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Author has written 4 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

I'M TWO QUARTERS OF A HEART DOWN, A "THE BIG BANG THEORY" FANATIC... which technically renders me a geek, A YUGIOH ORIGINAL DUEL MONSTERS OBSESSER who roots for either Pharaoh Atem or Thief King Bakura every duel, A MAD-THATTER and a Gazette per say, A SONIC UNIVERSE KNOW-IT-ALL - My religion is that of the Ultimate Lifeform Shadow the Hedgehog, AND I'M NOT A SAIYAN BUT I'MA JUST KEEP SAYIN THAT I'D LOVE TO BE ONE, THAT OR AN ACROSIAN. In my head I sung the Saiyan bit and I don't even know why. But I like Lord Frieza, he was one pretty cool pinkish lizard. Well, as cool as a pinkish lizard could get.

Gender: I'ma gurl ppl.

Age: I'ma in'ma teens ppl.

Name: What? a real name? Noooo. Just call me WingedVampireGirl on anything in relation to that, like Vampy, WVG, VG, Vampire Girl, Winged Vampire... etcetc.

Feel free to PM me if you want help brainstorming and shit, happy to help any of ya fellow writers out there... but it's got to be about something I know such as, Yugioh, Sonic, DBZ, Pokemon, The Big Bang Theory, Naruto... etcetc.

Why do I write? That's something I'm unsure of myself, but I still know there's an answer, I'm sure that I probably write for many reasons. Maybe it's the exertion of letting my feelings flood out onto a page, my emotions and weights suddenly lifting from my shoulders as I write, it takes me to a happier place sometimes; whenever I feel like crying, I turn to it, it's a -my- therapy. It heals me. It stops any hate or sadness or confusion or jealously that I feel.

Other times, better times, I want to please people, or at least try; make someone laugh or cry or just simply wonder.

But it lightens me in the end up, no matter what I write.

Drawing, Music and writing are tied as my top favorite things.

A phase that sums up everything: Shit happens, life goes on.

Also, for some reason, I have developed a problem when it comes to writing, I've starting to get 'Your' and 'You're' mixed up... Like what the hell?

Music: All Time Low, Panic! At The Disco, Blink 182, Linkin Park, Red, Fall Out Boy, Three Days Grace, Thousand Foot Krutch, Disturbed, Papa Roach, Alter Bridge, Sum 41, Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dead by April, Bullet for My Valentine, Crush 40, Julien K, Hawk Nelson, U2, Foo Fighters, The All-American Rejects, Kelly Clarkson, Paramore, Evanscence, Biffy Clyro, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Goo Goo Dolls, My Chemical Romance, Green Day and Mcfly!

Take That (4 and 5), Robbie Williams, One Direction, The Wanted, Beyonce, Swedish House Mafia, Katy B, Bruno Mars, David Guetta, Lady Gaga, The Saturdays, Rihanna, Olly Murs, Adele, Florence the Machine, Example, Jessie J, Rizzle Kicks, Tinie Tempah, Nero, Calvin Harris, Jennifer Lopez, Labrinth, Owl City, Everything Everything, Jake Bugg...

... there is more but it would be waaayyy to much to write. I like loads of different Genres of music, I'm weird like that!


In the future, I'd LOVE to write a "The Big Bang Theory" story, the only problem would probably be working with each characters unique and wacky characteristics, personalities, ideas, habits, traits and amazingly crazy scientific words and theoretical explanations. I'm referring to the problems that come with; less specifically - Amy. And far more specific and accurate - Sheldon!

Is anyone else frustrated over the whole Shamy pairing? When will Sheldon, who by the way is the genius who leads all geniuses, finally have his own way with Amy. Seriously! Someone needs to lock them two in a room for half a century and hope that they reproduce. - This means I'm totally for this TBBT pairing! Shamy FTW!

Ok, I've got to talk about Take That. My life. My man band, not my boy band, my man band! Not many people outside of the UK (and Europe) have heard of these guys, but within the UK and part of Europe Take That are just legends, history, inspirations and I'm so proud to say I'm part of their huge British fanbase, and I'm not one to praise bands thouroughly, I hate giving one band more attention than the other because I love so many artists and bands but Take That (TT) have won me over, I love them. Their music is inspiring me to write again, and their music is just amazing, relate-able from my point of view. One more thing about these guys, GARY BARLOW IS GOD. I'll just stop my obsessing here.

Jay, Dougie, Markie, Gaz and Rob = Take That

My favotites colors are Red and deep violet, just like Yami-Yuugi's eyes.

I love Manga and Anime! Clothes, games, food and animals.

I love dark themed stories, love, hate, violence, scary, stories that are wrote in a depressing manner. I also love the opposite end of the spectrum like comedy, romance and happy endings. Aww. :')

I like writing Yu-Gi-Oh! DM and Sonic the Hedgehog related fanfics but I might write fanfics for other things such as DBZ, TBBT Naruto and more, probably even crossovers. I'm the sort of girl whose favorite character is always the one with dark personality or the most powerful. Yami-Yuugi (Pharaoh Atemu) and Shadow the Hedgehog are my favorites. (Sasuke and Vegeta/Frieza for Naruto and DBZ)

Pairings I support: I don't own any of the following characters but I wish I did. =)






Shadaze (Courtesy of Archie Comics...)

A slight bit of Knouge (Prefer Shadouge) Knouge is always so funny.

I don't like Sonadow, and Shadmaria sounds a bit wrong as he's a hedgehog and she's a human...

... but I won't rule Shadmaria out of the question because it is always so touching. I always love a good baller (cry) :')

and again I don't own any of the following characters...

Yu-Gi-Oh! Shippings:

Vanishshipping (Pharaoh Atem x Anzu Mazaki)

Vaseshipping (Pharoah Atem x Mana)

Apprenticeshipping (Priest Mohaado x Mana)

Exoticshipping (Dark Bakura x Isis Ishtar)

Revolutionshipping (Dark Yuugi x Anzu Mazaki)

Polarshipping (Katsuya Jounouchi x Mai Kujaku)

Mizushipping (Priest Seto x Kisara)

Theres just too many shippings I love from YGO!

I don't really support Yaoi but, honestly... ITS TOO CUTE! I have read a couple of Marik x Bakura Fics and they were hilarious! (It's LittleKuriboh's fault!) My favorite Yaoi parings are probably Thiefshipping (Obvs) xD, Puzzleshipping, Tendershipping, bronzeshipping and strangely Deathshipping.

By the way, if you don't like Littlekuriboh, then I will hunt you down with using my many vampyric skills and bite your neck...

You know what... I used to care what people thought about me, but now I realize I don't have to. I don't care what other people think about me anymore.

Don't fake who you are... that was my mistake and I never will make that mistake again. Don't mask who you are just because you want to fit in. -

You will find your place in this world eventually, that's what this short and irrelevant time in life taught me.

I have a tendency to ramble on at the mouth, but my friends love my randomness! I wish to write and travel the world. Going to Egypt is a serious want for me, its my next goal along with going to Japan and America!

Oh, by the way, I'm British! that's why I would die for Ryou and his his British-ness. Blimey, His British-ness is the cutest British-ness I've ever seen, does that mean I'm a Limey too then?

"I could murder a cup of tea." - Yami Bakura from YGOTAS, any real YGO fan has heard of it. YGOTAS belongs to LittleKuriboh, I love you LK! =D

Its true, here in the U.K we seem to drink alot of tea... and coffee! I have around 10 cups of tea a day, thank gosh there's an espresso machine in school.


If you've read to here wondering why you did read to here, I warned you at the top; you should have skipped all the cr*p!

I'm rambling!

Love ya! xx


"We've come so far and we've reached so high
And we've looked each day and night in the eye
And we're still so young and we hope for more."


"Just have a little patience.
I'm still hurting from a love I lost.
I'm feeling your frustration.
Any minute all the pain will stop.

Just hold me close inside your arms tonight.
Don't be too hard on my emotions.

'Cause I --
Need time --
My heart is numb, has no feeling,
So while I'm still healing,
Just try -- and have a little patience."


"Don't let the hungry serpent see you, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
She'll let you fall asleep then eat you whole.
It's like a bullet to the head,
It's an SOS."


"Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who's the fairest of them all?
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly or the Beautiful?"


"Don't stay where you are not loved.
Those people obscure the view
But if I've done my job
They won't wanna mess with you.

You might lose your dignity
But it's not what it used to be.

Tears are words than we can touch
When words only say so much.
Look out for what you've got,
Then you'll always have enough.

You might lose your dignity
But look what it's done for me.

And don't say goodbye to the world
Until you 've loved somebody
Don't say goodbye to the world
Until you've lived like kings and queens
I'll be the first, the last thing that you see
But don't say goodbye to me."


"'Today this could be, the greatest day of our lives
Before it all ends, before we run out of time
Stay close to me,
Stay close to me
Watch the world come alive tonight
Stay close to me."


"Then you held out your hand
like i hoped that you would.
Saying not to let go,
don't you dare let me go!
Then you asked me to stay;
no way, i couldn't move.
Then you held me so tight.

I've got you back and in my mind,
turned the mother ship back home.
Like a rocket ship
in the galaxy,
we were back where we belong."


"We will meet you where the lights are.
The defenders of the faith, we are.
Where the thunder turns around they'll run so hard we'll tear the ground away!

You know no one dies
In these love drowned eyes.
Through our love drowned eyes
We'll watch you sleep tonight.

Although no one understood
We were holding back the flood,
Learning how to dance the rain.
We were holding back the flood,
They said we'd never dance again!

But none of us leaving.
Wash your mouth son,
Or you'll find yourself floating home.
Here we come now, on a dark star,
Seeing demons; not what we are.
Tiny minds and eager hands will try to strike but now we'll end the day!

There's progess now
Where there once was not,
Where there once was not
Then everything came along!"


All hail Shadow, heroes rise again! Obliterating anything that's not your friend!
Nothing can stop you now, no ghosts to bring you down!
When there's nothing left to lose, you win!
Bow your heads low, all hail Shadow!
Bow your heads low, all hail Shadow!
Suffer long, and it will set you free!
Only through trail, do we find the strength we need!
It's never over, just another day!
Of hope and tragedies, and everything that comes our way!
Determination of the strong!
Found the meaning that you've searched for soo loooong!
All hail Shadow, heroes rise again!
Obliterating anything that's not your friend!
Nothing can stop you now, no ghosts to bring you down!
When there's nothing left to lose, you win!
Bow your heads low, all hail Shadow!
Bow your heads low, all hail Shadow!
Somewhere in chaos we all find ourselves!
This destruction is the only tale we tell!
White is black and black is white!
Right is wrong and wrong is right!
Nothing ever fills this hole inside you heart!
Determination of the strong!
Found the meaning that you've searched for soo loooong!
All hail Shadow, heroes rise again!
Obliterating anything that's not your friend!
Nothing can stop you now, no ghosts to bring you down!
When there's nothing left to lose, you wiiiin!
Guitar Solo All hail Shadow, heroes rise again!
Obliterating anything that's not your friend!
Nothing can stop you now, no ghosts to bring you down!
When there's nothing left to lose, you wiiiin!
Bow your heads low, all hail Shadow!
Bow your heads low, all hail Shadow!

YOLO fits me and you and every other human being out there, YOLF fits Shadow the Hedgehog *Insert his badass face here.* He only lives forever right? Cheesiness kills. On that note, ALL HAIL THE FUCKING ULTIMATE LIFEFORM.

*Clears throat.* Don't mess with this Shadow fangirl.

If you are weird, insane, crazy, odd, not-normal, a freak of nature, psychotic, random or anything similar, copy this into your profile. - Chowhound

If you probably need a life but have no intentions of getting one, put it on your profile. - Chowhound

If you've ever wanted to place yourself in a videogame, paste this into your profile. - Darkest Nightmare's Dread

If you have your own inner caveman and/or inner psycho, please paste this into your profile. - Darkest Nightmare's Dread

Vaz happnin' wiv me stories:

Iced Over: 14/10/13. I realize an update is way overdue. My deepest apologies. A Levels and it's boyfriend called coursework are jerks, plus my muse for the story is struggling to catch fire, it sparks time and time again, but it just won't light. If you read this and want me to hurry my ass up then PM me and scream at me using CAPS! I'm sure that'll get my gearbox going again. No, I mean really REALLY scream, and nag and just call me a bitch; I'm being deadly serious.

War of the Weddings: 14/10/13. Don't really know where this story is going anymore, I've been gone for so long, but I'm looking for a beta to be a lamb and pitch me some purty ideas, check my work and poke me with a hot iron whenever I'm gone for dynasty's. If you're interested in beta-ing this story, or any of my other stories in fact, PM me! :D

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