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New to fanfiction (reading only - exclusively Harry Potter -, for the time being). Funnily enough, I never thought fan fics might be of any interest - until JKR fucked up with the Severus Snape ending and fan fics turned out to be the solution to my discontent. So, here are my preferences:

I Love Snape, dislike the Marauders (well, Lupin perhaps least of them).

Actually, I tend to dislike most Gryffindors (apart from McGonagall, she's cool) . I am a Slytherin at heart (and thanks to Pottermore this notion has been confirmed, yay!). Oh, and I was born in the 1960's, so I don't usually bother with teenage drivel (some notable exceptions based on talent, ofc).

I believe that both Albus Dumbledore and Lily Evans Potter are severly overrated (Snape deserved better, really).

I will never forgive JKR for that gaggingly saccharine epilogue in DH. Actually, I also stubbornly ignore Snape's death in her book.


Some shipper notes after extensive readings all sorts of fan fictions:

There is no really “good” pairing for SS - they all fall short of something, imo:

Lily Potter nee Evans is not really “it” (although she is Snape's catalyst and motivation for doing anything for the “light”) but she would never get Snape's darker side. So, she will always be his unrequited love in my mind, while being just your average smart pretty school girl (going for the popular and mainstream choices). No ship sailing there, for me (still seen some nice stories there, but very few out of the many posted).

Hermione Granger could work based on her intellectualism, but if she seriously went for Ron (as JKR made canon), there is no way she would really be into the complexity of SS. How much more simple-minded than Ron can you get? (sorry to offend Ron fans but I just cannot take someone like him seriously.) Still, if this is what makes Hermione tick, Snape is antithetical to her character. An apparently popular pairing with SS, though, but frankly, while I read it, only a few authors have managed to pull it off nicely. And if I looked beyond the obvious age difference and the unlikelihood of SS ever falling for a teen, I’d rather follow other peer pairings. Mind you, some of the fics pairing a mature HG/SS relationship do work reasonably well. Though I don't think Hermione is super-girl, at all; I kind of think that people overtax Lupin's observation of her being "the brightest witch of her age". She's a smart swot, nothing more, nothing less. Trust me, there are plenty of those around in the world (and yeah, I am actually one of them, go figure ;) ).

If a former student would be a feasible romantic interest, imo Luna Lovegood might actually be the best bet. She sees beyond the obvious and she’s clever and placid enough to handle some dark and bitter chocolate. She’s weird enough to make the age difference really something of a non-issue. This is something I could see work. Note that I don't recall any part in canon that indicates any animosity between Luna and Snape. So, while not popular, it would be a pairing that makes sense to me.

Ginevra Weasley aka Ginny. Ok, my general concern with Harry’s peers is that I cannot really see SS fall for any of them, really. He’s too impatient to handle teenagers. But Ginny had Lord Voldemort in her mind and soul for an extended period of time. This is a taint and experience that Snape surely can relate to (and that JKR spectacularly failed to expore). And a redhead to boot; if Ginny can avoid being too “Weasley”-ish (really, can any family be more diametric to SS in features and attitudes?), it could work, if opposites attract and some common ground is found. But ofc, Ginny is canon-bound to Harry ...

Any Hogwarts teacher: in terms of maturity, this might work. Unfortunately, I haven't found any really convincing stories (most often it turned to be a Minerva McGonagall/Severus Snape pairing). So, I like checking those stories out, but I haven't found one yet, that really would gel ... (although they are all workable premises).

Other Characters: Two OC ships that would make sense to me (too many Mary Sues around in this segment, unfortunately):

- a mature pairing around SS’s own age. Background might differ, but I would imagine SS would bounce off nicely against either some pureblood non-supremist or a muggle(born).

- Someone with similar background and/or experiences. May it be an abusive childhood, Death Eater background or someone bound by duty/honour (yes, I believe SS to be an intrinsically honourable man).

Note that I don’t read m/m pairings, in principle, unless it is a subplot somewhere (I don't see SS as even remotely gay; bi is stretching it, really). Slash etc. is just not my cup of tea. Oh, and I don’t need an M rating, although I also read those. So, I guess this is more than a nutshell but there are my SS fan fic preferences.


May I use this opportunity to compliment those authors I have found consistently most enjoyable in my hobby of fanfic reading (even though I don't fully agree on some of their interpretations, they seem to be mostly consistent with my perception of that complex character Severus Snape):

Loten, Rannaro, Marianne le Fay and Angelicka . If you haven't read them, you missed something ...

There are other authors I quite like (but not yet quite to the level of those mentioned above) but still they are worth mentioning: duj, aurette, hannah-1888. Let's just say that I like many, but not all of their stories ;) Altough Aurette is a real contender there!

Last but not least: I am not an English native speaker so if you find any grammatical, idiomatic or spelling errors, feel free to keep them (nah - I am a sucker for perfection, so let me have your corrections, perhaps I might learn something ... :) ).

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