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Hi, you can call me Rei or Angel, I'm fine with both.

If you clicked on my profile because I'm a moderator of Fairy Tail Forever, here's what I have to say to you: unless you specifically insult me or others or tell someone to go kill themselves, etc, chances are I won't go around smashing by warn hammer around. You can tell me anything and don't be afraid to argue with me if you think I made an unfair decision. I am obviously not perfect so I might screw-up every now and then. I'm not close-minded enough to think I can make no wrongs. If your case is convincing enough, you can sway my opinion to change matters. I encourage freedom of speech so speak out loud! As long as this freedom isn't used in a scathing way then I have no quarrels with you. Just wanted to point that out for some that might be shier than others.

Rp character:

Fairy Tail Forever:

Name: Seraf Fravashi

Nickname: N/a

Gender: female

Age: 26

Species: human

Sexual orientation : Bisexual

Affiliation: Eclipse

Rank: Roughly s-class

Appearance: Woman of a 166 cm stature. She tries to keep the appearance of an uninteresting traveler. She wears a light brown traveler's cloak draped over the left side of her body, hiding her arm, dark leather (or whatever the most common material is for pants in that universe) and a plain grey shirt. On top of this, she wears a dark leather breastplate that covers most of her body, the things exposed being her arms, legs and head. She tends to keep her hood up to also hide her face. Naturally blond hair that she dyed ebony like Zeref's that ends at her shoulders. Green eyes but she wears red contacts (or some sorta magic contraption) to hide them as well. She also has an odd tatoo on her cheek. Not very curvy but admittedly not on the ugly side either.

Personality: Seraf is a quiet mage dripping in self-confidence. She sees herself as being stronger than most or at least smarter. When in a conversation, she has a very systematic way of talking. If she holds any sort of respect for the other person, she'll stay calm and collected, indifferent almost. It's not that she doesn't care, it's more to keep appearance. Having been emotionally scarred in the past, in her mind, the less she seems to care the better. In other circumstances, she'll just be cold with no underlying feelings. She tends to be on the sarcastic side as well. However, if she sees someone that she figures she can exploit to get something incredible, she won't mind putting on an act of the outgoing and nice stranger. Being a surprisingly good actress after so long doing it, it looks real now. In battle she tries to assess a situation and evaluate the strength of her opponents before dropping barrages of magic. Then, she waits for the opportune time to use hers. She's quick on her feet and precise in her blows but lacks any brute strength. If she considers herself too outclassed, she feels no qualms in running away even if it means she has to let her teammates behind. She spends most of her time doing work but when she's not, she's an avid reader and loves to hang out in bars, mostly to pick up sexual partners for the night. She has no interest in a steady relationship as she doesn't believe in "that idiotic true love bs." She doesn't have any plans for the future. She's extremely selfish and likes to work for her own gain. She tends to frequent dark guilds where she accepts missions in exchange of any sort of benefit but has no interest in joining them. Lastly, despite everything, she will never actively try to kill anyone unless she has no choice but to.

History: Get ready children because it's story time!

Seraf was born in a small town in the land of Fiore. She was the firstborn of her family with her brother being born 3 years after her. She was raised in modesty, her parents weren't the richest folks around but they were far from the poorest as well. As a baby, she was surprisingly silent, not ever speaking and rarely even crying, she seemed passive. Even her toys didn't get a kick out of her most of the time. Her parents often wondered what was wrong with her and yet they never seemed to find a good answer to the question. Even back then, she was quite introverted, having seemingly no interest in the other babies, never wanting to play with them. When Makhal, her younger brother was born, she was 3 years old and had yet to utter a word. She had been walking fine for 2 years now and her parents had taught her how to read and thus, she spent all her time, searching for children's books and reading them, several she read multiple times. One day, she tried to read a tome regarding various types of magic's that she found at the local library to no avail. Sadenned by this, she went back home to her parents and her brother that was now a few months old. Her parents asked what was wrong, hoping to finally hear her talk but she merely pointed at the book she had taken, in her mind but we know this more along the lines of stealing, and pouted. After that, her father, although he wasn't a mage himself, read her the book and made it his mission for her to understand everything. This went on until she was 4 years old when she finally spoke for the first time, unsurprisingly, in complete sentences although she still held a childish vibe as she spoke.

Later that year, Seraf was enrolled into a small school where she learned the basics to live inthis world. Still being introverted, Seraf never made friends with anyone, preferring the confort of her books rather than the company of others, after all she had her parents for that. She was occasionally picked on like everyone else but her lack of a reaction proved effective in repelling everyone. As such, she passed like a shadow through school, never truly noticed and never truly cared for.

Everything changed, however, when she accidentally discovered her magic at age 8. She was walking around in the woods, her parents lagging behind as they took of Makhal, when she was ambushed by a group of thieves who wanted to abduct her to get some money out of it. She was immediately muffled and thus unable to yell for assistance. The way they treated her alongside her fear caused her to be caught in a panic attack which unlocked her magic. She emanated a dark green mist around herself. The effects were fairly weak compared to what her magic could truly do but that was more than enough to stop the bandits as they got nauseous and herself as she lost consciousness from using too much of her magic reserves. She was found quickly after by her parents who also found the bandits. They were arrested and the young Seraf was taken to the hospital. Her recovery, however, didn't go very well. For some reason, her magic constantly leaked out of her body, not only preventing her magical reserves to replenish but also endangering everyone around her. It was quite a common illness but doctors didn't want to get anywhere close to her and she was thus sealed until a mage could come solve the issue or someone had the guts to get sick to heal the little lady. As it turns out, an adventuring mage made her way to the city and accepted Seraf's parents' cry for help. Following the doctor's advice, the wandering mage healed Seraf's illness. As it turned out, thus mage was another user of the same magic and seeing someone with a natural affinity with it, much like her, filled her with joy. She wanted to take Seraf under her wing but the parents refused immediately because, to no one's surprise, they didn't want their daughter wandering in the dangerous world of magic with her only companion being some girl they met an hour ago. Nor wanting to give up on this recruit, the mage established herself in the town. When Seraf woke up, she found her parents and the mage, named Kiera, waiting for her. Seraf took a liking to the mage almost instantly and went through with the proposal for training. Her parents vehemently ordered the train g to stay within the city grounds and that it shouldn't injure anyone. Kiera accepted these conditions.

The first bouts of training were all about controlling the magic and it's deadly consequences which proved to be fairly difficult. It took Seraf 2 months to fully master such a basic step in her training. Kiera consoled her, telling her every mage that used this magic had similar issues. It took Seraf 6 years to even be considered a d-class mage. She felt disheartened at the news but Kiera told her she was making progress quite fast,pestilence magic was just one that was excessively slow to master to to its limitations as to how many times it could be used in a day. Apparently training with this magic would become something like an exponential curve for Seraf, in Kiera's point of view. Although Kiera herself was a respectable b-class, she was certain that Seraf could surpass her as the current mentor hadn't been born with the same affinity. She expected Seraf to become a c-class mage within 2 years, a b-class within 3 and perhaps even an a - class mage or more. Enthusiast with the idea, Seraf continued her training relentlessly. Seeing her work like this, Makhal, her brother, also wanted to become a mage. He became a healer because he was sick of seeing his sister come back bruised by her own magic so often. He wasn't great at it, he was barely even able to use magic but it didn't matter to his sister. Their bonds strengthened more and more during this time and their parents fully supported them. Sadly, the first dark cloud presented itself when Seraf was 15 and a half as her brother went through an early rebellious phase and fled home. It was a sad day for everyone involved but everyone pushed forward, certain they would find him one day again.

At age 16, Seraf's parents finally agreed for her to go adventuring with her mentor. Now a c-class mage, she was more than capable of taking care of herself. The two had chosen to study the activities of a species of creature. The mission took them a full month to complete but when they did, they happily came back to their town... that had been ravaged while they were away. Apparently, Kiera had become somewhat of a guardian in the city unbeknownst to her and everyone around. During these 6 years, there had been a budding war taking place in the city,one between to dark guilds that had been keeping a low profile. They didn't fear Kiera's strength, they feared her contacts as Kiera was part of Mermaid Heel. A member of such a prestigious guild being defeated by a dark guild was news more than worthy of spreading. The dark guilds didn't want to risk themselves to wage a war that was only to show dominance. With Kiera gone, they attacked each other more openly. This quickly became bigger and bigger. The town cried for help but it was too little too late. The town had been destroyed by the collateral damage. Not wanting any witness, the winning dark guild ordered the silence of everyone in the city. The winning guild had forced the ranks of their opponents to join them. Their first assignment was the murder of everyone. They did so resulting in the death of everyone in the city. Now with their combined might, they no longer feared legal guilds and wanted to make their grand introduction to the world. Seraf ran to her house to find the rotting corpses of her now dead parent. She stared at them with wide terrified eyes as the image engraved itself in her mind, not only as a scarring final image of her parents, not only as a brutal welcome to the true world outside of what she knew but also as a painful reminder of just what her magic could do to people. Kiera guided her away from the city as she didn't want her student to remember this day anymore vividly then she already would.

The two of them went back to the Mermaid Heel hall. Seraf decided to join the guild and she lived together with her mentor for 4 years. During this time, she discovered her attraction to other women as she developed feelings for her teacher, who shut her down for being far too young. At the time of her confession, Seraf was 19 and Kiera was 31. At this point in time, Seraf had stopped becoming exponentially better and had to work considerably more to get any stronger. She was an a - rank at the time. A year later, Seraf dropped out of Mermaid Heel. She wanted to find the ones responsible for her parents' death. This search, to this day, has been fruitless. However Seraf did lose something quite important during these travels: her integrity. As the years went on, she started caring less and less about frequenting dark guilds and accepting missions of questionable origins to have the necessary money to continue on her quest to find the culprit.

One of these missions ended rather poorly, however. During her time in a dark guild, she was approached by a shady man who seemed to know a lot about her. The man wanted her to go through with an assassination mission because he wanted the appreciating the suffering on the target's family's face as they saw him die. He had a fairly specific request: the target had to die from her magic or else she wouldn't get paid. She was reluctant to agree but when the client mentioned the exuberant sum he was willing to pay, she put her mind at ease to instead be led by pure greed. It was her first assassination mission and this she tried to avoid listening to what the other person was telling her. As she expected, upon finding the man, who she had received descriptions if but not any names to speak of, he called out to her,claiming something she didn't listen to. She quickly went to work and stabbed the man in his right arm, expecting her magic to spread through the body which would result in a slow and painful death.

It was then she realized...

That man...

Was her long lost brother: Makhal.

She had been the one the client wanted to see in pain. Angered, she clenched her teeth to think of a solution and the only one she had at hand was the most painful one for herself mentally and the worst one for her brother physically. Still, unwilling to just let him die, with no one to heal him and no ingredients or time to make an antidote, Seraf had no choice but to use a knife to amputate her brother's arm. Using the first aid kit he always had on himself, even when they were kids, Seraf bandaged the wound and dropped him to a nearby hospital along with the knife she had used. She wanted to use it as a final memento of herself. She never took another assassination mission after this.

This event happened 4 years ago. Ever since, Seraf changed her appearance, dying her hair black and wearing something to alter her eye color to red as well as cutting her hair shorter to avoid Makhal recognizing her. She didn't think she could stand next to him again after what she did. Seraf has also been looking for leads regarding this client as she believed he held to key to the slaughter of her town. Many questions remained unanswered but Seraf stood forth, adamant to answer them all. She didn't want to avenge her parents anymore, just put herself and her diseased family in a much needed rest.

Weapons: Seraf always keeps two weapons on herself. One is a baselard nicknamed peshkatz that she keeps in her right boot and the second is a much more regular dagger she nicknamed Halkam. Neither have any sort of magical features nor ornaments. They're plain knives that Seraf uses every now and then.

Magic: Pestilence magic. The magic of pestilence usually comes out like a dark green haze from the user's body. It makes organs, skin, anything it can touch into a rotting pile of sludge. Advanced users can also focus it in a more concentrated manner, similar to Gray's ice-make magic but far less potent since it requires tremendous and sustained concentration to function. Before killing your enemies like this, you will need to apply pestilence magic to an open wound. When the magic is breathed in rather than forcefully injected into blood streams, it will cause nausea, will sting the eyes, etc. Even then, extended exposure to the mist will still eventually cause similar effect to sulfur mustard (google it if you want but I warn you that it ain't the prettiest thing.) Because you need several years to master this magic, it takes extremely long to do anything good with it. True masters have become SS class mages using this magic but those are perhaps rarer than dragon slayers. Seraf is well on her way to be one one of these legends but she'll still need at least a decade or two to do it. For now: she's roughly an s-class mage.

Magic limitations: Pestilence magic is completely worthless against something that isn't alive or already dead. It also lacks sheer strength, instead being a better tool to weaken your opponent slowly, a terrible contrast to the fact it is extremely taxing to use it. Seraf can only use her magic a handful of times before she loses all of it, after an average of 5 uses of her magic, she will be rendered unable to cast it anymore. Also, sustaining a spell will drain through her reserves much quicker than anything else. For example, she can conjure a nice that is extremely lethal but she'll be unable to keep it active for more than 5 minutes before her energy is drained fully. She is also not immune to her magic herself, she just has a high resistance to it because she's the wielder. That being said, she's usually directly in contact with the weapons she creates and thus, her own magic will burn her hands while she's using it in that form. Additionally, pestilence magic is volatile, one good hit with it while in a concentrated form will shatter the object into mist. Punching Seraf will also have her lose her focus and reduce the magic to nothing. Pestilence magic has a tremendously high risk to using it and can easily backfire but chances are, if you're hit by it, you have very chance of saving whatever was touched. It's not impossible to heal but much more difficult than most other ailments.

Magic moves: Although you're not gonna see Seraf yelling the names of her attacks, here's her basic arsenal.

Pestilent wave: The most basic way to use pestilence magic. This very simple and straightforward move launches a jet of mist at the opponent. It's effect aren't very potent however. This move is better used to stun an opponent or force them into a tactical retreat. This move has no killing potential.

Pestilent wall: Erects a wall using pestilence magic. The wall can be up to 2 meters long and 3 meters high. You cannot put momentum on this wall which makes it a purely defensive ability. Much like any type of pestilence magic, the wall will easily shatter when hit by an attack but chances are it will stop the momentum of the attacking person, and, well, they'll suffer from the usual ailments from pestilence magic if they just ram it with their fists.

Pestilent cloud: Another strictly defensive ability. Upon being deployed, pestilent cloud will exude a cloud around the user. The more condensed around the user it is, the deadlier however if it is too condensed, it can choke the user and cause nausea. The cloud has to stay around the user and they cannot move as they employ this defense. Moving while using this will leave a quickly vanishing trail. This trail has little use.

Pestilent rope: A very simple attack again. Honestly, the name says it all. Seraf will conjure a rope using her magic to trap her opponent. This rope has to stay attached to her and thus cannot be used to simply imprison someone to an object without doing a little bit of work. Sadly, the rope is volatile like any other variance of pestilence magic. It is, thus, better used to catch an opponent off guard and quickly make them lose their balance. This is mostly a supporting ability.

Blessing of pestilence: Temporarily imbues a non-magical item with pestilence magic. The user of pestilence magic must be in contact with the object at all times for the blessing to take effect and is thus better suited as a way to enchant a weapon. Additionally, this ability cannot be used on living flesh

Pestilent shiv: Forms a needle similar to a shiv using the magic of pestilence. After a single strike, this will evaporate. This makes it a terrible object to use in a fight. This should instead be used as a method to end a battle or surprise an enemy. This needle can be thrown by the user unlike most other forms of this magic

The horseman's scythe: The ultimate magic move that Seraf can make. It's a scythe. That's it. The only reason this is far more potent than most other pestilence magic is because it is the only variant of the magic that Seraf knows that will not break from contact. This scythe could take a punch from Natsu and be fine... Seraf wouldn't be but the scythe, totally fine. (Scythe's design: except with a dark green coloring.)

Strength: Seraf is smart and calculating. She's a great escape artist and an efficient mage. Usually, no matter the situation, she'll find a way to snake herself out of trouble.

Weakness: she can't trust people unless absolutely forced to and is usually a terrible partner. She's too full of herself. She's also too greedy for her own good, sometimes accepting to do things way past her level of strength.

Guild: none

Guild mark: a mostly washed Mermaid Heel mark just below her left wrist. It's washed away because the process to remove it went awry and thus she ended up with the mark like this. She never wanted to remove it completely however, after she thought about it a little further, and thus kept this mark.

I don't feel like I need to write that anymore but by now it's a habit: This character is open to criticism.

Name: Cassiel Harlow

Nickname/Title: Cassandra (Name she gave herself.), Cass

Gender: Female

Age: 43 (looks 25)

Species: Valkyrie

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Affiliation (Light (Good), Dark (Bad), or Eclipse (Neutral) Mage): Light

Rank (E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, or Z Classes, etc.): S

Appearance: Cassiel shares the basic traits of several other valkyries. She has long white hair that ends at the middle of her back. It is often time either in a french braid or simply without any actual style, freely roaming down her back. She will sometimes wear a small ribbon in her hair as well. She has golden eyes and, oddly enough, there always seems to be a popped vein in her right eye as a part of her eye is completely red. She is extremely pale, sometimes even shying away from the sun because it feels like it's burning her. She has issues getting any sort of tan across any part of her body. Bangs cover up most of her medium-sized forehead. A lightly scrunched nose and perky, yet not full, lips colored a small tinge of pink and beige accompany her small ears with attached lobes, her low cheekbones and her slightly pointy chin. Elongated eyelashes and trimmed thin eyebrows. She measures roughly 5"5. Round shoulder and thin arms that reveal a little musculature. C-cup bust and a toned stomach. A prominent feature of her back just so happened to be the two massive wings that extended in both directions around her. Cassiel can contract then so that they fit closer to her but when at their full length, her wings span over 3 and a half meters or around double her usual height. The wings themselves are similar in appearance to those of a dove with a white aura seeping from them when she flies around. A noteworhty difference, however, is that the tip of both of her wings are a pure black with several feathers of the same color also haphazardly making their appearance on her wings. Two scars can be seen just below her pair of wings. A petite waist and a distinct lack of a bump where her bum should be. Long legs and slightly bigger than average feet. Shaved all around. She has no particular attire she wears on a regular basis but she will usually cover her upper body to the midriff with a veil. She has a pierced right lobe that is decorated with a small diamond stud. She wears a dark silver chain necklace. Amusingly enough, despite having excellent sight for anything far away from her, she suffers from Hyperopia, forcing her to wear glasses to see anything that is close to her. The glasses themselves are a plain black with no particular ornament. She rarely wears them in battle but will usually be seen with them when she's doing anything else. She has a tattoo of a broken cross on her right forearm and one of an ankh on her left forearm.

Personality: Cassiel lives a permanent conflict within herself. She always wants to do good yet doesn't necessarily want to help people. Cassiel is torn between her nature as a valkyrie and how they have always been intended to assist everyone who wants to do good and her own personal beliefs that one shouldn't throw away their lives to assist someone else in all cases. Therefore, when thrown on the field, it always seems like a coin flip whether she assists someone or not. Of course, someone she cares about will be saved everyone and the opposite will happen to someone she dislikes however she has a certain problem truly despising someone. She tries to see the good in everybody and has long as there's a glimmer, she hesitates to harm that person. She has trouble drawing the line between good and evil so unless she's fighting someone who is without a doubt evil, she's likely not to go all out or will try to spare the person. This can be used against her quite easily to make a getaway or to surprise her with an attack. Outside of the battlefield, she's reserved but not shy. More than willing to enjoy the appeal of the seven deadly sins, she will often bask in them. This, however, makes her feel like the most flawed of valkyries. Wanting to forget this failure, she will try to rip herself away from her upbringing yet in a fit of hypocrisy will try and keep all the advantages that come with being a valkyrie.

History (Optional): Hidden deeply within the land of Ishgar is a magically hidden city hosting a multitude of valkyries. It's a place of wonder, of joy and of faith to the loving God who allowed the existence of the Valkyries. This city has a very simple layout. It's design is practically circular. We can separate this massive circle in 3 different places. The outside of it hosts the residential districts, closer to the center, we can find the downtown area and the center of all is a gigantic tower. This tower is called Babel. This tower was built a long time ago with plans to reach the Heavens to meet both the angels and God. However the project was scrapped due to oracle being highly against it. For religious reasons, everyone agreed and the tower was never finished.

Cassiel was born in this city, in her house after a lengthy and painful birth for her mother. She was named Cassiel by her parents which was a direct reference to the angel of temperance but also of solitude and tears... her parents wanted her to focus on the first part. There was a logical reason behind the birth of Cassiel, much like the one of every other valkyrie, really: the wings. Every valkyrie is born with a certain set of wings ranging from one to four. In the lore, it is stated that angels have several sets of wings depending on how close they are to god. A regular angel as a single pair, an archangel has two and the seraphs have four. Valkyries believe that the more wings a newborn has, the closer they are to a true angel and are thus found more attractive in the community and even more encouraged to reproduce than others to have their genes pass on to the next generations. Cassiel herself was born with two sets so four wings in total. Her parents didn't have much time to rejoice however when they saw that the tips of Cassiel's wings were stained a deep black. Again, going back to the lore, it's to be expected of any and all valkyries to have purely white wings as anything else reflects how they are tainted by demons. Despite having no scientific proof that this belief held any ground at all, the community really didn't care at all since religion held much more importance to them then anything else. Cassiel was thus seen as an oddity right from the get go. Even as a baby, her parents tried to stay away from her as much as possible. They still were there in her life but not as actively as any good parent would. Cassiel thus learned to walk and employ bathrooms mostly by herself with trial and error. Granted, since she was trying to solve this puzzle alone, it took her longer than most other babies and speech didn't exactly come any easier. She quickly understood that her parents weren't people that she should really bother and decided to keep to herself all the time, trimming her wings that she found to be quite a sight and trying to comprehend the odd markings that she found on pieces of paper. To no one's surprise, Cassiel's education quickly found to be highly lackluster. It's not that she wasn't capable of understanding what they were being thought, she wasn't any smarter or any dumber than the typical kid. The only thing that truly set her apart were her black feathers. True, her parents weren't very present in her life because of them but the same also applied to practically everyone in the city. She would sometimes stumble across another kid who was also interested in her. The respective adults in charge of all these however systematically shoved them away and taught them they weren't supposed to address that demon child. In fact, Cassiel quickly noticed this word was used quite often to describe her: demon. Delving a little deeper in the matter out of curiosity, she decided to head to her parents to receive explanations. She was told everything about demons that was usually taught valkyries her age. Cassiel was horrified at the idea of being one of these monsters and begged her parents to find a way to fix the issue. It was quite a convenient timing for her to have such ideas implanted in her head as she had recently been enrolled in a school to rid the valkyries of the demons that lived with them.

This school however proved to be anything but. The 'teachers' there went on and on, prattling about the importance of God and shoving every single aspect of religion

Weapons/Equipments (Optional): Cassiel can form lances using her magic. These lances shine brightly and emit a spark of light whenever they're hit. The lances are volatile but can be remade on a whim. Up to three can be up at once. Their designs are like snowflakes: random.

Magic: Holy light magic, Holy flames magic.

Magic Moves: Eyes of God (See Valkyrie sheet for the details.)

Keep in mind those might not be the canon names. Which is my way of saying I can't be bothered to come up with names right now.

Shine wave: shoots a ray of light that can be used to stun or blind opponents. Cannot harm someone and is thus a supporting ability. The speed of this ray is, to no one's surprise, stupidly fast but not quite the speed of light, quite far away from it actually. At most, this ray will travel at the speed of a bullet. It also will not ricochet off of walls unless that wall is polished and the ray will be stopped bu whatever object might be in its way.

Not the dragon ball solar flare: spoiler alert: it's the dragon ball solar flare. To go into greater detail, Cass will exude a powerful light from her entire body. To focus her energy, she will preferably have to stay in place however it's not mandatory. Simply put, if she's running around at top speed, it will take a hell of a lot slower to charge the attack and premature release will result in a weak shine that's not even worth mentioning.

Some sorta torch, I guess: summons a small light ball that can be used to light up a room or possibly be thrown at an opponent. The ball can explode into a light wave. This cannot harm the opponent.

Obligatory sucking ability: siphons light from other sources that aren't magical. This can then be used to fuel Holy light spells but not holy flames attacks. All light created by Cass herself cannot be used of course. Also, if she is exposed to a source of practically unlimited light, her magic will actually get progressively weaker however. Simply put, if she tries to absorb the sun, she'll only burn herself out. Therefore, this ability is nigh unusable when exposed to a source of practically infinite light. This is thus mostly reserved to be used in caves or places where everything in the sky won't come in the way.

Trip mine: lays a trap of light on the ground. When an opponent is close to it, it will explode, effectively blinding them for a few seconds. Up to 3 of these mines can be on the field at a time.

Lance carrier: Creates lances out of light that can be used in a fight (see weapons for details)

Holy mantle: This one's kinda the oddity of the Holy Light magic spells. Much like all of them, it will emit light however, even when used at it's maximum efficiency, this light will be little more than a meek glow. Holy Mantle allows a valkyrie to imbue their bodies with the light of God. This drastically increases the power of their attacks at the cost of reducing the strength of all their spells. Holy flames die out considerably faster to the point mere flickers and the blinding effects of Holy light magic will be severely lessened. This means the only spell that can be used consistently when Holy Mantle is active is the Lance carrier spell. This essentially transforms the valkyrie into a glass canon, sacrificing all defensive measures for offensive capabilities... also that makes the name ironic, which I like.

Magic missile wannabe: surrounds the enemy with several small holy flames projectiles that all stoke in the same location.

Litteraly just a fireball: Yep.

I like enchantments: Makes the lances created by the other spell catch on FIRE which makes them hurt more.

Flame shield: envelops the user's body in flames. These flames do not come in direct contact with the user. A mainly defensive ability.

I'll send more details about the moves and their actual names in her completed sheet.

Magic Limitations: The strength of the magic is dependant on how evil the opponent is. Holy light magic has no offensive properties. Holy flames will harm the user if there's darkness in their heart. This magic works the best in dark places and will he weakened when exposed to too much outside light. Holy flames won't latch on to anything that doesn't have darkness in their heart.

Strengths:quick and nimble,packs a punch, great with a lance, can strategize but isn't outmatched if she's just sprung into battle recklessly. Great airborne fighter.

Weaknesses: Her own magic can harm her. Might not even need to be manipulated to not harm someone evil (won't do it out of personal beliefs. Never strikes first in a battle. Loses most of her fighting skills when she fight by instinct. Loses her cool easily against annoying opponents. Cats scare the shit out of her for some reason, the smaller the cat, the worse the panic.

Guild Mark: None

Guild: (I dunno if there's a guild that would fit valkyries, perhaps we could make one if enough people are interested. For now though, guildless.)



Name: Rowanne

Nickname: None

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual, though it doesn't matter too much.

Race: Human

History: I'll just make bullet points

-Lived in a small settlement

-Parents died from Grimm attack.

-had a near death experience on the way to Vale after the attack

-Is responsible for the death of the hunters that were protecting her after the attack.

-Had a traumatic experience at the hospital.

-Got forced into becoming a maid. Was insulted, assaulted, spat on etc repeatedly for 7 years.

-Accidentally murdered her rapist when her semblance activated.

-Was taken in by a Signal teachers

-Attends school because she has nowhere else to go.

But in case you want more details

History: The first few years of her life went well. She spent time with her parents, they taught her the basics of life and she enjoyed their company greatly. Unfortunately, life had completely other plans than just be happy with everyone she loved. See, she didn't live in a big city but in a small settlement. By the time she was five years old, her parents were murdered in a Grimm attack. They hadn't been specifically targeted by anyone but they did end up as unfortunate collateral damage to the attack. With no place to go and her village mostly destroyed, she was taken in by the hunters still alive to be taken to Vale. The trip had no major incident however that didn't make it any more enjoyable. She felt cranky and scared of another attack at all times. This often resulted in the hunters, who themselves tried to keep a positive attitude amongst the group to lash out at her, not wanting to attract further Grimm. It all culminated when an especially stressed hunter slapped her harshly, not being able to take anymore of her whining. This finally attracted a bunch of Grimms to them. The hunters fended them off as best they could. Positively terrified of the sight, she fled the area, unwillingly attracting even more Grimm. The last words she heard the hunters say were: "At this rate, we're gonna die because of a fucking kid!"

She ran and ran, Grimm started to chase her. Although most didn't manage much, one finally reached her and savagely bit into her leg. Unable to run, she was saved by the people of Vale, who had heard the fighting. She was escorted to the city and to the hospital. When there, several doctors constantly stayed around her, stitching her wound, giving her disinfectants, anything to have her survive. She didn't take this too well. Everything they did to her stung. It was painful, unpleasant. Not wanting to suffer anymore, she left the hospital as soon as possible. What she didn't expect was a world filled to the brim with so many people. She didn't trust any of then and, as the days went by, and people started looking at her like a homeless freak, she cares about them less and less. One day though, a rich man came to her rescue. He gave her a home... as a maid. And it turns out this rich family didn't particularly care to treat their maids like fellow humans. She spent seven years alone, as a slave to a bunch of rich jerks who took any opportunity to belittle her. She was insulted, assaulted and even spat on. As the years went, she found herself caring less and less, growing colder and more distant from everything. Everything changed quite suddenly however. She went through her first bout of puberty at that moment. Her owner saw the changes and became quite interested. It didn't take too long for her to be used by her master as a pleasure toy as well. This lasted for a time before she ultimately couldn't take anymore. All her pent-up stress and rage culminated during one of these moments. Her semblance activated and, because she didn't really know how to control it, killed her master. At that moment, she took her clothing and quickly left the estate. She could feel her aura and her semblance now, they were gnawing at her, aching for release. It was during this time she was found by a signal teacher who took her under his wing. The man taught her to fight personally but she also just attended the academy normally. She never made friends, never saw the man who toom her as more than another human and never once felt any guilt for accidents she caused using her semblance. The years went, she graduated from a Signal and now studies at Beacon. With nowhere to go and little interest in anyone's lives, she's just a cold student, scarred by several unfortunate turn of events. She fights to live another day.

Personality: Rowanne is an asocial introvert. She doesn't care much about her fellow students. She attends her classes to fill her days rather than by interest. She comes off as cold to everyone, even the teachers and Ozpin. On the field or in class, she keeps a mask at all times. Never try to engage in a conversation with her unless you want to be brutally shut down. Rowanne shows herself to actually be easily scared in several moments. Whenever something she doesn't like happens, she'll freak out and lose that mask. She's fragile and easily disturbed.

Appearance: Rowanne stands at 166 cm tall. She has cyan eyes. Her eyes are always slightly bloodshot since she has trouble sleeping at night (doesn't really bother her anymore). Her hair is black with a few dark purple locks mixed in. It is fairly short, ending at her shoulders and she also has those emo bangs. You know, the ones that cover up the right eye all the time? Yeah she's got that. Body wise, she's very thin and practically flat. She does shave. She has a very pale skin and surprisingly gentle features although she practically always has a cold face, ever stoic.

Clothes: Rowanne has no preferences. She just wears her Beacon uniform everywhere. All of her sets have similar qualities. They're all slightly wrinkled and look like they've been hastily put on. And most of them have a ripped sleeve or a hole in the stockings.

Weapon: Rowanne has dual pistols and a sniper that she uses for fighting. She also wields a less than useful pocket knife everywhere, just in case. You know,i want to add more details but I bet I'll just forget and copy paste this later.

Strengths(No more then 3): Efficient sharpshooter, great at outlasting most opponents, Very agile and nimble.

Weaknesses:(No less then 3): Absolutely cannot work in a team, useless when in close quarter combat, freaks out whenever she's touched which makes her an easy target

Likes: piece and quiet, being alone, killing Grimm, popping bubble wrap.

Dislikes: Being touched, sports, outgoing people, Being in the dark with no source of light anywhere.

Semblance (optional): Rowanne has the ability to harm someone, not by shooting at them but at their shadows. It's like a second body they have to protect, the same concept as a voodoo doll. If she shoots the shadow in the area of the stomach then the person reacts as if they were shot in the stomach and so on and so forth. Naturally, in the complete dark this is a completely useless semblance but as long as something casts a shadow, Rowanne can use it to her advantage

Theme song (optional): Angel of Darkness (the non-nightcore version)

Affiliation: Beacon

Name: Juliana Bravehart (Shoutout to Night)

Nickname: N/a

Age: 18


Sexual Orientation:homosexual

Race: Raven faunus

History: Juliana was born in the local hospital near her little faunus suburb of Vale. Her parents were seemingly kind people who were a but overprotective of her. They never wanted her to go too far away from their home unless she had no other choice. Being a Raven faunus, she was always anxiously awaiting the moment her wings would grow sturdy enough for her to fly properly. She was a late bloomer on that regard but eventually fully learned to fly a the age of 9. Her parent's restrictions to stay in the suburbs still held true, of course. Juliana didn't particularly mind and kept her flying around her house for the most part.

At the age of 10, she started to crave for a little bit of change. She told her parents about it and they enrolled her in a kendo academy as well as giving her classes to learn another language (let's go with french). Juliana was ecstatic about it. The only problems she had with it was that the kendo uniform hid her wings and compressed them to her back in an uncomfortable position and that she had a private teacher to learn the language, a bear faunus. Still, she never complained about wither of these because her parents told her not to. A routine popped up after a while bit she didn't mind. She was happy.

...then puberty struck.

With a stupidly big overdose of hormones, Juliana got into a fight with her parents and fled shortly thereafter. She got out of her usual suburb and into the main city of Vale, following the birds in the sky as her guides. This led her to a very shady part of town where people did not take kindly to Faunus. In truth, her parents had been trying to hide her heritage from the world for the longest time. When she landed, she was quickly surrounded by faunus haters who were none too happy that a bird landed in the middle of their lawn. Juliana tried to reason with the forming mob but to no avail. She was swiftly used as a punching bag, her whole body but mostly her wings took heavy damage. After that, she was thrown out the part of down, bloodied and unconscious with her wings broken. She was rescued by a passing teacher of Beacon and taken to the hospital where they deplored her wings could never be used again yldue to all the damage they took. They were forced to operate the girl and remove her wings. Juliana cried that loss for a long time. She never held it against humanity but rather the xénophobes. She wanted change, something so that no one would ever suffer again. The White Fang was her first interest but when she saw some of their rallies, she was convinced otherwise, fearing they might one day become downright aggressive. Therefore, she turned to huntmans and huntress. If she could join their ranks and protect everyone equally, perhaps she'd manage to sway a few people's opinion on the faunus. She enrolled in Signal soon after and eventually Beacon.

Personality: Juliana is a surprisingly social lady even towards humans. She'll usually talk quite normally but sometimes gives a few not so nice quips. Still, she tried to befriend everyone she comes across and dreads the prospect of making an enemy. When she is faced against someone she doesn't like, however, she turns into a completely different person. It takes a lot for her to hate someone but of she does, she's not afraid to say it out loud, ridicule the person and even resort to violence in the most extreme of cases. On the field, she's also much colder, not trying to be nice but professional. Even if she gets along very well with her teammates, she won't be afraid to point out their flaws in vlbattle and attempt to iron them out the way she sees fit. She takes school quite seriously but has a tendency to panic whenever an exam is on the way.

Appearance:Juliana stands at 5'3". She's lean, lithe and as an underdeveloped muscle mass, all things considered. She suffered from no acne and thus has fair, though quite pale, skin. She has hrterochromia and thus one green and one grey eye. Her hair is black with bangs strewn haphazardly to the sides of her head and a few renegades that decorate her forehead. She keeps the rest of her hair in a small braid tied with a white ribbon that ends shortly after passing her elbows. She shaves and wears natural makeup.

Clothes: A tidy and well kept Beacon uniform.

Weapon: No links I would feel really safe to put on the forum so Google Vindictus ivory spellsword and just look at the images.

Strengths(No more then 3): Great to control the battle, excellent team fighter, great tactical fighter

Weaknesses:(No less then 3): easily overcome by smarter opponents, faster opponents are considerably harder to deal with,has no long range capabilities.

Likes: forming friendships, fancy cooking, popping bubble wrap, training, Beacon, poking fun of friends, mom's spaghetti.

Dislikes: xenophobia, classical music, history, hospitals, dancing, Dad's spaghetti.

Semblance (optional): Alright, this is really specific but here goes. Juliana has the ability to take a piece of her aura and convert into a white sphere of ethereal energy. When it's not deployed, it looks like a fire that's burning her hand. The sphere can be thrown and from there, Juliana can do a few things. She can force the sphere into exploding, she can spread out the ball into a white fire that only attacks her opponents and not the environment or she can recall it with more than when she first threw it. Similarly, she can use the white fire in her hand to change her sword's state. Instead of being made out of steel, it's instead a ghostly white fire that can still cut through flesh like a regular sword. The strength of everything is based on how long she can focus on the sphere and has such is better used for crowd control and manipulating her opponents into doing what she wants. She can technically let it run wild but that would endanger her teammates as well so she forces herself into avoiding that. Lastly, she can use all of her aura at once to create a devastating white fire storm around herself which leaves her completely helpless for the rest of the fight. It's stengths revolve around its versatility and how it manipulates people quite easily but the obvious drawback is her limited range as well as the charge - up times for each of her attacks.

Theme song (optional):

Affiliation: Beacon

Other: She has a friendship with Rowanne.

Histoire en cours:

Le virus des lycanthropes: Un meurtre et mystère? C'est loin d'être un de mes meilleurs (car, oui, j'en ai écris d'autre) mais il reste tout de même un de mes préféré. Il y a tant de OOC dans ce texte que ça m'étonnerait que les gens reconnaissent les personnages qu'ils aiment tant... Je dois aussi avouer que ce texte prends, ce que j'appelle, une courte éternité à écrire. Disons simplement The writer's block is strong with this one. En fait, j'ai perdu la motivation de l'écrire quand j'ai perdu le chapitre pour la quatrième fois. C'était dans le temps avant que je comprenne l'importance d'avoir des back-up

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