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Hey all

I am clashofthelegends

a little info about me:

My real name is none of your concern, I'm a boy, I am 20, my birthday is in June and that is all you will get out of me for the time being.

FYI Goku, Luffy and Toriko have a Grandfather (DBZ-Past), Father (One Piece-present) and Son (Toriko-Future) relationship. Naruto is like their step brother while Bleach and Fairy Tail are the cousins.

My favorite Anime/Manga are ONE PIECE( Epic since 1997), DBZ (duh), TORIKO (Awesome and highly recommended), FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST (truly a work of art), FAIRY TAIL (pretty cool gotten worse), BLEACH (only recently got into it and it is worth it) NARUTO (has fallen from my top three but still cool), SHAMAN KING (so sad that it is over), REBORN (molto bene!) MEDAKA BOX (awesome) and SOUL EATER (new and amazing).

my favorite books are Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus/ Kane Chronicles and a bunch of other series, And adventure books.

Favorite Video Games, Assassin's Creed Series, Batman Arkham Series, God of War Series, InFamous Series, Naruto Shipudden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, One Piece Pirate Warriors 1 & 2, Ratchet and Clank Series, Transformers War for Cybertron, Fall of Cybertron, Uncharted Series

Favorite TV shows are PSYCH, NCIS, White Collar, Anime, 90's cartoons, Power Rangers (until 2004 after that its sporadic)

So I just learned that a Ratchet and Clank Movie is coming out in 2015. Holy Crap every time I watch the teaser trailer I laugh and smile. This movie is at the top of my "to see" list

My favorite past times are reading (fanfiction/Manga and normal books), sometimes writing, playing video games, watching TV/Anime, sleeping, walking/Hiking(anywhere,especially with my dog) oh and eating (seriously who does not love to eat) and spending time with Friends and Family (Grandma and Grandpa).


Since the other four admirals resembled real life actors I came up with three possible choices for what Ryokugyu looks like;

Tohsiro Mifune []

Takashi Shimura []

Ken Takakura []

Then we come down to DF abilities. there is a very good chance this person will have DF powers. If Fujitora is a logia then the Ryokugyu will most likely have logia abilities as well.

Refer to my List

My Devil Fruits:


Chi Chi no Mi – Blood Blood Fruit - generate and manipulate user's Blood

Hone Hone no Mi – Bone Bone Fruit - Manipulate user's skeletal structure

Kabon Kabon no Mi – Carbon Carbon Fruit - generate and manipulate carbon

Hyuzu Hyuzu no Mi - Fusion Fusion Fruit - allows user to fuse and separate anything

Wapu Wapu no Mi - Warp Warp Fruit - teleportation

Daiya Daiya no Mi – Diamond Diamond Fruit - cover body in Diamond - Jozu

Būdo Būdo no mi - Voodoo Voodoo Fruit- Use Voodoo - Hawkins

Jishaku Jishaku no mi – Magnet Magnet Fruit - Control Magnetism and electromagnetic fields-Kidd

Waka Waka no mi – Youth Youth- add and subtract years from anyone - Bonny

Yōsai Yōsai no mi - Fort Fort Fruit - become a Fortress -Capone

Kyojin Kyojin no Mi - Giant Giant fruit - change size - Uruge

Oto Oto no mi – Sound Sound Fruit - generate and manipulate sound waves/vibrations

Mira Mira no mi – Mirror Mirror Fruit - Body acts like a mirror

Niru Niru no mi –Cook Cook Fruit - manipulate anything within a space like a chef

Seru Seru no Mi - Cell Cell Fruit - control all your own cells

Tetsu Tetsu no Mi – Iron Iron Fruit - generate and manipulate Iron/Steel

Kin Kin - Gold Gold Fruit- generate and manipulate gold

Gin Gin - Silver Silver Fruit- generate and manipulate silver

Kami Kami no Mi - Hair Hair Fruit - Manipulate hair, length, pigmentation, number of hairs, size of hairs


Biju Biju no Mi - Tailed Beast Tailed Beast Fruit

Biju Biju no Mi model: Juubi no Daidarabotchi

Biju Biju no Mi model: Ichini no Tanuki

Biju Biju no Mi model: Nibi no Bakeneko

Biju Biju no Mi model: Sanbi no Kame

Biju Biju no Mi model: Yonbi no Saru

Biju Biju no Mi model: Gobi no Uma

Biju Biju no Mi model: Rokubi no Namekuji

Biju Biju no Mi model: Nanabi no Kabutomushi

Biju Biju no Mi model: Hachibi no Ushi-oni

Biju Biju no Mi model: Kyuubi no Kitsune

Inu Inu no Mi - Dog Dog Fruit

Inu Inu no Mi model: Doberman

Inu Inu no Mi model: Golden Retriever

Inu Inu no Mi model: Hellhound

Inu Inu no Mi model: Fox

Inu Inu no Mi model: Coyote

Inu Inu no Mi model: German Shepard

Inu Inu no Mi model: Dingo

Inu Inu no Mi model: Tanuki

Inu Inu no Mi model: Kitsune

Inu Inu no Mi model: Cerberus

Inu Inu no Mi model: Inugami

Neko Neko no Mi - Cat Cat Fruit

Neko Neko no Mi model: Bakeneko

Neko Neko no Mi model: Panther

Neko Neko no Mi model: Lion

Neko Neko no Mi model: Tiger

Neko Neko no Mi model: Jaguar

Neko Neko no Mi model: Sabertooth Tiger

Neko Neko no Mi model: Couger

Neko Neko no Mi model: Lynx

Neko Neko no Mi model: Bobcat

Neko Neko no Mi model: Snow Leopard

Neko Neko no Mi model: Sphinx

Neko Neko no Mi model: Chimera

Neko Neko no Mi model: Griffin

Kame Kame no Mi - Turtle Turtle Fruit

Kame Kame no Mi model: Lion Turtle

Saru Saru no Mi - Monkey Monkey Fruit

Saru Saru no Mi model: Ruijin’en

Saru Saru no Mi model: Howler Monkey

Saru Saru no Mi model: Gorilla

Saru Saur no Mi model: Orangutan

Saru Saru no Mi model: Baboon

Saru Saru no Mi model: Lemur

Saru Saru no Mi model: Chimpanzee

Uma Uma no Mi - Horse Horse Fruit

Uma Uma no Mi model: Donkey

Uma Uma no Mi model: Zebra

Uma Uma no Mi model: Hippocampus

Uma Uma no Mi model: Unicorn

Uma Uma no Mi model: Pegasus

Name Name no Mi - Slug Slug Fruit

Name Name no Mi model: Snail

Kumo Kumo no Mi - Spider Spider Fruit

Kumo Kumo no Mi model: Scorpion

Kumo Kumo no Mi model: Taranchula

Mushi Mushi no Mi - Bug Bug Fruit

Mushi Mushi no Mi model: Hercules Kabutomushi

Ushi Ushi no Mi - Cow Cow Fruit

Ushi Ushi no Mi model: Antelope

Ushi Ushi no Mi model: Gazelle

Ushi Ushi no Mi model: Goat

Ushi Ushi no Mi model: Sheep

Ushi Ushi no Mi model: Yak

Ushi Ushi no Mi model: Ushi-oni

Kyo Kyo no Mi - Dino Dino Fruit

Kyo Kyo no mi model : Tyrannosaurus

Kyo Kyo no Mi model: Pterodactyl

Kyo Kyo no mi model : Carnotaurus

Kyo Kyo no Mi model: Spinosaurus

Kyo Kyo no Mi model: Stegosaurus

Kyo Kyo no Mi model: Brachiosaurus

Kyo Kyo no Mi model: Tricertops

Kuma Kuma no Mi - Bear Bear Fruit

Kuma Kuma no Mi model: Polar Bear

Kuma Kuma no mi model: Grizzly Bear

Kuma Kuma no Mi model: Black Bear

Kuma Kuma no Mi model: Panda Bear

Tori Tori no Mi - Bird Bird Fruit

Tori Tori no Mi model: Hawk

Tori Tori no Mi model: Owl

Tori Tori no Mi model: Eagle

Tori Tori no Mi model: Crow

Tori Tori no Mi model: Raven

Tori Tori no Mi model: Thunderbird

Tori Tori no Mi model: Pheonix - Marco

Hebi Hebi no Mi - Snake Snake Fruit

Hebi Hebi no Mi model: Hydra

Hebi Hebi no Mi model: Gorgon

Hebi Hebi no Mi model: Viper

Hebi Hebi no Mi model: Python

Shika Shika no Mi - Deer Deer Fruit

Shika Shika no Mi model: Elk

Shika Shika no Mi model: Moose

Shika Shika no Mi model: Reindeer

Hito Hito no Mi - Human Human Fruit

Hito Hito no Mi model: Angel

Hito Hito no Mi model: Buddha

Hito Hito no Mi model: Colossus

Hito Hito no Mi model: Djinn

Hito Hito no Mi model: Raijin

Hito Hito no Mi model: Fujin

Zo Zo no Mi - Elephant Elephant Fruit

Zo Zo no Mi model: Mammoth

Zo Zo no Mi model: Mastodon

Koumori Koumori no Mi - Bat Bat Fruit

Nezumi Nezumi no Mi - Rat Rat Fruit

Nezumi Nezumi no Mi model: Mouse

Nezumi Nezumi no Mi model: Squirrel

Nezumi Nezumi no Mi model: Flying Squirrel

Nezumi Nezumi no Mi model: Rabbit

Pochi Pochi no Mi - Pouch Pouch Fruit

Pochi Pochi no Mi model: Kangaroo

Pochi Pochi no Mi model: Possum

Pochi Pochi no Mi model: Koala

Pochi Pochi no Mi model: Tasmanian Devil

Yōkai Yōkai no Mi - Monster Monster Fruit

Yōkai Yōkai no Mi model: Oni

Yōkai Yōkai no Mi model: Tengu

Yōkai Yōkai no Mi model: Kappa

Yōkai Yōkai no Mi model: Deidarabotchi


Mori Mori no Mi – Forest Forest Fruit - generate, control and become the element of Wood

Kaze Kaze no Mi – Wind Wind Fruit - generate, control and become the element of Air

Arashi Arashi no Mi – Storm Storm fruit - generate, control and become the element of storm clouds

Ame Ame no Mi – Rain Rain Fruit generate, control and become the element of Rain (fresh water)

Hoshi Hoshi no Mi – Star Star Fruit OR Shain Shain – Shine Shine Fruit - generate, control and become the element of Stars/ the Sun

Kinzoku Kinzoku – Metal Metal fruit - generate, control and become the element of Metal

Hai Hai no mi – Ash Ash Fruit - generate, control and become the element of Ash

Chiri Chiri no mi – Dust Dust Fruit - generate, control and become the element of Dust

Tsuchi Tsuchi no mi – Earth Earth Fruit - generate, control and become the element of Rocks

Jōki Jōki no mi – Steam Steam Fruit - generate, control and become the element of Water Vapor

Oiru Oiru no mi – Oil Oil generate, control and become the element of Oil

San San no mi – Acid Acid Fruit - generate, control and become the element of Acid

Mizu Mizu no mi – Water Water generate, control and become the element of Water (Sea Water)

Shido Shido no MI – Seed Seed Fruit OR Kusa Kusa no Mi – Grass Grass Fruit OR Ha Ha no Mi – Leaf Leaf Fruit generate, control and become the element of Plants

Sora Sora no Mi – Sky Sky Fruit - generate, control and become the element of clouds

For those who may be wondering about Rise of the Kaizoukage the Structure is as follows;

Introduction Arc: Chapters 1 - 6 (6)

Uncharted Island Arc: Chapters 7 - 14 (8)

GX Arc: Chapters 15 - 27 (13)

Amazon Lily Incident Arc: Chapters 28 - 34 (7)

Uzugakure Hidden Temple Arc: Chapters 34 - 43 (10)

Gourmet Island Arc: 44 - Current

The Plan is to end Part 1 in roughly 35 chapters (maybe longer cause of the final arc should be the longest as it contains the most critical events), that should wrap up this arc and the next two arcs Bringing us to the time skip of this story.

One Piece

All the Straw Hats, Ace, Marco, Whitebeard, T.Law, Kidd, Shanks, Mihawk, Boa Hancock, Kuzan (Aokiji) Sakazuki (Akainu) Borsalino (Kizaru), and Garp


Toriko, Komatsu, Coco, Sunny, Zebra, Teppi, Starjun, Tommyrod, Grinpatch, Jirou, Ichiiryu, Tengu Buranchi, Setsuno, Terry,


Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Buu, Frieza, Trunks, Gohan, Goten, Mr. Satan


Itachi, Nagato, Madara, Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen, Konan, Kisame, Jaryia, Minato and Kushina


Ichigo, Kenpachi, Byakuyya, Rukia, Renji, Ikakku, Yammamoto, Grimmjow, Stark, Aizen, and Ulquiorra,


Ed, Ling, Roy, Riza, Izumi, Major Armstrong, General Armstrong, Wrath, Pride and Greed

Fairy Tail

All fairy tail guild members, Rouge, Zeref and Jellal

My favorite Pairings are:

One Piece

LuffyXNami (my biggest obsession)



none. almost all the stories here have Naruto paired with either Hinata (who I really don't like) or a freakin Harem






Fairy Tail



Thank You, if you sneezed while reading this Bless you.

Have a Fantastic day

Ciao Ciao

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