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So... This is me.

I have no idea what to write here so I will just start with the basics.

I am female

My interests are pretty much reading and writing and I do read pretty much everything.

My age... I try not to think about it. Ever. Its my way of dealing. If I say my motto is: I reject your reality and substitute my own then that pretty much explains in short words who I am. A dreamer. Guess thats why I am here.

English is not my first language. So there will be spelling mistakes. I will try not to but it will happen. If someone signs up as my beta I will love them forever.

What I hate:

People who don`t use capital letters. Especially names. ( I do that myself sometimes and mistakes are allowed but its really annoying reading a fic were every name is written that way)

People who write reviews about how unrealistic that and that pairing is. Hello. Its fanfiction. If you don`t want to read unrealistic pairings or parings that does not happen in "reality" then don`t read fanfiction. If I want to pair Harry Potter with Hagrid I can because this is fanfiction. ( Not that I would but you get my point)

What I love:


Well written fics (duh)


Music ( If I dont have my ipod with me people usually start asking me if I am feeling unwell. Some people I know didnt even know that I had pierced ears until the damned thing broke and I had to wait a couple of weeks to save up for a new one)

And this is were the lists end because I love more than hate and listing what I love would take a whole lot of space in here.

My fav pairings:

Harry/Draco ( Dont really have to explain that one because its so obvious)


Harry/Snape ( Not usually a fan of age difference but the whole Severus drama just enchants me)

Bella/Jacob ( I dont know why but for some reason I liked Jake better than Edward. I think he was just a bit to polished and refined for my taste. No offence people. I get why people like him and I do. But I like Jake better. Still read Bella/Edward but it takes more to get me interested than a Jake fic does. Like a good AU fic)

Bella/Sam ( Don`t know why. Perhaps because its one of the last pairings I would have written myself)

Paul/several ( I never quite got over my bad boy crush and Paul... Is a very bad dog)


Warren/Will ( What can I say. There is just something about the potential there that makes me drool a little)

Merlin/Arthur ( Seen the show? Do I really have to say anything more?)


Tsu’tey/several (Hated that he died. And he deserved a happy ending too)

Sokka/Zuko ( Cause thats just cute)

Rory/Tristan ( I so missed him in the show and really wished he had his time to shine. If it wasnt for Jess I would have died)

Grace/Eli ( Oh the drama)

Ephram/Bright ( I just love the potential dynamic of the two of them)

Veronica/Weevil ( Because it kind of upset me that Veronica seemed to jump back and forth between the rich guys while Weevil played the enemy/helper role. For a side character he sure had a lot of charm)

Kagome/Inu Yasha


Buffy/Spike ( I never quite got over my Spike crush)

Claire/Sylar ( Tricky pairing and yet some people write them so good)

Ennis/Jack ( Because I want my happy ending and in my head it did not happen like in the movie so there)

If you see a theme here then you are spot on. For some reason I never outgrew my love for bad boys. My friends usually make bets when we watch movies. My bestfriend has made a small fortune on betting that the guy I like the most in movies, tv shows or books turn out to be a not so nice guy. Its a curse I tell you. A curse.

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