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Lately there has been a lot of talk in the United States about Gun Control since the recent shootings. I hate forcing my opinions and beliefs down the throats of others although a good portion of my stories may reflect some of my beliefs or values. If anyone cares to hear my opinion feel free to continue reading. If you don't, than you're welcome to stop reading right now. First off, it makes me sick that so many US politicians are talking about ending gun violence and trying to outlaw guns or types of guns when there are so many other issues that I can think of that need more public attention. Maybe some of you are familiar with Human Trafficking, just in the United States around 50,000 to 100,000 women and children are trafficked yearly for the purpose of serving as either sex slaves or labors or whatever. Sadly, a good portion of my fellow Americans are asleep on the issue and I honestly wonder sometimes how sick it makes some of you good folks to see how self absorbed my people are. If it doesn't concern them, they don't care.

Some people in the Slave Trade. are even used for organ harvesting, now how demented is that? Someone kidnapped, and sold only for their organs? In the world, there's an estimated 28,000,000 people and increasing that are currently enslaved, Worldwide! Meanwhile, My President, My Government and the Media in my Country talk about taking strict steps to prevent Gun Violence, Assault Weapons Bans, Ammo quantity limits, making more gun free zones although many Americans are against forcing people in schools to be disarmed. The people that died in the Batman Shooting last Summer are dead! And they always will be dead, there is nothing that will bring them back. The Precious children that were killed in the Sandy Hook Massacre with their teachers are DEAD! Nothing that we do is going to bring them back and no new laws can stop evil. There is evil in this world and in the beginning of time, Man killed his brother with nothing more than a rock. In China, a man killed 12 people with nothing more than a knife just last year. If someone is going to kill they will always find a way to kill, they are going to do it.

What about the 28,000,000 Men, Women and Children that are in the Slave Trade? Why aren't they plastered all over the TV's and newspapers? A good portion of them are alive today, and they are suffering as we speak. Why can't the news focus on them. 27 lives were taken in the Sandy Hook Massacre last December, but What about the 28,000,000 lives that were stolen by evil men for their own sick gains? We could steal those lives back if we cared enough. But the Media would rather focus on sending waves of panic through this Country that will make more people demand more laws. So think about it? What is a larger issue in your mind? And I've only covered one issue, You can probably list down a good portion of issues in your country or in your state or in the World in General that I didn't mention, but I just wanted to focus on one Issue to show just how many greater issues there are. On top of that, Gun violence is only an issue because the Media is making it an issue. In the last few years, the Crime Rate in the United States has dropped sufficiently. In my opinion, Banning Guns isn't the answer, the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Criminals will always find weapons and American Parents are forgetting how to raise their children, which is another part of the problem. Now if you're not an American, I apologize if my rant above offended you, and I apologize for the fact that only a small percentage of my people know about the greater issues that are within our US And outside of the US, perhaps some of the issues are in your Country.

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