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Author has written 6 stories for Dead Rising, Final Fantasy XIII, Borderlands, and Fairy Tail.


Rp character:

Fairy Tail Forever:

Name: Seraf

Nickname: N/a

Gender: female

Age: 26

Species: human

Sexual orientation : homosexual but acts like she's pansexual

Affiliation: Eclipse leaning towards dark

Rank: Roughly the strength of a weak s-class mage

Appearance: fairly short woman at 5"2. She tries to keep the appearance of an uninteresting traveler. She wears a light brown traveler's cloak draped over the left side of her body, hiding her arm, dark leather (or whatever the most common material is for pants in that universe) and a plain grey shirt. She tends to keep her hood up to also hide her face. Naturally blond hair that she dyed ebony like Zeref's that ends at her shoulders. Green eyes but she wears red contacts (or some sorta magic contraption) to hide them as well. She also has an odd tatoo on her cheek (explained in the rp but I will say it's not some sort of seal to hide her "tremendous true power" or something)

Personality: Seraf is a quiet mage dripping in self-confidence. She sees herself as being stronger than most or at least smarter. When in a conversation, she likes to try and manipulate people that are against her to join her cause. If it fails, she simply stops listening, taking care of the problem with no further debate. In other circumstances she keeps her distance in a talk, assessing what everyone is saying and talks in snarky short jabs or not at all unless she actually cares about the person she talks to. In this case, while still staying mostly silent, she'll drop the smart-ass comments to just try and be playful. In battle she tries to assess a situation and evaluate the strength of her opponents before dropping barrages of magic. Then, she waits for the opportune time to use her magic. She's quick on her feet and precise in her blows but lacks any brute strength. If she considers herself too outclassed, she feels no qualms in running away even if it means she has to let her teammates behind. She spends most of her time doing work but when she's not, she's an avid reader and loves to hang out in bars, mostly to pick up sexual partners for the night. She has no interest in a steady relationship as she doesn't believe in "that idiotic true love bs." She doesn't have any plans for the future. She's extremely selfish and likes to work for her own gain. She tends to frequent dark guilds where she accepts missions in exchange of any sort of benefit.

History: She thinks her parents were killed by Fairy Tail mages when she was 16. She also used to be part of the Mermaid Heel guild but quit when her parents die. She also has a missing younger brother ( more on that in rp). Before that, though she had a few friends that got her her smart-ass side ( honestly I feel all backstories have all already been done to death so I'll stick to these basics.)

Weapons: scythe: an ethereal scythe she creates using her own magic. It holds the components of her magic in a purer, more concentrated form although she struggles to use it for lengthy periods of time.

Magic: Pestilence magic. The magic of pestilence usually comes out like a dark green haze from the user's body. It makes organs, skin, anything it can touch into a rotting pile of sludge. Advanced users can also focus it in a more concentrated manner, similar to Gray's ice-make magic but far less potent since it requires tremendous and sustained concentration to function. Because you need several years to master this magic, it takes extremely long to do anything good with it. True masters have become SS class mages using this magic but those are perhaps rarer than dragon slayers. Seraf is well on her way to be one one of these legends but she'll still need at least a decade or two to do it. For now: she's roughly an s-class mage.

Magic limitations: Pestilence magic is completely worthless against something that isn't alive or already dead. It also lacks sheer strength, instead being a better tool to weaken your opponent slowly, a terrible contrast to the fact it is extremely taxing to use it. Seraf can only use her magic a handful of times before she loses all of it.

Magic moves: Seraf doesn't name her moves. She can make a scythe with her magic to cut through and opponent's skin and gnaw directly at their organs, walls to fend off aggressors and ropes to catch someone off guard. Other than that, she's content to just use mist that covers the area around her, the effect is weaker and it's more demanding but it's great to get rid of annoyances, or concentrated streams to unsuspecting opponents.

Strength: Seraf is smart and calculating. She's a great escape artist and an efficient mage. Usually, no matter the situation, she'll find a way to snake herself out of trouble.

Weakness: she can't trust people unless absolutely forced to and is usually a terrible partner. She's too full of herself. She's also too greedy for her own good, sometimes accepting to do things way past her level of strength.

Guild: none

Guild mark: a mostly washed Mermaid Heel mark on her left wrist

Name: Makhal Fravashi





Sexual Orientation:Straight

Affiliation (Light (Good), Dark (Bad), or Eclipse (Neutral) Mage):Light

Rank (E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, or Z Classes, etc.): D (Though we can easily argue E since he doesn't know how to fight.)

Appearance: Makhal is a man of normal stature, measuring 176 cm. He his slim, almost like a skeleton since he's trying to look pious. He has a pale complexion much like the rest of his family. He has green eyes and blond hair that he keeps ordered. His hair is short, very much so, giving him a business type look. He wears priest robes on a regular basis to show people that he just wants to help. He never goes anywhere without an easily distinguishable first aid kit, in case there's an emergency. He has no remarkable features about himself, not pretty nor ugly just forgettable. His only truly memorable feature is his right arm... or lack thereof.

Personality:Makhal is a kind man who loves to look after others. He finds no reason to harm someone or poke fun of them. Having never claimed a life, he is still very idealistic. He's a big bundle of mercy and love of a life. He's soulful individual that cannot bring himself to hate someone. Still he's driven to accomplish his goals, be it heal a stranger or something much greater. He is, however a picky eater. A vegetarian who doesn't admonish others for eating meat but silently watch them, saddened by the display. He doesn't get along too well with brainless brutes, he's willing to overlook it but he has trouble doing so. He doesn't hate them, he's just indifferent to them.

History (Optional): Makhal, ever since his childhood, has been captivated by guild, the feeling of camaraderie prevailing eventually had him join Sabertooth at a young age. Sadly, his affinity with magic had always been lackluster, especially compared to his sister. Still, Makhal never let that get him down and practiced to become a useful healer in the middle of the action. To his dismay however, the carefree days at the guild were short lived. A few months after joining the guild, he received word from the destruction of his village and, by default, his whole family. Makhal lived with this burden until he was 20. At that age, he found an injured man, lying on the middle of a dirt road. Makhal healed him which proved to be a fire mistake. The man was the target of a dark guild and said guild didn't take kindly to someone foiling their plan, thus, they sent an assassin his way. That assassin ended up being his long lost sister, Seraf. Although he relied from the get-go who she was, she unfortunately only understood when she rammed a shiv of pestilence magic into his right arm. Not wanting her only living relative to die by her hands, Seraf took her dagger and cut her brother's arm to prevent her magic from taking over his entire body. He lost consciousness at that moment from the pain but thanks to the first kit he had on himself, Seraf managed to keep him from dying and left,leaving the dagger behind as a final memento of herself. Ever since then, Makhal has made it his mission to find his sister and reunite with her.

Weapons/Equipments (Optional): His sister's dagger he keeps strapped to his belt if he absolutely has to defend himself, even though the best he can do is blindly flail it and hope for the best.

Magic: Mending magic (for all intents and purposes, healing magic)

Magic Moves (Optional):

Magic Limitations:It cannot be used on himself. The bigger the wound, the longer it takes to heal. He cannot heal fatal wounds.

Strengths: Makhal is a great healer with a kind heart. He has intensive knowledge of several species body, making him a great asset to most teams.

Weaknesses: Makhal is sometimes too kind-hearted, after all that did cost him his harm. Anyone wounded, good or evil, with a good argument has a chance to be healed by him. Also, while he is a good healer, this mostly comes from general healing, not his own magic. A magical injury is still a massive hurdle for him.

Guild Mark: Inside of his left palm.

Guild: Sabertooth

Other: Unrelated to this character but that does mean Seraf's last name is Fravashi.

Also, shoutout to you of you can find every bit of symbolism in there.

St Rose Academy of Institutions

Name: Maxime Bérubé

Gender: Male

Grade: Freshman.

Class: Upper

Sexuality: Hetero

Birthday: November 5th

Appearance: Short blond hair, tall and lanky with underdeveloped muscle mass. Blue eyes. No scars or tattoos but he does have an earring on his left ear,a tiny stone embedded in his his ear lobe more than anything. Minimalistic, terrible looking beard like most teenagers his age and doesn't suffer from acne.

Positive trait: Caring, social and positive

Negative trait: Lazy, easily scared and too dependant on others.

Overall personality: I think we all have that one person in our group of friends that likes to make inside jokes and stick to them. Maxime is just that. He loves to joke around and to minimalist his problem with a hearty session of laughter. Maxime is a kind kid who likes to see his friends be happy around him. Although he loves to hang out with his friends, he will often just stay in the background, smiling and watching them interact, like a shadow of sorts. Still, if anyone asks for him, he will join the conversation without a second thought. He likes to be blunt and honest with his friends but against figures of authorities, he prefers to bow, never looking them in the eyes and do what they want him to with minimal motivation Although Maxime came to Japan because of the prospect of studying abroad, he still loves to tell people just how inedible awesome France is. Proud of his country and his heritage, he likes to jokingly bring a baguette to school every now and then. Just don't talk about exams with him or he'll freak out and have a heart attack.

History: Maxime is a middle class kid that spent most of his childhood in the suburbs of Nice. At a young age, he was already fascinated by animated series like Beyblade and Digimon which transcended time. As the years went on, he continued to develop his interest in Japanese series and eventually the country's culture and festivals. After a simple and uninteresting education, Maxime finally decided to follow his dreams further than ever before and went to study abroad. The school that he eventually decided to go to was St Rose. Though he's happy to study in Japan, he'd much rather just visit the place and assimilate as much of the culture as possible, perhaps even live there after his education is over.

Strength: Maxime us a social butterfly with a knack for art. He loves to draw, mostly mangas and act out select plays, his interest mostly being in kabuki.

Weakness: Maxime is a pitifully average student with no intention to try and do any better. He'd rather skip class and explore the world. His parents also provide with more money than necessary to live on his own therefore he does love to flaunt his money around just to impress.

Likes:Japan, manga, anime, curry, art, mom's spaghetti.

Dislikes: school, exams,being told what to do, most Asian non-Japanese cuisine (it's a placebo), Dad's spaghetti, sports

Clubs: TBA


Name: Rowanne

Nickname: None

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual, though it doesn't matter too much.

Race: Human

History: I'll just make bullet points

-Lived in a small settlement

-Parents died from Grimm attack.

-had a near death experience on the way to Vale after the attack

-Is responsible for the death of the hunters that were protecting her after the attack.

-Had a traumatic experience at the hospital.

-Got forced into becoming a maid. Was insulted, assaulted, spat on etc repeatedly for 7 years.

-Accidentally murdered her rapist when her semblance activated.

-Was taken in by a Signal teachers

-Attends school because she has nowhere else to go.

But in case you want more details

History: The first few years of her life went well. She spent time with her parents, they taught her the basics of life and she enjoyed their company greatly. Unfortunately, life had completely other plans than just be happy with everyone she loved. See, she didn't live in a big city but in a small settlement. By the time she was five years old, her parents were murdered in a Grimm attack. They hadn't been specifically targeted by anyone but they did end up as unfortunate collateral damage to the attack. With no place to go and her village mostly destroyed, she was taken in by the hunters still alive to be taken to Vale. The trip had no major incident however that didn't make it any more enjoyable. She felt cranky and scared of another attack at all times. This often resulted in the hunters, who themselves tried to keep a positive attitude amongst the group to lash out at her, not wanting to attract further Grimm. It all culminated when an especially stressed hunter slapped her harshly, not being able to take anymore of her whining. This finally attracted a bunch of Grimms to them. The hunters fended them off as best they could. Positively terrified of the sight, she fled the area, unwillingly attracting even more Grimm. The last words she heard the hunters say were: "At this rate, we're gonna die because of a fucking kid!"

She ran and ran, Grimm started to chase her. Although most didn't manage much, one finally reached her and savagely bit into her leg. Unable to run, she was saved by the people of Vale, who had heard the fighting. She was escorted to the city and to the hospital. When there, several doctors constantly stayed around her, stitching her wound, giving her disinfectants, anything to have her survive. She didn't take this too well. Everything they did to her stung. It was painful, unpleasant. Not wanting to suffer anymore, she left the hospital as soon as possible. What she didn't expect was a world filled to the brim with so many people. She didn't trust any of then and, as the days went by, and people started looking at her like a homeless freak, she cares about them less and less. One day though, a rich man came to her rescue. He gave her a home... as a maid. And it turns out this rich family didn't particularly care to treat their maids like fellow humans. She spent seven years alone, as a slave to a bunch of rich jerks who took any opportunity to belittle her. She was insulted, assaulted and even spat on. As the years went, she found herself caring less and less, growing colder and more distant from everything. Everything changed quite suddenly however. She went through her first bout of puberty at that moment. Her owner saw the changes and became quite interested. It didn't take too long for her to be used by her master as a pleasure toy as well. This lasted for a time before she ultimately couldn't take anymore. All her pent-up stress and rage culminated during one of these moments. Her semblance activated and, because she didn't really know how to control it, killed her master. At that moment, she took her clothing and quickly left the estate. She could feel her aura and her semblance now, they were gnawing at her, aching for release. It was during this time she was found by a signal teacher who took her under his wing. The man taught her to fight personally but she also just attended the academy normally. She never made friends, never saw the man who toom her as more than another human and never once felt any guilt for accidents she caused using her semblance. The years went, she graduated from a Signal and now studies at Beacon. With nowhere to go and little interest in anyone's lives, she's just a cold student, scarred by several unfortunate turn of events. She fights to live another day.

Personality: Rowanne is an asocial introvert. She doesn't care much about her fellow students. She attends her classes to fill her days rather than by interest. She comes off as cold to everyone, even the teachers and Ozpin. On the field or in class, she keeps a mask at all times. Never try to engage in a conversation with her unless you want to be brutally shut down. Rowanne shows herself to actually be easily scared in several moments. Whenever something she doesn't like happens, she'll freak out and lose that mask. She's fragile and easily disturbed.

Appearance: Rowanne stands at 166 cm tall. She has cyan eyes. Her eyes are always slightly bloodshot since she has trouble sleeping at night (doesn't really bother her anymore). Her hair is black with a few dark purple locks mixed in. It is fairly short, ending at her shoulders and she also has those emo bangs. You know, the ones that cover up the right eye all the time? Yeah she's got that. Body wise, she's very thin and practically flat. She does shave. She has a very pale skin and surprisingly gentle features although she practically always has a cold face, ever stoic.

Clothes: Rowanne has no preferences. She just wears her Beacon uniform everywhere. All of her sets have similar qualities. They're all slightly wrinkled and look like they've been hastily put on. And most of them have a ripped sleeve or a hole in the stockings.

Weapon: Rowanne has dual pistols and a sniper that she uses for fighting. She also wields a less than useful pocket knife everywhere, just in case. You know,i want to add more details but I bet I'll just forget and copy paste this later.

Strengths(No more then 3): Efficient sharpshooter, great at outlasting most opponents, Very agile and nimble.

Weaknesses:(No less then 3): Absolutely cannot work in a team, useless when in close quarter combat, freaks out whenever she's touched which makes her an easy target

Likes: piece and quiet, being alone, killing Grimm, popping bubble wrap.

Dislikes: Being touched, sports, outgoing people, Being in the dark with no source of light anywhere.

Semblance (optional): Rowanne has the ability to harm someone, not by shooting at them but at their shadows. It's like a second body they have to protect, the same concept as a voodoo doll. If she shoots the shadow in the area of the stomach then the person reacts as if they were shot in the stomach and so on and so forth. Naturally, in the complete dark this is a completely useless semblance but as long as something casts a shadow, Rowanne can use it to her advantage

Theme song (optional): Angel of Darkness (the non-nightcore version)

Affiliation: Beacon

Histoire en cours:

Le virus des lycanthropes: Un meurtre et mystère? C'est loin d'être un de mes meilleurs (car, oui, j'en ai écris d'autre) mais il reste tout de même un de mes préféré. Il y a tant de OOC dans ce texte que ça m'étonnerait que les gens reconnaissent les personnages qu'ils aiment tant... Je dois aussi avouer que ce texte prends, ce que j'appelle, une courte éternité à écrire. Disons simplement The writer's block is strong with this one. En fait, j'ai perdu la motivation de l'écrire quand j'ai perdu le chapitre pour la quatrième fois. C'était dans le temps avant que je comprenne l'importance d'avoir des back-up

Hey look, another retelling of Fairy Tail: It's mostly written for fun with an unsteady schedule I'll update when the chapter is done and the result is satisfying. I'm planning to take this pretty far in the story and there will be some filer chapters just for good measure.

Bonne lecture!

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