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I have a gender of female

Oldness of a hundred

Nuts? Yeah, I think I am

Disclaimer: This applies to all my stories, I'm so tired of writing it in each chapter. I don't own any characters except my OCs. The plots belong to me but not the original shows.

Anyways so far I have six ficclings:

Single Candle Lit:
-In Progress
: Modern time, high school fic, AU, OOC, 2 OC pairings
-Inuyasha/Kagome, Sesshoumaru/Rin, Miroku/Sango, Kouga/Ayame, Naraku/?


Wanted Loneliness:
-In Progress
: Modern time, AU, OOC


His Pity On Her Life:
-On Hiatus
: Feudal Era, OOC, slight AU


Defining Together:
-In Progress
: Modern time, Mostly in Russia , AU, OOC, OC pairing


He Fished Her Out:
-In Progress...
: Middle ages (long time forgotten, you know: princes, princesses, kingys, and queenys, and yeah!), AU, (I think) OOC, OC pairing
-Kai/OC, Tala/OC and maybe Johnny/OC


Behind It All
-In Progress
: Modern time, AU, OOC, OC pairing


Anyways yeah those are my fics and if you want to you... My work is down there, check them out!

Guess what?

BIA chapter 5 up! I'm happy! I'm almost getting to the good parts. Those will most likely come in the next chapter. So yeah, I'm going to work on HFHO now!

Chapter 21 for SCL up! Umm I just wanted to say that Kouga will now be paired up with Ayame. Blah, just take a look at Ch.21 for more details.
Yes, I'm working on DT, so just wait a little bit more. Hehe, hopefully. XD

Okay, I've just updated HFHO and now I'm currently working on BPD (Ha! Hint! Hint!). Also I'd like to state that if some of my sentences look weird, it's because won't let you up the ! and ? together anymore so then it just picks one. Why won't it let me put both of them on? Why? Why? Man that stinks... I hope they fix that, because it's getting to me. : (

I have decided that I will only reply to my reviewers, if a reply is needed, or somewhere along those lines.
I have also noticed that I have not been updating for long periods of time. I'm not going to promise but I will try to update a story each month, I do have more than one fic and it isn't easy to update all of then in a month. Not only that, I've been getting some serious beef from the internet, and it's infuriating.
I'm sorry but I might put my all Inuyasha ficclings on hiatus. It isn't exactly an extended hiatus like HPOHL, it's more like just putting WL and SCL on low priority. Right now I just seem more interested in my Beyblade ficclings. Hopefully I'll get over this and not have to put SCL and WL on "low priority" -cough- hiatus.
Asides from that... Two Ficclings! Beyblade and Inuyasha! Details for these two will be out later. Oh and I'm thinking of a Naruto ficcling -I haven't decided yet if I want to post this. But I'm 50 percent positive that I'll post the BB and Inu or either.
Lastly! I updated DT! Yay!

Mental Monkey

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He Fished Her Out reviews
Kai rescues a girl and she doesn't want to go back- for a reason. So she stays with him but she has to be his so called slave. Things happen. KaixOC
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Wanting to get married Kai goes back to Russia for help from his friends taking his girlfriend along. She catches him with another girl, and she runs to Tala. Can Kai get her back from his bestfriend? KaixOCxTala
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