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Hey there, I'm 17 and from the South of England (yay).

I've been reading since I was little so decided to give writing a go even though I have the attention span of a fly. So far I think its going alright but I'll let you guys be the judge of that.

So these are my stories so far... (Bare with me I tend to write loads for a little bit and then go off the radar for a while)

Damn Hormones - I lovde writing this story, Its about the next generation of Harry Potter but based mainly on one of my own characters Aurora Hastings and James Potter II.

These are what I imagine my characters look like...

Aurora Hastings: http:///wp-content/uploads/2012/04/0000.jpg

Arianna Wood: http:///wp-content/uploads/2007/12/chunlilang.jpg

Olivia Martin: http:///image/quiz/636000/636393_1309637549843_500_375.jpg

Francheska 'frankie' Longbottom: http:///images/photos/6200000/G-M-georgina-sparks-6225103-416-594.jpg

The Weasley/Potter characters are going to be listed with my other story...

The new Potter - This story was born because although I love RosexScorpious fics I was getting a bit bored of them so made the bold move of creating my own character. I created Evelyn Potter who was adopted by the Potters when she was 6. She hates Scorpious Malfoy or does she? you will have to read to see :) It is now complete :)

these are what I imagine the characters looking like...

Evelyn Potter: http:///orig/40/

James Potter II: http:///images/5222103/Untitled_3_large.jpg (apart from he has blue eyes instead on brown in this)

Albus Potter: http:///archives/danielradcliffe.jpg (he's said to be identical to Harry)

Lily Potter II: http:///images/6893/20080405203457_thumb.jpg

Scorpious Malfoy: http:///wp-content/uploads/2011/04/8_AustinButler_SS_MG_8005.jpg

Rose Weasley: http:///photo/5843824-lg.jpg

Hugo Weasley: http:///prom/images/gallery_images/prom_image14.jpg

Fred Weasley II: http:///wp-content/uploads/2011/08/celebrity-big-brother-lucien.jpg

Roxanne Weasley: http:///clientfiles/image/cymphonique-miller.jpg

Victoire Weasley: http:///images/photos/8000000/Dianna-Agron-glee-8036042-500-750.jpg

Dominique Weasley:http:///wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Taylor-Spreitler-Credit-Fly-Girl-Photography.jpg

Louis Weasley: http:///user_images/S/SO/SOM/SOMETIMESSECRETLY/1250771389_6513_full.jpeg

Molly Weasley: http:///sys-images/Guardian/About/General/2010/3/10/1268238266947/Karen-Gillan-001.jpg

Lucy Weasley: http:///orig/201107/21/

Every Rose has Its Thorn - this is a story that I am co-writing with the amazing author Misspotter94. Its based around Rose Weasley getting sorted into Slytherin and her life after that. I have to say it will be different to most ScorxRose you have read.

These are how we imagined our characters...

Rose Weasley: http:///images/13397780/

Ivy Goyle: http:///photo/13/86/76/13867672_ori.jpg

Vincent 'Vinnie' Goyle: http:///pll/ROOT/photos/310/gregg-sulkin111275624-1519617451944368824.jpg

Scorpius Malfoy: http:///tumblr_m38zpwrWsx1qk7p33o1_500.jpg

Logan Avery: http:///2012/01/logan1.jpg

Luke Montague: http:///image/photos/24600000/Brett-Davern-brett-davern-24607776-436-604.jpg

Danny Warrington: http:///gallery/2012/06/Derek-Theler-18.jpg

Janey Parkinson: http:///_cb20110825205657/teenwolf/images/9/90/Crystal_Reed_003.jpeg

Emily Nott: http:///Pictures/News/O3.jpg

Bella Zabini: http:///wikipedia/commons/5/55/Bianca_Lawson_publicity_shot.jpg

Amy Wilson: http:///upl/dailyrecord3/jan2012/2/8/georgia-king-image-2-225076867.jpg

Roxanne Weasley: http:///wikipedia/en/thumb/e/e4/Ruby_Button.png/200px-Ruby_Button.png

Fred Weasley: http:///img/artists/39478/fegan-roshon-265859.jpg

Hugo Weasley: http:///wp-content/uploads/pictures/2011/03/cameron-corey/cameron-monaghan-limitless-corey-02.jpg

Lucy weasley: http:///photo/5843824-lg.jpg

Molly Weasley: http:///3298/3501932935_1987b2ff36.jpg

Dominique Weasley: http:///wp-content/2012/03/Diana-agron.jpg

Victoire Weasley: http:///wp-content/uploads/2011/02/laura-slade-wiggins-300x175.jpg

Louis Weasley: http:///image/441045/600full-mitch-hewer.jpg

James Potter: http:///wp-content/uploads/2009/10/Joe-Jonas-Haircut.jpg

Albus Potter:http:///_mYa5nPxi9iQ/SugXCqh66jI/AAAAAAAAAeU/0kOTQAX3QzI/s320/WilliamRush3837.jpg

Lily Potter: http:///18/43/47204318/photos/Characters-and-stuff/Kory-1.jpg

Devoted Lovers or Is That Liars? - This is my favourite story! The idea for it just popped into my head whilst I was in the shower one day. Its different to normal Scorpius and Lily fics because Scorpius is new at the beginning. Give it a read!!

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Devoted Lovers Or is that Liars? reviews
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Being a Weasley means you are a Gryffindor; it means you follow the rules, it means you love your family and you are loved by them. What happens if you are a Weasley but you break every single one of these rules? What happens if you are a Weasley in Slytherin, who doesn't follow the rules, who doesn't love your family and isn't loved in return?
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I gaped at him, my eyes running over his muscular arms and tight abs. A smirk appeared on his face at my obvious appreciation snapping me out of my trance, allowing me the chance to scream at him "JAMES SIRIUS POTTER, PUT SOME CLOTHES ON RIGHT NOW!"
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