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I dabble in writing. I'm a dabbler, what can I say? More so songs than anything else, but I thought I'd try my hand at fanfiction, because well, I just can't help writing alternate scenes for my favourite TV shows, books and movies and whatnot.

I swear, sometimes a bit too much. It's a bad habit that sometimes shines through in my writing, although usually within reason. I'm a huge alternative/new/classic rock kinda girl from everything to the Silversun Pickups to Broken Bells to The Clash. Music is a big part of my life and it pretty much inspires every aspect of it too, especially my writing. Most likely, all titles from my stories will be titled after songs. I advise you to check 'em out, they'll be cited in the disclaimers and drop me a PM if you love or hate the choices I use.

REVIEWS. I'm kinda addicted to them. And yeah, I wasn't expecting a lot at first, but come on people! You gotta have something to say about my writing. I mean, I can take anything, flames, even just your average 'Update soon!". But you gotta give me something! They actually do make my day, whether good or bad.

One thing to note. I do a lot of rewriting. Meaning I have a lot of little out-takes or drabbles that either don't make sense where I put them, just don't fit or really just don't sit well with me. And I think showing them is a great way to interact with viewers. SO, periodically, I will up all the little things that accidently get typed from my freaky little mind so you can see behind the scenes as to how my stories actually come into creation. Definitely PM me or leave a review when these come along, and let me know what you thought about them. Things like, should I have put it in the story, if you understand why I left it out, or even "What the hell were thinking when you typed this?". Trust me, sometimes you'd really be surprised at some the sh*t I come up with.

UPDATE: Shuffle Productions

So I've had a few questions revolving the Shuffle Productions which I just published the first of. Essentially what I do is put iTunes on Shuffle and whatever song it lands on becomes the inspiration for a chapter. And then the next song becomes inspiration for the next chapter, and so on and so forth. Each time I get to a new chapter, I pretty much leave the song on repeat.

Shuffle Productions will differ from other stories because they have no set plotline beforehand. Whatever is brought up in my head when a song starts playing, will be put into the plot. They will also not have full chapters per se, but will be more drabble like.


So I've been brainstorming a lot lately and I have a few story ideas that I'm thinking of starting on top of the fics I've got out right now. Here's one of few of them:

The 9 Lives of Buyo
How I Went From Being Cat Vigilante to Supreme Cock-blocker in the Span of One Second

OK, so if you want to get technical about it, yes, I did end up killing 4 humans. But really, they were bank robbers who were trying to steal about $650,000,000 worth of gold. So all I did was make them skip their hearings and give them a free death penalty pass. Which apparently came with a two-for-one deal because then it was “Bye bye, Life #5” and “Hello Life #6”.

Buyo - A multi-chaptered fic from the POV of Buyo, where he goes from his 5th life of being a 'superhero' cat, to dying on the job and being reawakened in his 6th life with one simple job: make Kagome, his new owner's life a living hell and under no circumstances is he to let her get a boyfriend. Namely, Inuyasha.

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