school but i will tell you that i do live in Texas US.

as usual, i accept OCs but here are the qualifications

Nothing with a kind of powerup or something(no extra power like invisibility or flight, unless has wings or something,)

and i only accept OCs that i ask for.

follow these or i wont even consider it.

Minecraft OCs

minecraft OC

name: Eldritch

age: 30

species: Dwarf

personality: very determined, born to dig but sometimes dig too deep and awakens something in the darkness(actually happened before, i awakened herobrine), quite straight foward, tactical, more of a lone wolf

occupation: Head of the Tools of the Trade Enterprise, digger, builder, warrior, survivor


Name: Icarus

age: 26

species: former angel, now pony

personality: has a knack for new things, always thinking, when caught up with his work he tends to block everything else out.

Occupation: local Inventor

Things i like to do

-Write stories(obviously)

-film videos for youtube, but mostly animations, if you want to hear some minecraft song parodies, check out fallen kingdoms, revenge, tnt, or minecraft style, made by me but i did the animation and some lyrics, the real captain sparkles is my cousin's cousin. but he allowed me access to his account, (DON'T TELL HIM THAT, HE WANTS TO KEEP IT SECRET)




-hang with my friends

-listen to music

-makeing parodies

-pissing off my enemies

-getting good grades


Stories in work: Tekkit

Stories complete: None (yet)

Stories discontinued: None

Stories in thought: Foward unto Dawn, Escape

Random things for you

If you play a instrument then paste this into your profile

If you want more minecraft song parodies then paste this into your profile

If you sing along with songs out loud then paste this into your profile

if you worship Jesus the Mesiah or God then paste this into your profile

if you like minecraft then paste this into your profile

if you like minecraft parody songs made of real songs then paste this into your profile

if you like CaptainSparkles youtube songs then paste this into your profile

if you like Form this way, Fallen Kingdoms, Revenge, or Can't Stop then paste this into your profile

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Into the unknown reviews
A spell that gone wrong takes the mane 6 into a world made of blocks, but they will find someone who will help them, Ulrich, thrown into another world right out of the blue, finds them one by one, and tries to help them survive the harsh world of minecraft
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Tekkit reviews
Simon, and Lewis has came across tekkit and decided to build a Jaffa cake factory with the help of Duncan, and also try to best sips co, but their plan takes a little change of twist when 6 colorful ponies comes through a portal to their world, who are they? did they get here from a different dimension? Wheres my Jaffa Cakes? all OC slots filled already.
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with their victory, has magalor really been defeated? what would happen if they all came to Equestria? (note this is my first fan fic so pls read and help me pls)
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