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Expected But Unexpected

Onomatopoeia Poem

Written by: Foreign Inhabitant

The sun's gone dim

And the sky's turned black.

Explosions there and here,

Screeching noises in the air,

Ash and soot everywhere.

The wind of grass has now faded,

The touch of stone has not ended.

Crackling of flowing red and orange

Soon turns blue but still twitching.

Ruins of all spread through and out,

The dry winds whistle with dirt.

Hope has diminished across our faces,

But we still strive to make the better.

We see strange shapes in the sky,

Our ears hurt of loudness of

The waves of force in the air,

The ground of nothingness in our hair.

We stand staring in the darkness.

The eyes of strange appear,

And the wind is filled with screams.

Poem in honor of the Battle of Los Angeles...



Written by: Foreign Inhabitant

Running freely out of a green pasture

And out beyond the bright apple orchards,

I knew I would be on an adventure.

And on a path, I followed my gizzard.

Walking up stairs on a castle of ruins,

Down into a garden of light but dark,

Were flowers of both known unions within.

It was bright, dim beauty of such a sight.

Caressed in a deep, silent, and dark place,

Sat a statueof stone within a pond.

Thick trees encircled about the wide base.

One ripple and I have yet to respond.

Backing again into the light once more,

I headed at once for the endless shore.


Metaphor Poem

Written by: Foreign Inhabitant

I soar into day and night,

Sparkling from the sky above.

I spray the earth with my salty sleeve.

I have many emotions good and bad.

I bellow when angry and sparkle when sweet.

I can drown some or grow others.

I am the bringer of life and death.

I am the rain in the air.

The Waves

Alliteration Poem

Written by: Foreign Inhabitant

The sudden sound of the waves.

The splish, splash, splosh of the salty spray.

The sub-zero but scorching snake-like swirls.

The splish, splash, splosh of the waves.

The shoulder of the sweeping chasms of the subterranean.

Fearless are the slashing sharp blades strangled of cold.

Surpassed of the splish, splash, splosh.

Its gigantic clasp swathe the exposed,

Snatching what is left surrounding it.

The splish, splash, splosh of its grasp.

Its structure forms swiftly with much speed.

Its massiveness strikes the ground solidly.

The snarl and screaming of the waves.

The splish, splash, splosh.

Iron Struck Notification:

I still don't exactly know if anyone is reading this but I'm here to say that I am halfway into the next chapter of Iron Struck!!

Yay! :) I know it isn't that great of an accomplishment but I'm trying real hard to make it sound as right as possible. My school

gives me tons of homework so I literally live in school. Uuuuugh. Writing is a passion of mine though so I'm doing my best.

Sorry guys for apology after apology. It stinks. So hopefully I'll get my ideas straight and have the courage to write them down

on this dumb computer of mine. Thanks everyone. ;)

Iron Struck reviews
Elizabeth Lennox has moved in with her uncle, Will Lennox, and his family. She knows of the Cybertronians and decides to avoid their presence on Earth; but unfortunately, doesn't know she has come to close friends with one of the most obstinate.
Transformers - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 20 - Words: 90,059 - Reviews: 376 - Favs: 325 - Follows: 318 - Updated: 1/18/2013 - Published: 2/28/2012 - Ironhide, OC