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Pokémon Black: The White Hero of Truth

A novelization based on the story of Pokémon Black. The White Hero of Truth centers around its version of the female player as she sets out on her first Pokémon journey. It will mainly focus on the events revolving around Team Plasma and is intended to be a darker, more serious take on Black and White. It may end up containing some heavier violence, language, and will have romance. As it is not a exact novelization, there will be some original content and the characters' ages and personalities are slightly modified according to my take of the story.

UPDATES will not run on a specific time basis. Chapters will be posted as they are written, though reviews will likely motivate the demand.

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I must apologize to my readers. If you're wondering on why I'm still taking a slow time to update, read this. My laptop, as of a few weeks ago, has died. The hard drive isn't functioning and therefore I'm forced to use a different computer that doesn't belong to me in order to check in on things and write in small fractions. Until this is resolved, I'll continue doing my best to get chapters posted, though it will be at a considerably slower rate having to use a computer that isn't mine. It looks as though my computer will be getting fixed soon, but until then, please be patient with me, and I'm very sorry for this inconvenience.


Anwyn Hale

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Anwyn is the main protagonist, and is this story's version of White/Touko/Hilda. She's a somewhat stubborn girl with a bit of a short temper, but possesses a compassionate heart, especially when it comes to Pokémon. She tends to be easily excited and doesn't have a lot of patience, which is often pointed out by her friend--and rival--Cheren. Her other friend, Bianca, acts as the voice of reason when they start to bicker. Now that she's been selected to aid Professor Juniper in her studies, she can embark from her quiet hometown and venture around Unova. She has an unusual habit of nicknaming her Pokémon.

Cheren Aderhold

Age: 15

Gender: Male

A boy from Nuvema town who grew up with Anwyn and Bianca. He is calm, intelligent, and focused, but sometimes arrogant and overconfident. He aspires to become the Champion of the Unova League and earn recognition as the most powerful Trainer of the region. He does, however, have insecurities, and ponders the meaning of true strength. His favorite hobby is reading, and he often uses the knowledge he's obtained from books in order to pursue his goals.

Bianca Everett

Age: 15

Gender: Female

A flighty, but kind girl, Bianca is the last of the three fledgling Trainers selected by Professor Juniper to record data around Unova with the Pokédex. She does her best to be dependable, even when scared, and desires to journey with Pokémon in order to discover what she wants to do in life. She's grown up in a sheltered household run by her overprotective father, who disapproves of her invitation to travel. This has left her with little confidence in herself, or her own abilities. Nonetheless, she remains smiling and positive and always encourages her friends when the going gets tough.


Age: 17

Gender: Male

A mysterious young man who encounters Anwyn multiple times during her journey. He talks rather quickly and, stranger yet, claims to understand the words of Pokémon. Despite being a Trainer, he has mixed feelings about people's methods of capturing and raising Pokémon and will never refer to them as things he owns--instead he calls them his "friends". While his ambitions come across as unusual, he has a very gentle side that doesn't understand the feelings of people, including himself.

Ghetsis Harmonia

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

The leader of the order of the Seven Sages in the organization Team Plasma. He also commands the elusive Shadow Triad. Ghetsis first appears before Anwyn speaking for his king in Accumula Town about humanity's oppression of Pokémon. A lust for power lies beyond his intentions, despite how loyal he alleges to be to his king...

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2. What do you think? Should Oz evolve?

Of course! Samurott all the way--evolve him up! Otherwise he won't be able to keep up with the foes ahead, let alone fit in.

10 » 71%

Evolve him one stage into Dewott and then leave him alone. Samurott doesn't seem to suit him well, though I can see him maturing into a strong Dewott.

4 » 28%

No. Oz is too likable as an Oshawott. I can't imagine him evolving into Dewott or Samurott; no evolution whatsoever.

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Which Fire-type should replace Pansear in Anwyn's team? -As the author does not plan to give any of the elemental monkeys to Cheren, Bianca, or Anwyn.-


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None; replace it with a different type altogether.

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