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Author has written 19 stories for Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy VII.

I have been away for a ridiculously long amount of time. Nearly three years now, right? At least two... I am terribly sorry for my disappearance and for my inevitable style change. But I would like to return, if anyone is still out there.

SirenMist~ 8/9/16


Thank you for visiting my profile! I have an update schedule listed below, some interesting information about myself, and some teasers for what I currently have slated to write! Feel free to check it out, or skip right to the bottom if you're here to read my stories!



Please check out the forum by MyKingdomFan, 'Calling All Groupies!' It's for Yuffentiners, Cloti fans, Zaerith fans, and Shid fans!

For more updates and previous, older ones, check below where it reads, 'Updates by SirenMist'!


New Update Schedule: These are not ranked in order of priority, either.

Okay, clearly this schedule is obsolete. I'll be coming up with a new one after my first few weeks of college. I need to get an idea for how much time I have to be working on fanfictions.

1.) Hidden Schemes: When I return in July of 2013! I hope to complete it this summer.
2.) Terra, A Noun Meaning Chaos: When I return in July of 2013.
3.) The Spy Who Loved Me: Hopefully, when I return in July of 2013.
4.) Written In Stone: No current plans for updating - just whenever the time's convenient. Might discontinue.
5.) Messing With Valentine: I'm currently focusing on other projects. I'll update when possible.
6.) Single Red Rose, Single White Wing: Whenever I feel that the chapter is good enough to hit the site!
7.) Darkside: May or may not update - It's currently listed as complete, but that's subject to change.
8.) Seven Minutes in Seventh Heaven: When all my previous projects are up and running again.


Most avatars used are not my drawings unless otherwise specified - the profile pic that reads, 'SirenMist' is mine. Hidden Schemes' pic is mine, Terra, a Noun Meaning Chaos' pic is mine, 'Single Red Rose' pic is mine, the 'Burden of Innocence' pic is mine, and 'Beauty and the Galian Beasts' pic is mine. The 'Across the Ocean', 'Little One of the Lifestream', and the 'Darkside' pics are mine. The "Most Potent of Them All" pic belongs to me. I created them (however crappy they may be, I still assume the ownership) on mundane Paint.Thank you!


Updates by SirenMist

June 1, 2013,

I just wanted to say that when I come back next month, my top priority will be the rewriting and completion of Hidden Schemes, my first fic. I'm so sorry to those who've been patiently waiting for me to get my act together. I hope to have it done by the end of summer! After that, I will focus on Terra, a Noun Meaning Chaos and The Spy Who Loved Me, and hopefully have those completed in a couple of months, though the latter might take a great deal of time because I lost the prompts list that went with it when my computer crashed. Thanks again for the patience, guys!!!

May 31, 2013,

Hey, guys! Thank you all for your patience. I've yet to find a solid solution for my laptop problems, but this has been working well enough. I just wanted to give y'all an update and say that I won't be updating during the month of June for various reasons, though I might get one or two things posted this weekend. See y'all in July!


May 16th, 2013,

I'm working on my laptop problem. As most of you have probably noticed, I've gotten a few things updated, but not some - namely, Terra, a Noun Meaning Chaos. I apologize for the delay, but I'm only updating stories that I have the chapters written already. Most of my stories are near completion on my laptop, so it's easy to just post them. However, some stories I write chapter to chapter. I'm seriously working on the issue, and I hope that I'll be able to come up with a more permanent plan for solving my laptop screen mishap.

Thank you for your continued support and patience,



Update: I have published Burden of Innocence's sequel, titled, Single Red Rose, Single White Wing. How often I update is debatable, and right now, I'm trying to start up my old stories that I wrote and dropped, so the continuation of the stories: Darkside, and, Seven Minutes in Seventh Heaven, will be put on hold til I feel comfortable with updating again!


I've just finished writing Burden of Innocence, my first multi-chap fic that I've completed. It's also the one with the least amount of chapters, but it has a lot of words. I'm gonna miss that Yuffentine. I'm writing a sequel, however, so that should be around sometime soon. There's a sense of accomplishment that came with finishing my story, but I'm sad to see it go - even if it has only been two weeks since I published it.


I just finished Dirge of Cerberus, and I about cried at the end!!! I knew that there were no more games and I already knew how it ended, but actually putting myself through watching all of the cutscenes and then the end of the series - torture! I hated clicking on Part 24/24, 'cause it was like, "This is it. This is the last FF7 scene in the FF7 series. I didn't really understand the secret ending, but it left room for a sequel. It's too bad we all know that's not gonna happen :{ I feel like my hearts broken right now...

Basic Info

Gender: Girl

Age: All I'm saying is that I am in college.

Religious Beliefs: Christian

Outlook: Idealist and a Hopeless Romantic. But now, I'm a little jaded and have some trust issues...

For those who don't know, I'm SirenMist - previously known to the Quizilla world as Elleonyx13. Anyways, I LOVE Kingdom Hearts with a burning passion, and FFVII, too! If you really want to know much more about me, just hit PM!



Yuffie x Vincent - *sigh* They're my OTP! It's so incredibly cute how he's all broody and tainted, and she's so energetic and pure. They balance each other out as total opposites, and I personally think that DoC kind of hinted at not so much romantic relationship, but in the very least, a mutual bond to each other as best friends or something of the sort.

Cloud x Tifa - Face it, Nomura confirmed it as cannon. I might like a non-cannon Yuffentine, but at least I know my Cloti is in-game! I think that Cloud loved Aerith, but not the way he loved Tifa. It seems that he clung to Aerith because he craved being needed as a protector, since that's what he set out to do for Tifa, but when he came back, Teef was kind of already kickass. She doesn't need someone to kiss her boo-boos. She's Tifa, and she's so cute with Cloud because she knows how to comfort him, give him space, and still throw a solid punch if he's acting to broody.

Aerith X Zack - actually, the only reason I even like Aerith is because of Zack. I'm maybe the only girl out there who cheered when Sephiroth split that chick open! I don't like her because she's Mary Sue-ish (who cares if she fights a little) and because she came between Cloud and Tifa! I love Zack - he's so adorable! - so I have to like Aerith, and they do make a cute afterlife couple, huh?


Aqua x Terra - Terra needs someone to be the light - ha - at the end of his tunnel! I mean, come on, she jumped in and sacrificed her future for him. They love each other, admit it ;)

My Favorite pairings include Terra/Aqua, Larxene/Axel, Kairi/Sora - Even though I CANNOT stand Kairi- Roxas/Namine, Roxas/Xion, Riku/Xion, Vanitas/Xion
I Can't Stand flames.


You know You're Reading A SirenMist KH Story When:
- Aqua and Terra are the first Confirmed Couple! - Well, duh!
- Larxene and Axel are the second confirmed couple!
- The Narrator Changes throughout the story; i.e. It goes from Terra to Aqua
- I make those cheesy references to a quote from in the game.
- KAIRI IS THE MEANEST MEAN THAT EVER MEANED! I know, that was completely an insult to the English language, but hey! So is Kairi -_-
- There's some dramatic, romantic scene in every chapter
- The author's note gives something away from the next update
- Terra's disposition is dark and brooding unless he's with his friends
- Terra blames EVERYTHING on himself

And You Know It's A SirenMist FF7 Story When:
-Vincent and Yuffie are in LURV! (That's Yuffie for Love)
-There's Cloti, and any hints of Claerith are considered sin
-Lucrecia is portrayed as the *itch she is
-Cid is Yuffie's father figure, and Reeve's like her uncle
-Vinnie has a totally 'Hopeless Romantic' side to go with his brooding
-Shelke is not mentioned - and if she is, it is very fleeting and used as potential 'Yuffster Jealousy'
-There's Angst galore
-Yuffie and Vincent's relationship grows more and more complicated

Stories To Come:

The Organization Pleads the First
Summary: When the Organization XIII theatens to go on strike, Nomura will do anything to get them to keep their end of the KH bargain. But suddenly, Xemnas gets it in his head to haggle, and now they're in deep. And little Demyx is lost in the Big Apple.
Rating: T
Teaser: "Demyx, I'm going to count to three and if you aren't back-" "Uh, Zexion, I think we have a problem." "What?" "...It's the fangirls."

Creature of Darkness -The essential plot line is the plot of The Phantom of the Opera, starring Terranort as the phantom, Aqua as Christine, Zack as Roul, and Ven as Meg. Yes, I realize that Ven is not a girl, and I promise this isn't a gender bender. I'm actually changing up the Meg character so that it can be a guy. Their personalities and roles just fit, you know?

I plan to make Burden of Innocence and Single Red Rose into a trilogy.


I hope you enjoyed my profile! Send me a private message for more information regarding any concerns or ideas you might have! I will write stories for people if they want to see something done that hasn't been done before, so if you're a person visiting the site without a login, leave your request in a review and I'll do my best!

I tend to be a busy person, so if I fall off the face of the Internet for a couple of weeks, that's normal ;) Thank you for visiting! Come again soon!


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Always Smiling by Ezzie Valentine reviews
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