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Update: Jan. 4, 2018

This desperately needed updating anyway.

Just wanted to let anyone who comes by here know that things haven't changed. Like I put in the chapter note, the Wrath of Cain is still underway, but gets pushed back for the paying work I have now. I have been getting a few comments and messages about how long it's taking, so I decided I needed to put it up here.

I'll go ahead and say I'm recently back from a trip to Bulgaria. I went for the primary reason of meeting the rest of the team working on the VR shooter, and spent the week working directly with them on the project, seeing it first-hand, and of course, trying the buggy test-builds. The space I had to try it wasn't the greatest, since the game has a punch mechanic to knock enemies back, and I nearly broke my hand when I punched the wall. But the game keeps looking better with every new build I've got since getting back, too.

Now, most of my writing time has been working on that script, making changes to fit the changing level designs and mechanics. I've been working on Wrath of Cain's next chapter in spurts, but again, the game takes priority. I'm going to try to get onto a schedule with it this month, but no promises.

Speaking of the game, though, the visual novel I mentioned before, my part on that has been done since December 2016. The publisher is the same people as this VR game, and the issue previously was getting an artist. That's been taken care of now, but I've been informed they actually want to rebuild the whole thing in Unity so it can have animation and voice acting, at least on the level of those Nekopara Cafe VNs, but probably even more involved than that. That does mean it's pushed back further, but not going to lie, I am pretty proud to be told that they think it's worth that kind of effort and investment. And even more proud that they're already wanting to make it a trilogy instead of a one-off, so I'm in the planning phase for the rest of it as well. Fortunately, it was actually a small addition that I was able to tack onto the ending to open it for more, rather than needing

Now, specifically to the folks who are using anonymous reviews to send me passive aggressive comments about my work speed: In addition to what I've mentioned above, I'm still working a full-time job on top of this writing job AND working on the fanfiction. When I get home in the evening, I either spend my time writing, or playing video games, and plenty of days I'm too tired to want to write for any length. I always do a little bit, even if it's just a couple sentences or a single paragraph, but then I'll switch over to something to relieve tension and stress of the workday, same as anyone who has a real job often needs in the evening.

Simple fact is if I can't put my best into it, I won't write for long, whether its the fanfiction or the paying job.

If you feel being a passive-aggressive jerk about it will speed me up, you're sadly mistaken. If anything, you're just making me want to take more time. Fortunately for both you and the other readers, I don't write for your sake, I write for mine, because I want to tell stories. That is an act I actually enjoy, and I'm just happy so many people have decided they enjoy my stories to stick with me.

Next chapter of Wrath of Cain, I'm fairly certain will be ready to post next week, two weeks at the most, after the time of this post. After that, I'm sorry, but I repeat again: I will try, but make no promises to any kind of schedule. I'd rather take longer to make sure I'm putting my best into it than just shovel out junk to hit a deadline.

Current stories:

The Silent Kingdom

A What-if story set in the wake of the Twilight Princess. Link, Midna, and Zelda are the only survivors of a dark magic that has turned every living creature and plant in Hyrule to stone. Now, they journey to a far away land of magic called Mystara to find the one responsible, and a way to save the kingdom. Lots of new friends and enemies await them as they explore this new land, and little do they know, the three of them will eventually decide the fate of not just Hyrule, but the entire world. Status: Complete.

Devil May Cry: Retribution

Set one year after the events of Devil May Cry 4, the Devil Hunters find themselves under attack by a mercenary corporation after their Devil Arms. Hunters are going missing at an alarming rate, and their search for answers takes a bloody turn as they find themselves now the target of genetically engineered half-demon assassins. Status: On Hold due to DMC5 rumors.

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